Opening our list of Top 15 3DS Platformers with Bloo Kid 2 With so many retro classics in this list, it’s only appropriate to start with a fitting homage. Happy as he was with darling Pink Girl, Bloo Kid is a mission to save his pink baby from an evil threat. Set in a beautiful 2D land, run, jump, and swim your way across it’s five amazing worlds. Aside from our Bloo protagonist, everything looks cute and cuddly, with it’s array of furry creatures and slithering snakes. But the journey isn’t easy. There’s gonna be plenty of brutal bossfights to be fought, and secrets to discover. Use your leg power and newfound fire powers to defeat the creatures that stand in your way. Save your baby, and reunite the family. It has a PlayScore of 7.97.

14. HarmoKnight From the makers of Pokemon comes a game to trust you with the melodies, chimes and tunes. HarmoKnight tells the story of Tempo in his quest to protect Melodia from evil. Travel from places to places while solving puzzles and engage in platforming mechanics in this rhythm-based action game.
With over 50 stages, jump and strike enemies with the use of your Note Staff to beat drums. You can also team up with different friends like Lyra and Tyko. They both have unique abilities that offer a different playstyle on its 8 huge worlds.

13. Yumi’s Odd Odyssey With so many platforming games on the market, or even games in general, there’s not much exposure these kind of games get. Yumi’s Odd Odyssey is a simple platforming game that takes the joy of fishing. Although you won’t be catching so many fishes in this game, it still hooks players into its charming world.
Pun intended. Use your fishing rod and embark in its odd and mysterious levels. You can use your rod to push into greater distances, pull objects, unlock treasures and of course, solving puzzles. Although the game can be very simple at face-value, it’s difficulty slowly increases by every level.

12. OlliOlli Step into the skatepark with Roll7’s highly-addictive side-scrolling skating game. Before there was Olliwood, it was just you and it’s 50 devilishly crafted levels. Experiment on new tricks as you slam your face to the ground with over 250 challenges. Show off your rad combos and try to compete with players from all around the world in the game’s leaderboards. Whip out your finger-skills and prove that the daily grind is always worth it. It’s a skating enthusiast’s ideal game and it never runs out of steam due to its unprecedented level of addictiveness.

11. Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World This handful 3DS port to the popular Wii U platformer is a work of art. It’s cute, fun and it packs so much content for such a small handheld device. Not much has changed compared to its Wii U original, but the most noticeable addition is the focused presence of Yoshi’s adorable canine companion, Poochy. These two embark on multiple colorful levels solving puzzles and collecting treasures. Most critics and gamers loved this charming port. From the amazing art style, creativity and catchy tunes. However, Poochy was a bit underused as the game was so much into Yoshi.

10. BOXBOY! There’s just one word to sum up everything about this game: Boxes. Step into the tiny shoes of Qbby, a small box with little to no talent when it comes jumping and avoiding danger. Fortunately, this guy has something in his sleeve.
He can create boxes, boxes and more boxes from his body to traverse difficult locations. Instead of thinking outside the box, he had to think inside the box. Boxboy may be easy to learn but its mastery in the higher levels make it a challenge. There are a handful of new tricks to surprise players even when the game feels easy. Players can also create their own puzzling levels to challenge new players. Gamers and critics have praised its simple art style, gameplay and platforming elements. It’s also one of the finest platformers to hit the 3DS.

9. Cave Story 3D A platformer that’s reminiscent of the classic Metroid, this game is 3D remodel of Daisuke Amaya’s Cave Story. It’ was lauded not only for it’s challenging platforms, but also for its compelling story. Jump, fly, and shoot around a floating Island full of caves, dungeons, and underground lakes.
In order to stop the evil Doctor from enslaving a village of Mimigas, you’ll be tasked to wipeout a species of flowers that turn the furry villagers into rabid beasts. It’s a journey that requires agility, courage, and strength. Choices will have to be made, and friends may be lost. All that, topped with a marvelous soundtrack. You might need a few tissues for this one.

8. Gunman Clive Take a trip to a futuristic American frontier era and save the Mayor’s daughter from a number of dangers. Hey, it’s not called the Wild West for nothing. In it’s strange blue and brown world, you’ll encounter nasty henchmen, gigantic robots, and machine gun wielding bosses. With your trusty revolver, show them who’s boss and do what it takes to win the girl.
Jump on moving trains, and duel with acrobatic cowboys. It’s old meets new art style has been praised by journalists and critics alike, paying homage to the platformers of old while still keeping its own little quirks. In this town, it’s always high noon with a PlayScore of 8.33.

7. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Your favorite primates are back, and they’ve brought a charming 3D world with them. It’s a direct port of the Wii game, but with the addition of all-new levels. DK and Diddy’s adventure continues with the evil Tiki Tribe hypnotizing their friends and stealing their bananas. Avenge your bananas, and friends, in a journey full of barrel jumping and banana-collecting fun.
The levels might be a little harder this time, but they’ve added a handy new mode that makes them all a bit easier thanks to extra health points, special items, and autoplay features. While it doesn’t offer a lot in terms of innovation, it’s a new take on an old-school game. It has a PlayScore of 8.52.

6. Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Building on the strong foundations of the first game, Gunvolt 2’s success is no surprise thanks to its cool pixel visuals and stylish combat maneuvers.

It’s the same old platforming fun, with the suave Gunvolt back at the helm. Lock onto robotic enemies and fire an electric blast to crush their very core. This sequel introduces a new playable character in Copen, one of the major characters of the series.
Unlike GV, he’s got a different set of moves. Gaining powers from bosses and his lightning-fast dash attacks add a new layer of gameplay, and really adds to the game’s replay value.
Along with it’s surprising guest appearance, the future of the Azure Striker looks bright. It has an electric PlayScore of 8.59.

5. Shantae And The Pirate’s Curse The good thing about Wayforward’s Shantae series is its rekindling of the classic Metroidvania fire. The Pirate’s Curse follows the story of our favorite hair-whipping heroine in her quest to stop evil from breaking out. Set on six different islands with unique enemies, levels and environments and use Shantae’s damage-dealing hair to eliminate foes. This platformer oozes with the classic tropes, from the puzzles, items, music to the boss battles. The character’s are the most memorable in this game, not to mention this game marks the return of of Shantae in the modern generation consoles.

4. Kirby: Planet Robobot Everyone’s favorite pink creature makes a return in Planet Robobot. This time, a mysterious alien race has invaded Kirby’s home. These invaders are a powerful threat, but with Kirby’s newfound Robot Suit, things will be a breeze. One chew at a time. Control Kirby as he stops this invading race from taking over his home world. It’s an adventure throughout the stars as you use Kirby’s iconic power-absorption ability to eliminate foes. Perhaps the biggest feature in this game is Kirby’s Robotic Armor. This will enable you to topple down monsters easily and efficiently. It’s a game-changer to Kirby’s usual abilities. The game is such a blast!

3. 3D Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Dr. Eggman’s back to his old tricks, turning the animals of South Island into an army of robot slaves. Thankfully, Sonic’s coming to save the day. With spiky hair and cool white gloves, Sonic looks dashing in the third dimension, and his pixel landscapes look even better. Zoom past seven classic zones to collect coins and defeat the badniks that infest the lands.
Run up slopes, and roll around the loops de loops. It’s the same old SEGA classic made better to suit the tastes of the modern generations, and as a service to the older ones. It has a PlayScore of 8.99.

2. Shovel Knight There’s nothing more enjoyable than controlling a brave Knight with a Shovel as a weapon. Fight in the name of love as you explore a demented 8-bit castle with hallways in need of digging and digging. Shovel Knight is an iconic side scrolling platformer that reinvigorates the energy from classic 8-bit games.
Yacht Club Games’ masterpiece comes from a Kickstarter Campaign that garnered the support of the gaming community. It’s so successful it became what we now know today as one of the frontrunners of the most successful indie games of all time. And of course, this success comes with more surprises. Two huge DLC’s called Spectre of Torment and Plague of Shadows will add more variety to the already amazing platformer. Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal the number one.

16. Skylanders SWAP Force. Skyland’s greatest heroes were caught in the eruption of a volcano and survived. With their newest swapping abilities, they have stop to Kaos’ evil plans and save Skylands once again. It has a PlayScore of 7.87.

17. Rayman Origins. Ubisoft’s critically acclaimed platformer is filled with dazzling visual design and psychedelic mayhem. Run, jump and slide through trippy levels accompanied by catchy tunes.

18. Ikachan. From the maker of Cave Story, Daisuke Amaya brings us an underwater adventure with Ikachan the squid. Find your way out of an underwater abyss. It’s a dark world, but you gotta keep swimming. It has a PlayScore of 7.34.

19. PAC-MAN And The Ghostly Adventures. A new adventure based on the TV series of the same name. Pacman and his friends work together to defeat the king of the Netherworld and save the PacWorld from doom. It has a PlayScore of 6.96.

20. Super Monkey Ball HD. Tilt the world around the monkey in a ball. Why is he in a ball? Nobody knows. Collect bananas, and try not to get dizzy. It has a PlayScore of 6.78.

1. And the best Nintendo 3DS Platformer is of course Super Mario 3D Land Among the numerous Mario games available on the Nintendo 3DS, one emerged victorious. Super Mario 3D Land maximizes the 3DS’ 3D capabilities. The game is entirely playable with or without 3D, but it is highly recommended to remove frustrations and add immersion. From the eye-popping colorful visuals, to the creative 3D-rendered environments, Nintendo never fails to utilize its biggest console feature.
The game has everything every Mario fan wants to have such as the characters, puzzles, challenges and the ever present Bowser. Like most of its previous games, travel from around numerous worlds and complete tasks and objectives. It’s just so outstanding. Now that Nintendo Switch has hit the market, we can’t wait for Super Mario Odyssey! This garnered a PlayScore of 9.16

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