TOP 10 UPCOMING GAMES 2017 PC/PS4/XBOX ONE /Best Anticipated Games

Hello and Welcome to gamesforu today i am Talking about top 10 games Coiming 2017 Yes this is the most anticipated games coming in 2017 and so lets talk about the game 1st No.1 Resident Evil 7 Biohazard The game release date 24Jan,2017 the game coming pc ps4 Xbox one resident evil 7 survival horror video game developed by capcom this is the 7th installment of this series after all successful games released by capcom this is the most anticipated games coming 2017 this game supported VR head set also so player can imaging the real world developer already publish the gameplay trailer sony press conference and look like gorgeous atmosphere and best horror expreince No.2 For Honor Released date 14Feb,2017 the game coming pc ps4 xbox one For Honor upcoming game developed by Ubisoft montreal this game hand to hand combat system and more realistic gameplay expreince the game 3 character combination knight samurai and viking this is the hand to hand game player can fight melee weapon like sword axe etc the game desire for multiplayer mode so player can divided two difference and fight each of them gameplay demo already release and look like awesome feature single player mode No.3 Sniper Elite 4 Release date 14Feb,2017 the game also coming pc ps4 and xbox one sniper elite 4 stealth action developed by rebellion development this is the sequel of sniper elite series this is the best shooter stealth game where player can target the enemy and shot head to head broke and player requirment No.4 Halo wars 2 Release date 21Feb,2017 the game also pc,ps4,and xbox one halo wars 2 this is the strategy game developed by 343 industries and creative asembly this is the si-fy game and sequel of halo series game the game actual real time strategy game where the player can compose the campaing and play the mission No.

5 Horizon Zero down the game release date 28Feb,2017 this is the most anticipated game horizon zero down open world single player developed by gerila games only on ps4 and the later version pc and xbox one this is the si-fi game player can fight big robot boses with new technique to kill the robot like direct attack,stealth attack, this is the huge open world and main story also side quest available the gameplay demo already released its look like awesome feature with single player No.6 Tom Clancy ghost recon Wild lands the game release date 7 march, 2017 pc ps4 xbox one tom Clancy ghost recon wild lands one of the most anticipated game coming 2017 all the gamer wait for playing this game this is the open world action 3rd person game developed by ubisoft paris this is the vast open world game anything to do in this lands there are huge open world like forest,mountain,desert salt land,and dynamic weather day night cycle the player can switched between one player to another player and defeat the enemy stealth,action, also can choose drone there are lots of weapon upgrade also player can drive any vehicles like helicopter,byke,jeep and more feature of this game!

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