Top 10 Upcoming Xbox One Games | E3 2016

Opening our list is We Happy Few Now this is f**ked up. If you think the idea of Rapture in Bioshock was crazy, then check this one out. Set in the alternate 60’s where creepy people take drugs to hide reality is such a weird idea. Not much has been revealed as of the moment but the trailer shows that when you stop taking it, the madness kicks in. Ranked 9th is Titanfall 2 This gigantic first person shooter game is falling back with an integrated follow-up of their first game. This sequel, according to the developers, promises more ‘story content’ and ‘single player experience’ compared to the original game. New gameplay modes are to be introduced such as the awesome grappling hook mechanic wherein you can simply jump from one titan to another, new guns, and not to mention New Titan Types! 8th Place is Mass Effect: Andromeda Ladies and gentlemen, your trip to science fiction heaven is back! Minus Commander Shepherd’s favorite store in the Citadel but with added Mako goodness.

Travel to the great beyond once more with new faces, new adventures and a new threat in this grand sequel to the Mass Effect saga. Details have been scarce but according to BioWare, ‘Embracing Choice and Diversity’ is what they are intending to do. One thing confirmed though: You will still play as a Human Being. 7th place is Injustice 2 You’ve seen the insane trailer cinematic and you’ve been wondering, “Why does Batman need another armor for his armor?”! Questions like these needn’t any answers. This sequel to the hit superhero fighting game aims to provide more layer to its story and tons of new characters including Supergirl and Gorilla Grodd! New gameplay mechanic encourages character to customize via loot drops to fully power-up your favorite DC hero. 6th place is Scalebound Set the world ablaze in this fiery entry by Platinum Games, exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10. The game implores you to travel around the world of Draconis with your customizable dragon! Fly, slash, and slay gigantic monsters with the help of your friends through Co-Op or just by yourself.

Just make sure you take care of your dragon. Ranked 5th is For Honor We’ve had moments of grand historic spectacle during the Microsoft Press Conference but none could topple down this game’s glory. This hack and slash game has sieged its way through castles and temples of three different factions: Vikings, Samurai and Knights. Packed with different adventures, weapons and atmosphere in each of their game modes, choose at your own will. You might want to read Sun Tzu’s famous novel if you truly want to master this game on Valentine’s Day. 4th is Watch Dogs 2 Say goodbye to Chicago. This sequel to the open-world hacking game boasts new improvements, a new character and say hello to San Francisco. Take the role of Marcus Holloway as he interferes with every hackable system of electricity in its dynamic open world. The sequel adds layers and layers of hacking goodness such as controlling drones and an ability to hack anyone. Like, literally, anyone. 3rd on our spot is Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive) Forza is back on its steering wheel to let you venture out into a bigger open-world filled with possibilities, dynamic weather, danger and beautiful, beautiful sunsets.

It’s called Australia. And the game is making sure everything is not going to kill you. Utilizing the Xbox Cross Play Feature, play with up to 4 of your friends exclusively in any Windows and Xbox One console. 2nd is Battlefield 1 Gather your horses because this is the biggest Battlefield game to date. Set in the World War 1 era and inspired by historical events, take control of various vehicles such as battleships, war planes, tanks and so, so much more! Dogfights have never been more interesting.

With a multiplayer feature that promises to be big! Experience World War 1 in its prime. Here are the runners-up before we reveal the number one. And the most anticipated game for the Xbox One is Gears of War 4 25 years after Planet Sera, a Fenix has been reborn. This third-person sci-fi action retains its old dynamic gameplay such as covering and active reloading to provide a more familiar approach. It is an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. The game introduces new features that enables you to do intense melee attacks to execute these new threat in the most satisfying way. Fight for humanity’s survival, Fenix style.

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