Top 25 Android Games

25. Opening our list of Top 25 Android Games is Reigns Sit on the throne of royalty and do what you please in this innovative card-based strategy. Will you be the benevolent leader the world doesn’t deserve, or the corrupt monarch greedy for more power? Decide your subjects fate by swiping right and left, and pay attention to the needs of your factions. It’s time to set a date with glory because this game has a PlayScore of 8.78.

24. Cytus Rayark’s visually stunning rhythm game will have you experiencing music like never before. With memories and emotions being the last hope for humanity, pour it all out and make some music! Tap to the beat, and conquer over 200 songs. With beautiful hand drawn backdrops, diverse collection of music choices, it’s one of Android’s best rhythm games with a PlayScore of 8.78.

23. This War of Mine The true horrors of war is rearing its ugly head. While most games focus on the battlefields, this survival game shines a spotlight on the tragic misery of civilian lives. Play as four characters, trying to survive through weeks of hunger, thirst, and loneliness. You’ll be faced with difficult decisions that will test your moral fiber. Will you die just to let others survive? It has a PlayScore of 8.78.

22. Blades of Brim A new action game from the makers of Subway Surfers. Travel back to a fictional medieval world and take on the minions of a maniacal menace. It’s endless runner meets RPG as you slice through an endless wave of foes, collecting coins and powerups along the way. Improve your character with new weapons, armor, and adorable pets! It has a PlayScore of 8.79.

21. Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre Kongregate’s famous luchador is back, and he’s brought his friends with him. Relive the flash days, and jump back into the alien gummy bear destruction. Along with Pineapple Spank and El Pollo, launch into the skies and take back what’s rightfully yours. Upgrade your equipment, with rockets and more, and take assistance from exploding gummies and gigantic underground worms. Go up, up, up! With a PlayScore of 8.29.

20. Chaos Rings III The fourth game in Media Vision’s Chaos Rings Series, this mobile Japanese RPG made its most awaited debut on the Android.
It’s a full-scale RPG that will take you to the coasts of Neo Paleo, a stepping stone in an explorers journey to a blue planet. Scavenge for hidden treasures, fight against legendary monsters, and explore uninhabited lands. Fulfill your dreams because it has a PlayScore of 8.79.

19. Super Cat Bros Go on a fun-filled feline adventure with these adorable brothers. Roam around with Alex in his pixel-perfect lands, and go on a quest to save your brothers from danger. Use their unique skills to get through every challenging stage. With its mobile optimized controls, you can jump, swim, and fly–all with the tap of your finger. It has a PlayScore of 8.79.

18. Teeny Titans – Teen Titans Go! Rising from the ashes of the (sigh) cancelled Teen Titans, comes the adorable band of bite-sized superheros. Take a tour around Jump City, and shop for your favorite hero figures.
Create your squad and face off in 3-on-3 battles. Unleash your super moves, and take down the opposition. Immerse yourselves with original voiceovers from Robin and the gang! It has a PlayScore of 8.80.

17. Dan The Man Let’s go back to where it all began! This arcade brawler harkens back to the videogame’s retro roots, with pixelated sprites and sights. Play as your favorite Halfbrick Heroes, Dan the Man, Josie, and Barry Steakfries in an endless rumble against the goons of an evil corporation. Serve up some uppercuts, tackles, and knife-throwing battles, with a PlayScore of 8.81.

16. Tap Titans 2 The sequel continues on with the will of the sword in Game Hive’s critically acclaimed game.
Unleash the unforgiving powers of your fingers and tap away with 120 all new titans! Aside from that, the game has enhanced RPG mechanics, new heroes, and a sweet Prestige mode for an even more powerful rebirth.

15. Clash Of Clans SUPERCELL’s award-winning strategy game came like a raging storm upon its release. It’s success has revolutionized Mobile Gaming, which resulted in a huge buttload of clones in the Play Store. Create your own village and fortify it to stop invading players from pillaging. Up for the challenge? Create or join a clan to steal their treasures.

14. Blendoku 2 Step into the puzzling world of colors! It’s the marriage of two unlikely topics, combining the beauty of colors with the logical simplicity of Sudoku. Arrange them by tint, shades, and tones to form a gradient of different hues. This sequels packs even more challenges with new modes and features. Play with a friend and paint like an artist with a PlayScore of 8.85.

13. Traps n’ Gemstones Put on your explorer’s hat and whip, because you’re about to go on an adventure that would make Indiana Jones proud. Venture into the ancient Pyramids of Egypt, and search every corner for lost relics and hidden treasures. It packs a ton of variety as you run, roll, swim, and ride carts in their vast, stunning chambers. It has a PlayScore of 8.85.

12. LIMBO Is there room for PlayDead’s award winning game on your phone? Make sure there is! This side-scrolling adventure takes you to a trip into a dark and demented world where huge spiders roam the land. Solve physics-based puzzles and uncover the mystery of your journey. Warning: Feels.

11. Cut The Rope: Magic ZeptoLab’s adorable mascot makes a return in its all new sequel. Follow Om Nom and his magical quest to eat his precious candy. Just like its predecessors, solve a multitude of puzzles by cutting ropes in physics-based levels.
This time, Om Nom can transform into different animals that help him on his tasty quest.

10. Super Hexagon It’s time to boost the volume because this action game will have you scrambling through every level. Engage yourself in the adrenaline-pumping action, guiding your arrow around a maze of dizzying hexagons. Its minimalist design takes nothing from its fast-paced gameplay. White knuckle your way out of its high-tempo environment that will leave gasping for air. It has a PlayScore of 8.88.

9. Lara Croft GO Journey to the ruins of lost civilizations and uncover the secrets of their ancient ways. A spiritual successor to Ubisoft Montreal’s Hitman GO, it compresses Lara Croft’s grand adventures into a pocket-friendly puzzler.
Maneuver past deadly traps, fight against menacing foes, and bask in its lush visuals. It has a PlayScore of 8.90.

8. Threes! If you loved 2048, then get ready to meet the adorable puzzle game that started it all. It’s an intuitive pairs game where you slide same-numbered tiles, adding their numbers, and creating bigger numbers. Despite its cutesy visuals, it’s as addicting as it is challenging! It has a PlayScore of 8.91.

7. Kingdom Rush: Origins The king of Tower Defense games is on the Android.
What started as a Flash Game from Kongregate is now found on your pocket devices. Create the most impenetrable defenses while a horde of Orcs and monsters lay siege on your land. Use heroes, magical towers and upgrade them to withstand any attack.

6. Sorcery! 3 Steve Jackson’s interactive gamebook gets a fitting adaptation on the mobile. Your favorite choose your own adventure becomes more interactive than ever. It adds beautiful visuals to make your stories come alive. Even with just words and images, it offers a robust RPG experience. It has a PlayScore of 8.96.

5. Mini Metro As simple as it is sublime. Create a bustling mass transit system in Dinosaur Polo Club’s minimalist game. Connect stations to various countries around the world. Expand your reach to more countries with enough resources and create the most interconnected subway system in the whole universe. How long can you last?

4. Templar Battleforce RPG Strategy and RPG combine in this addicting battle of Mechs, Xenos, and Rogues. In this top-down shooter, embark on a wild ride of cartoon destruction. Dominate the turn-based battlefield, and fight against its array of mechanical bosses. It has a PlayScore of 9.02.

3. Monument Valley Dubbed by the devs as an “illusory adventure”, this breathtaking puzzle game puts you on the shoes of Ida as she scales magnificent looking structures. Marvel at the sights of glorious architecture and outsmart its optical illusions and surreal world.

2. Crashlands A game that needs no further introductions. Upon crash landing to a hostile alien planet, do whatever you can to survive. Explore, craft, build, and fight in its outlandish nature. A lot of things may surprise you in this game, but don’t worry. It’s all for the laughs. It’s an adventure overflowing with sass.

1. And the best Android Game of all time is The Room Three Fireproof Games’ third entry in their highly acclaimed point-and-click puzzler is about to break mobile records. Solve a mystery in a remote island and find out the origins of a figure named “Craftsman”. It’s bigger and better compared to its predecessors. With intuitive touch controls, realistic visuals and atmospheric sound. There’s no doubt that this game is the best on our list with a PlayScore of 9.25.

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