Top 15 Best Upcoming Scary Games in 2017 – PS4, PC, Xbox One

Number 15. Friday the 13th the Game: Those wishing to enter the shoes of slasher icon Jason Vorhees will get their wish this year. Unlike most horror games, Friday the 13th will feature an extensive multiplayer, in which seven players control camp counsellors tasked with finding a means of escape, while one player takes control of Jason himself, with their only goal being to kill the other seven players. Counsellors have access to various traps and weapons to slow Jason down, hiding places to avoid a deadly confrontation, and needs to find various componants to create an escape from the camp ground before Jason finds them. While Jason is slower than the counsellors, he is still strong and able to make quick kills using various finishing moves, which can be crushing a counsellor’s skull with his bare hands, to using his trademark machete or axe to slice them up, and even using things in the environment to dispatch the other players in grisly, if creative fashion. Developers have revealed there will be a way to kill Jason, but have vowed to never reveal how, instead allowing players to discover the different ways to do so.

The multiplayer is expected for release in early 2017, with a single player campaign promised for Summer later this year.

Number 14. Agony: Aiming for the disturbing side of horror, Agony is a survival horror game by Madmind studio. Players are to explore the depths of hell, being exposed to tortured souls during their journey. The main character has no memories, and will have to take controlled of the souls players meet along the way, with each soul they possess having a special ability they can use to survive.

Much of the game is stealth based, with players having to avoid conflict with demons hunting them and solve puzzles to move through the environment. The game has already gained a lot of pre-release praise, with Gameranks placing it in 2nd place in their Top 10 Games from Gamecon 2016. Furthermore, the teaser has gained over 6 million views, and was the top spot in a Bloody Disgusting poll. Not much about the storyline has been revealed, and it is likely the developers will leave players to discover the story once the game is released. It is scheduled to be on steam in February, 2017.

Number 13. Scorn: Horror doesn’t always rely on jumpscares to enduce terror. Scorn is a game being developed by Ebb Software set in an open world and encompassing various themes in each stage. Not much is known regarding the story, but it is shown to be a first-person shooting with a twist. An early teaser showed the playable character wielding a gun made of some sort of flesh, which the player can switch componants to make a new weapon. The visuals resemble an H.R.

Geiger painting or Clive Barker splatterpunk novel. Much of its pre-release praise stems from its visuals, with the secrecy behind the story mixed with the macabre imagery intriguing people. Developers have also revealed the story will be told in similar fashion to the Half-Life series, with scenes taking place during gameplay as opposed to cut scenes. No official release date is given apart from 2017, and will be available on Steam later in the year.

Number 12. Allison Road: Unlike the ill-fated Silent Hills, this game was granted a second life.
Allison Road was originally announced in July 2015 as an homage to Silent Hill P.T.The game’s developer, Lilith ltd., launched a successful kickstarter which asked for $250,000, but this was cancelled after game publisher Team 17 agreed to provide the necessary funds for the project. Both Lilith Ltd. and Team 17 were hoping for a release in the third quarter of 2016, but it was announced via the game’s twitter account the production had been cancelled.

Two months later, Lilith Ltd. relaunched production without the aid of Team 17, and created another Kickstarter campaign to get the game running. According to the official website, Allison Road has you play as an unamed protagonist who wakes up with amnesia. Players are given five nights to learn the truth about your identiy, discover the mystery behind the house you are in, and defend yourself against various dark entities you encounter on your quest. The storyline is minimal, and players are meant to explore the game’s story and meaning. There are also plans for a multiplayer campaign, but no information has been released on what it will entail.

Lilith, Ltd is hoping to release the game onto PC, as well as Xbox One and PS4, but its release is unknown, estimated to be somewhere in late 2017 or early 2018. Number 11. Routine: Taking the same steps as Alien Isolation, Routine is set in an abandoned space station way out in the depths of space. Players must explore the halls and read files left behind by the crew in order to discover their fate. However, there are also unknown enemies stalking the halls the player must evade in order not to become their next victim. The vacant areas are remanicent of Bioshock’s Rapture, leaving players with the same feelings of hesitation and vulnerability that game had to offer.

The game seems to want to emphasize it’s the anticipation of a scare that is more terrifying than the scares themselves. Players will have limited resources to defent themselves, which is a step towards acclaim in a time of mostly mundane action horrors we’ve become used to. The game is set to be released in March of 2017, and those who wish to play are reminded that in space, no one can hear you scream. Number 10. P.A.M.E.L.A [Pamela]: A game predicted to be the next big story-based horror survival since Bioshock, Pamela is a first person, open world shooter set in a dystopian world. The player awakens from cryo sleep to find a once utopian city now deralict and inhabited by psychotic survivors. Pamela’s game mechanics are similar to survival games such as The Forest and Stranded Deep, with players having to scavenge for supplies in order to fight off starvation, dehydration and enemies they encounter. Initially announced in 2015, the game was greenlit for Steam, reaching the #1 spot within 48 hours. The developers have named the main theme of the game envolves the consequences of humanity’s misguided attempts at creating perfection, with the results very evident in the game’s environment.

Along the way, the player is aided by the titular Pamela, the AI of the lost utopia, and the player must uncover what went wrong to lead the city into dissarray. Initially slated for a summer 2016 release, the game was delayed and people can now expect it on steam in early 2017. Number 9. Resident Evil 7, Biohazard: The Resident Evil franchise is considered a landmark in horror games. Since the first release in 1996, there have been 22 games released with the title, including several HD remakes. Despite the mixed reception of Resident Evil 6, Capcom revealed a teaser for the seventh installment of the main storyline, which reveals its return to the classical horror of the early series.

The story is set four years following the events of Resident Evil 6 and introduces a brand new character to the games, Ethan Winters. Unlike the previous playable characters, Winters is a civilian with no combat training. Winters is searching for his missing wife, and his investigation leads him to a deralict plantation in Louisiana. Resident Evil 7 appears to be a whole new direction for the franchise, with new characters and only small connections to the previous games.

It also brings together the English and Japanese titles of the games, since the franchise is known as Biohazard in Japan. So far, the game has gained much hype and fans of the series are welcoming the new look and gameplay mechanics the game has to offer. Gamers can expect the game to be released in early 2017. Number 8. Dreadful: A game clearly taking inspiration from Silent Hill P.T, Dreadful puts you in the shoes of David Hill, a journalist working on an article regarding a supposidly cursed house. The home, known as The Carnage House, was the scene of a horrific crime involving a murder-suicide of an entire family. Hill is attempting to put the pieces together and determine why the man committed the murders. As you explore the house, you discover the sinister secrets lingering in the walls, and it is up to you to survive and solve the mystery. Dreadful will rely heavily on suspence, with long periods of silence and wandering in the dark to create tension within the player.

Alpha footage has shown mechanics, such as puzzle sovling, stealth movement and some action elements available to the player for survival. The game was recently greenlit by steam, and the developer has stated the game will be released sometime between mid and late 2017. Number 7. Last Year: While initially off the radar for many gamers, Last Year is beginning to pick up interest. The game is set during the 1990s, and is a multiplayer horror game with up to six players. The survivors are made up of stereotypical characters you would find in a 90s slasher film: the jock, the best friend, the popular girl, the nerd and the unpopular girl. These survivors need to work together to survive and dispatch the sixth player. This player takes the role of the villain, of which there are three choices so far: the slasher, the giant, and the strangler. Each survivor and villain character have their special characteristics, with an assault, backup, medic, scout, and engineer class, as well as a brute, fast and assault class for the villains. The production team has revealed three maps for the game so far: the high school on prom night, a mall after closing time, and a neighbourhood.

Not much has been revealed about the game, including a release date, but it will be available on Steam sometime in 2017. Developers Elastic Games have released a gameplay trailer outlining a brief background and showing of gameplay mechanics. The game will require strategy from both the killer and the survivors, with the latter needing to work together in order to survive, and the former needing to use stealth and traps in order to space out the survivors and not risk running head on into their death. The game is becoming more anticipated as the year goes, and it will give a person a first-person view of the predator, or the prey. Number 6. What Remains of Edith Finch: A unique entry for the list, What Remains of Edith Finch is a series of short stories about a cursed family from Washington State.

Players play as Edith Finch as she travels through her family history, from 1900 to the present day. Each story has a different theme and setting, with Edith experiencing the demise of her family members. The developers have stated it was their goal for players to develop a connection with Edith as she witnesses what led to her ancestors deaths, and what caused her family to be cursed in the first place. Much of the gameplay is puzzle based, and story is the main focus of the game. People have drawn comparisons to games such as Dear Esther, with the dialogue-heavy exploration with suspensful atmosphere. Unlike many modern horror games, Edith Finch is looking to create a purely psychological horror experience as opposed to jumpscares and heavy combat. With players meant to develop an attachment with Edith throughout the game, it certainly makes for an emotional experience on top of a creepy one. The game is set for release in Spring 2017 on PS4; only then will we learn the truth behind the Finch family and the burden on each family member.

Number 5. Visage: PT appears to have made its impact on horror gaming, with many games attempting to capture its play style this year. Visage is one of these games, and it aims to bring players back to the traditional haunted house stories. Players awaken in a house, seemingly all alone; however, something sinister is wandering alongside them, though not always visable. Players must explore the many halls and rooms of the house and collect artifacts in order to escape. Seems simple, except there are supernatural forces aiming to stop you from escaping.

Scares range from the creaking-door suspence to the jump in your face screamers, all of which are unpredictable and leaving the player in constant tension. Along the way, players can also learn the history of the house and its past residents, piecing together why the ghosts inside appear malevolent in nature. Developers have remained cryptic as to what players can expect, but so far it has picked up a lot of interest since its kickstarter campaign launched, further fueled by the 17 minute gameplay footage released in November 2016.

The game is scheduled for release sometime in Spring or Summer 2017, and it is likely to leave an impact on gamers long after they complete the game. Number 4. Days Gone: Fans of zombie games should be sure to put this on their wishlist. Days Gone is an open-world zombie-apocalypse game with a third-person perspective. You look through the eyes of Deacon St. John, a former bounty hunter struggling to survive in a world overrun by beings known as Freakers. These zombie-like beasts are mindless, but are evolving with the changing environment to make them more dangerous. The player will encounter several types of freakers, each with their own abilities, as well as disatvantages.

Players have a choice to avoid combat or run in full body should they wish to do so. The game also has taken full advantage of the Unreal Engine 4 with its beautiful environment and detailed physical features of the AI and player character. The Tech Demo at E3 2016 left the audience enthuziastic about the game, optimistic it will be familiar in gameplay, while unique in story. While Telltale’s The Walking Dead is a masterpiece, Days gone looks to one-up it by adding the detailed landscape and open-end exploration along with the story, which will leave players with hours of adventure.

It is unknown when the game will be released, but it is predicted to be ready within the next year or so. Number 3. Outlast 2: By far a much anticipated release, Outlast 2 is the sequal to the critically acclaimed horror game from 2014. Set in the same universe as the first, Outlast 2 is set in the Arizona desert with a new story from the original. Investigative journalist Blake Langermann and his wife, Lynn, are standed when their plane crashes. The two are digging in to a mysterious murder of a pregnant woman whose name is simply Jane Doe. Blake and Lynn come accross a stange cult who have taken refuge in the Arizona hills because they believe the apocalypse is coming. Lynn is taken prisoner by the cult, and Blake must find a way to save her and escape. Like the first game, Outlast 2 is a stealth-based survival horror, with players having little means of defending themselves against their foe. Another familiar element from the first game is the players possessing a camera to use for scouting and seeing in the dark. Outlast 2 mixes suspense with traditional jumpscare and frantic horror, with the players often finding themselves fleeing from a dangerous enemy.

Players will also need to solve puzzles in order to evade capture and move to the next area. The official demo has already seen wide acclaim from fans and critiques, and it appears Outlast 2 will either live up to, or outdo its parent game upon its release in early 2017. Number 2. We Happy Few: From the developers of the 2013 game Contrast, We Happy Few is an indie survival-horror game set in an idealistic society. However, there is a dark side to the happiness in the game’s world. Set in an alternate 1964, where the reformed German Empire managed to invade Britain in the Second World War, inhabitants of the island city Wellington Wells were forced to partake in horrific actions during the German occupation. Feeling remorse for their actons, the survivors invent a drug known as Joy, a hallucinagetic allowing users to feel extreme emotions of happiness.

However, it also has the side effect of making them suceptible to manipulation and suppression of all negative memories. Wellington Wells is now a dystopia, with citizens forced to take regular doses of Joy. Players take control of Arthur Hastings, a man who works censoring newspapers of unhappy articles. One day, Arthur doesn’t take his Joy after he comes across an article about him and his brother. He begins to notice the state of Wellington Wells, and get persued by the authorities, having received the label of “downer.” The game has already gained critical acclaim, despite only being in the Alpha stage of development. Trailers for the game have gained it much attention, and it has quickly become an anticipated game. No release date has been set as of late, but it is said to hit shelves sometime in 2017. Number 1. Hello Neighbor: Taking inspiration from films such as Vertigo and Disturbia, Hello Neighbour has players sneak into their neighbour’s house. Once inside, they discover their neighbour is sinister in nature, but highly intelligent, which are bad combinations. The gameplay consists of stealth action, and the AI can actively learn about the players moves and predict their next movements.

This makes for a thrilling experience as the players attempt to outwit the AI in order to complete the game. The graphics do have a cartoony tone to them, but this doesn’t differ away from the creepy atmosphere the game provides. As the player progresses through the game, they also discover just how deranged their neighbour is and why they act so aggrssive to keep you away. The game is presently in the alpha stage, with a full release expected sometime in late 2017. So far, the game has seen praise from gamers and youtube celebraties, such as Markiplier. Curious watchers be warned, sometimes the truth isn’t pretty.

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