Top 10 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

Whatoplay presents upcoming Nintendo Switch Opening our list of Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games is Just Dance 2017 Ubisoft’s fat-burning and fun-pumping dancing game gets to groove its way on the Nintendo Switch! This time, everyone can finally get to break a sweat when playing a videogame. Aside from its long list of songs, we will be seeing the return of Dance Quests and a better scoring system for dancing accuracy. Popular songs from Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Fifth Harmony and more will get to shine in this game while additional songs will be available as soon as the game hits the market. It’s still the same Just Dance game we know and it’s set to release sometime in 2017 on the Nintendo Switch. Ninth in the list is Sacred Hero Indie games are poised to take on a bigger role in building the Nintendo Switch library and, apparently, Nintendo seems to love the idea. Sacred Hero is a game that is still on the earliest stages of development. It was meant to be a 2D game but the developers have amped it up a bit and made it into 3D. No details have been revealed as of yet but what we do know is that according to the creators, it is an adventure game that twists the convention of the RPG genre.

Whatever twists they come out of it will be very interesting to watch. The only trailer we get is a one minute preview of the game’s shift from the 3D animation. We’ll hear more about this game in 2017 as it sets to release this 2018. In number 8 is Dragon Quest XI There will be two Dragon Quest games breathing fire on the Nintendo Switch. X will be a huge MMO game while this one, XI, will remain true to the series in terms of story, RPG elements and characters. It was originally a 3DS game. It will be ported to the Switch upon the release of Nintendo’s new console. What we do know so far is that it features a huge open world to discover, like the majority of Dragon Quest games.

It’s new and enhanced third-person perspective with graphics worthy of the modern platforms. Square Enix has slated for a 2017 release date and we’re looking forward to hearing more of it in the coming months. In seventh place is LEGO: City Undercover This game was released 3 years ago on the last-generation consoles. This time, the modern machines can get to taste it next year. Apart from its usual games that borrows licensing from various franchises, City Undercover is its own story based on their toys. Players will get to control a cop as he roams around its sandbox world filled with destructible LEGO and the signature LEGO humor. He can disguise and do anything in his power to stop the rampant growth of crime in the city. According to the developers, it is a game that borrows inspiration from Grand Theft Auto however the roles will be reversed as you stop crime instead of causing one. It’s set to release sometime in 2017 on the Nintendo Switch and also on the Xbox One and PS4! In number 6 is Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom This spiritual successor of the classic Monster World or better yet the “Wonder Boy” franchise returns with all its traditional fun platforming experience.

Take control of Jin as he embarks on an adventure to stop his evil and crazy uncle from creating more chaos in the world. Similar to Wonder Boy III, The game grants you the ability to let your player transform into six different animals, to solve puzzles and combat enemies. While no further details have been revealed as of yet, we’re gonna be expecting that this game will reinvigorate our nostalgic senses to the original SEGA game.

It’s set to release sometime in 2017 on the Nintendo Switch! Ranked fifth is Project Sonic 2017 From the creators that brought us Sonic Generations and Colors comes a whole new game that might go faster than the speed of light, or fall into the depths of Professor Eggman’s plans. The world has been engulfed in mayhem and it’s already in its post-apocalyptic state. Sonic needs help more than ever. Project Sonic 2017 is the latest installment of the Sonic Team that adds layers and layers of good fun, and hopefully we don’t get to see 2D levels on 3D worlds. There are details revealed as of now, but we do know that you’re gonna be busy asking help from various generations of Sonic characters. One more thing, let’s hope it doesn’t follow the trail of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric! It’s set to release sometime in 2017 on the Nintendo Switch. In fourth place is Yooka-Laylee From the creative talent of Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country gives you a duo of unlikely chemistry.

Follow Yooka, the green reptilian with his friend Laylee, the adorable purple bat as they engage in a quest of platforming wonder. It was first announced to release on the Wii U. For some reasons, the developer decided to cancel the Wii U version and instead push for release on the Nintendo Switch. The creators of the game are promising a colorful and fun adventure for fans of the platforming genre. Solve puzzles, gain cool abilities and collect secrets because that’s the core features of a good platformer, right? This game received part of its funding through Kickstarter. Surprisingly, a lot of fans decided to pour their support into it. Thus making the game possible to hit the stores sometime in 2017. In number 3 is Stardew Valley Ahhhh, the sweet escape of the hustle and bustle of urban life takes us to this delightful game. Developed by one guy, this life simulator borrows inspirations from classic farm games like Harvest Moon to give you the most fun experience of living your own life and building your own sanctuary. Stardew Valley coming to the Switch is a great idea. Moving the screen from the big to the small can create moments of relaxation for the players who just want to chill and find their perfect bachelor or bachelorette to marry.

It’s a very engaging adventure and the game’s focus on building, crafting, fighting and socializing is memorable. It’s set to release sometime in 2017. Hopefully along with the game’s long-awaited multiplayer patch. Second is Seasons Of Heaven The indies have taken a lot of entries in the Switch’s long list of upcoming games. and we’ll definitely see a lot more titles as Nintendo publishes more details about the platform in the coming months. Season of Heaven is a game directly from a book with the same name. It follows a young boy and his dog in a magical adventure. They’ll encounter weird statues, creepy ghosts and even a huge monster-like spider. The trailer, which the dev said is a PC footage, doesn’t show much in terms of story or gameplay. But it gives us an idea of the overall feel of the game and it’s a Switch exclusive. We don’t know the exact release date, let’s hope it’s a year-one title. And here are the runners up before we reveal the number 1. Splatoon Switch.

Whether it’s a port or a sequel to the adorable shooter, we don’t know yet. What we do know is that it’s going to be one helluva shooter. It may even increase the visibility of Splatoon on the e-Sports scene. Mario Kart Switch. The console reveal showcased Mario Kart 8, or an updated version of it. As with other games in this list, details are scarce. But it looks like a better Battle Mode will be included and that’s good enough for us! Dragon Quest X. It might just happen. This Japan exclusive MMORPG title may finally be made available to Western players since its release in 2012 but it sure is coming to the Nintendo Switch soon. Cube Life: Island Survival HD. This is a port of block-building, survival game released on the Wii U in 2015. Again, there’s no official release date yet. Constructor HD. Harking back to the old days of PC gaming, this classic RTS gets a new life on the Nintendo Switch — as well as with other platforms.

Better graphics, re-balanced gameplay, new maps and modes. but no release date yet. Of course, there’s no denying that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most anticipated Nintendo Switch game of 2017 – 2018. Open world, deep RPG mechanics and a fun survival crafting system makes this the most promising Zelda in recent years. It’s obvious that this game is gonna shape Nintendo Switch once it hits the market. The story takes place in the future. Link wakes up in a world of loneliness. Kingdoms have fallen and weird mechanical robots rule the green valleys. The world is in peril and he has to do whatever he can to find out what really happened during his sleep. This game is taking Zelda to its most ambitious degree. Nintendo even mentioned that you can finish the game without beating the main story.

Now.. that’s interesting. We’ll see this game sometime in 2017 and hopefully it gets a release window because we can’t contain ourselves for long. Knowing Nintendo, this game is gonna be good!

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