Top 11 MUST HAVE Nintendo Switch Accessories – Official & Third Party Nintendo Switch Accessories

Well, how’s it going guys? Master0fHyrule here! The Nintendo Switch is less than 2 Weeks away until it’s Release, and Boy, I’m hyped for the next Nintendo Console! and fun fact: This is actually my first console I’m getting on Launch Day. Now, with every console, Sometimes what comes in the Box, isn’t good enough, and we need accessories to go along with it. And I’m here today to count down the Top11 Nintendo Switch accessories you must have. At the top of my list, is the Screen Protector. Now, while it may not be the most useful Item but sometimes you need to protect your baby from getting Injured.

If you have scratched your devices in the Past Then you should defenitely get one of these. The next item is quite useful, if you plan on playing any Multiplayer Games. It’s a Wire LAN Adapter. When the Switch is released There won’t be really online Games at the Launch, but it’s something to look into if you really want to play Online Games Without losing any connection Speed. If you plan on taking the Nintendo Switch out, I found this Game Traveler Deluxe Travelling Case. It’s a Hard Shell case that comes with 2 Game Card Cases Wich you can take up to 8 Games with you. It also comes with 2 MicroSD Card cases Which each of them holding 2 SD Cards.

With a Total of 4 that you can take with you. Makes me question how much Storage you actually need for the Switch. And Speaking about Storage, I recommend you getting a 128GB SD Card If you plan on downloading a lot of games to it. If you choose to play Physical games, Then you probably only needs 32 or 64 GBs of Storage, at the very Most. I came across another Traveling Bag for the Nintendo Switch. Which is the Nintendo Switch everywhere messenger Bag. This allows you to take everything for the Nintendo Switch Such as a Tablet, JoyCons and Dock to places, such as: A friend’s house Or if you are going on Vacation and want to play it on a Hotel. It’s also a good way to Storage the Switch in a Safe Place, as well. By the looks of it, the JoyCons look small to hold And who knows how comfortable they are to hold, for a very long time. Without getting a Cramp in your hand. The Grip Kit, will help you Grip the Joycons And this thing looks very comfortable to Hold.

It also comes with 2 Thumb Grips as well So your Thumbs won’t be hurting you when you are playing it, for a very long time. The next 4 Items of my list are about Battery Charges The First one is a JoyCon charging Dock, where you can charge 4 JoyCons at the same time! It’s powered by USB Not sure on how long it takes to fully charge a controller, But when it’s fully charged, the LED will turn Green. To show that it’s fully charged. If you are impatient like me, and you don’t want to wait until your controls are fully charged You can simply use a JoyCon charging Grip. This looks exactly like the one that the Nintendo Switch comes with, But it allows you to Charge your controllers while you are playing. If you plan on taking the Switch on the go a lot, The battery dies pretty quickly, depending of the settings you have it as.

It would be wise to pick up an External battery, to keep your Device charged. And you can play it for a longer period of Time. I actually made a Review on the AUKEY 3000 mAh battery. And if you want to, guys, go check it out! Also, I’ll leave a Link in the Description below as well For a Coupon to save $15 on it. Wich ends soon. Of course we know the Tablet has a small Kickstand in the Back to stand it up.

But it looks like it can fall over easily. The Company HORI made a Compact play stand, That gives more support for the Switch Tablet And brings it higher to eye level. It also allows you to play on more angles than the Tablet Stand. And before we get to our Number #1 Pick Here are two Items that did not make into the list. The First one is Zelda Chat Earbuds to use during Multiplayer Games And listen to the game Audio. The 2nd one is DBrand Site to customize your Switch, in many colors. And on #1 Pick is a HAT! It comes in Multicolors and you look FABULOUS when you go out with it.

Nah, I’m just kidding. It’s not our #1 Pick. The Pro Controller is my #1 Pick. I love the Wii U Pro Controller, and it was one of my favorites controllers I have ever used. The Wii U and Switch Controllers are a bit different, So I’m not sure on how fast I’ll get used to it, And how comfortable it will be, But it’s the best way to play Games, Hands Down. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this video! Let me know if you are getting the Switch on Day 1 Are you also thinking on getting any accessories I talked about in this video?

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