Top 10 Upcoming Microsoft Exclusives | Soon on Xbox One & Windows 10

Number 10 is Below. This indie adventure was first announced in 2013. It was scheduled to release in 2015 but was delayed, then it got delayed once again. Below is all about exploration and survival. A small-ish warrior takes a journey into the dark depths of a mysterious island. Developer Capybara Games shared some insights about the game such as rougelike gameplay, high difficulty and perma-death. It’s also their biggest and most complex game in terms of music, graphics and overall feature-set. One thing of note….the game seems to emphasize the vastness of its world.

And its music is by Canadian artist Jim Guthrie, the man behind the musical score of Indie Game: The Movie. It will be released on both PC and Xbox One. But no specific release date yet. Number 9 is Beacon. This impressive-looking Indie game boasts with glowing lights and deep roguelike mechanics. The game shows a similar atmosphere to Supergiant’s Transistor but takes the form of a top-down shooter. This game opens our 9 promising Microsoft Exclusive games that will be released soon! Your goal is simple: Locate the distress Beacon and escape the planet. Play as a survivor shipwrecked in a hostile alien planet. The game gets crazily difficult the longer you play it. The planet is randomly-generated and so are its inhabitants – your enemies. With these challenges, players are given the ability to customize their character via DNA points. Upon death, use these collected DNA’s to mutate your hero and find the rarest weapons. According to the devs, it aims to provide a fast and intense action game that will make hours and hours of your time worth it.

So follow that Beacon and get the hell out of the planet. No release date yet, but hopefully it’s gonna show up this 2017. In number 8 is Ashen This dark, gritty and unforgiving Indie game from Aurora44 Games might set the scale for open-world adventures. It was first revealed in 2015’s E3. Ashen is set in a sunless world filled with towering creatures and submerged in darkness. According to the devs, it’s high-risk RPG gameplay will be the key point of the game. Wander into its huge world and meet strange people along its bleak landscapes.

Aside from its challenging combat, the big thing we can expect from this game is its passive multiplayer. Players will encounter other players from around its world but share no communication. It’s similar to PlayStation’s Journey but the two of you can team-up to fend of the horrors of the darkness. The game is ambitious as it already is and it provides a gripping non-linear story. Your choices will change the course of the game and your actions will determine the future.

It’s a lifetime exclusive to Xbox One, but will be available to Windows 10 soon. No release date yet, but we’re hoping for a 2017 timeframe. Number 7 is Phantom Dust Remastered This game had a long period of development hell due to financial issues and other company problems. Fortunately for Microsoft, the game is now almost ready for release. This remastered version of the cult favorite Phantom Dust is going to see the light of day. It’s a game that mixes two gameplay types: Card-Collecting and Third Person Action. The gameplay is separated into two-types, combat and non-combat. In combat, play as an unnamed character with the ability to control Dust and beat enemies to a pulp.

In non-combat, customize your Arsenal similar to other card-collecting mechanics. This was so popular during its time and when announced on E3, fans were excited to see it getting the remaster it deserves. Phantom Dust is set to be released sometime this year! So stay tuned! In number 6 is Gigantic The birth of MOBA Shooters has emerged since 2016 and looks like the guys from Motiga are still dedicated to give you a fun, fast, and frenetic shooter that will reward players of different skill levels.

Gigantic, as mentioned, is a MOBA Third Person Shooter borrowing mechanics from the classics while integrating their own style. It’s a 5 versus 5 action with a cast of diverse heroes to choose from. It has been on Beta since last year and it’s gaining traction on both the Xbox One and Windows 10. The game is still in development, obviously, and according to the devs, it’ll be released when the game is finally ready. Your progress from the Beta will be transferred once the game launches. Not to mention it supports Cross-Platform Play! And oh, did we mention it’s Free To Play?! That’s good news enough.

Ranked number 5 is Halo Wars 2 Fans of the Halo franchise and of course, RTS, can surely feel the hype in this one. It’s a sci-fi skirmish set in the Halo Universe and features tons of new gameplay elements. Set after the event of Guardians, choose a faction and play god to claim your power over the land and achieve victory. The game introduces a whole new campaign that marks a return to the Spirit of Fire and a whole new threat called The Banished.

The game’s main feature comes with the multiplayer, which promises to be better than ever. The map will be as big as its predecessor and modes such as Skirmish, Deathmatch, Domination and Blitz will be a chaotic blend of fast-paced building and clicking. Good news, the game has Gone Gold and the Open Beta is out now! So you might want to try it out before buying on launch. It’s set to release this February 17, 2017. In number 4 is State Of Decay 2 Undead Labs returns with a brand new bite of an all new open-world survival action with more zombies in the field. This time, the map is even bigger and with the introduction of Co-Op will completely enhance the whole experience. The developers are aiming to create a world much more interactive than the first game. So the feeling of actually immersing yourself into a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies will be both terrifying and enjoyable. The amount of quests to do, stuff to take, and people to rescue is a challenge for players.

Finally, there will be no PvP. Players will have to fight to survive, not fight against each other. Gather your team, and make sure to stay safe in a world torn apart by a deadly plague. No release date yet, but it’s slated for a 2017 release! Hopefully! Number 3 in the list is Crackdown 3 Heads up, guys! This game is not dead yet. Microsoft just recently confirmed that it’s still in development. Scary, huh? Following the cancellation of Scalebound (May it rest in peace), we really have no idea how Microsoft is going to handle their upcoming exclusives. So, Crackdown 3 is a sequel to the hit series. It has been 10 years since we had a new Crackdown game and boy the fans are getting very impatient due to the lack of news and gameplay trailers.

As usual, Crackdown 3’s latest improvement promises to increase the destructibility of mostly everything in the game. Like, literally. Unleash carnage and ravage its world by blowing things up. It’s what made the game so popular anyway. Online sessions will be powered by Microsoft’s own cloud-computing platform Azure. Of course, no release date yet. So the only good news we can give is that it’s not cancelled. So, yaay. In second place is Cuphead This run and gun platformer might just rekindle our love for the classic 1930’s Cartoons. Cuphead is an adorable platformer that features surrealist and subversive elements known during the days of Mickey Mouse and Looney Toons. As the title implies, you will play as Cuphead. Repay your debt against the devil by running around its beautiful world filled with animated oddities and clever boss fights. You can equip weapons at your disposal in between deaths. The introduction of Co-op adds another player to help you team-up against boss fights. It’s one of the most interesting games to ever come out in Microsoft’s limited list exclusives, and we’re very hopeful that this game will deliver. It’s set to release sometime this mid-2017.

Here are the runners-up before we reveal the number 1. Pit People. A tactical-RPG set in a world of crazy enemies. Gather your team and pit them against weird powerful enemies! It’s now available as for testing on both the Xbox One game preview and Steam early access. The official release date should follow soon. Project Pisces. This is an experimental game… or kind of game… coming to both PC and Xbox One. There’s little details about it but it centers around AI, survival and the zodiac gods. A kickstarter crowdfunding campaign failed but the devs decided to pursue the project. Pre-alpha testing will begin sometime this year. Fable Fortune. This is a free-to-play collectible card game set in the world of Albion, yes the same Albion of the Fable series.

On top of the card gaming aspect, it has various quests for you to take with morality choices and coop play. It’s currently in closed-beta testing with a scheduled release to both Xbox One and PC soon. Number 1 in the list is Sea Of Thieves Ahoy, Mateys! This Microsoft’s exclusive brings pirateering to the modern world. This grand adventure encourages players to sail the high seas, plunder, and navigate around its huuuuge world. Gather your crew and enjoy its rich multiplayer content.

It’s what made the game interesting in the first place. Assign your members to take on the helm of navigating, driving, and scouting for danger. Explore its world, engage in fun PvP pirate battles and bask in its pirate glory. One cool feature included are in-game tools that lets users craft their own stories. If true, user-generated adventures will significantly increase the game’s replayability. It’s a majestic team-effort that will surely pay off once the existence of treasure is now in your hands.

Be the pirate you want to be, and let these landlubbers know your existence! Arrr. Among the list of Microsoft Exclusives, this is by far the most anticipated. It’s still slated for a 2017 release date and see you once the Open Beta releases soon!

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