Top 10 Upcoming Adventure Games 2017 and Beyond

10. Symmetry While survival games are usually mired by gritty atmospheres and even grittier storylines, this indie game from the Sleepless Clinic is making their own rules. We don’t know what dangers lie in this mesmerizing pastel wasteland, but we already know we’re staying. As a crew researchers tasked to explore a deserted island, you quickly learn that this venture won’t end they way you wanted. Just like most survival games, you’ll have to maintain healthy levels of rest, nutrition, and mental health. Survive long enough to fix your ship and make your way out of its vast emptiness. Immerse yourself within its dream-like world topped with an ethereal musical score. With this much beauty, are you really sure you’d want to leave? It’s coming to the PC with no official release date yet.

9. ZED From the man behind Myst and Command and Conquer, Chuck Carter lures us into a world where memories control the story. It’s a game that’s all about fixing things and visiting memories about life and death. It’s goal is to resonate the feeling of forgotten thoughts and patching lost memories. It’s a first person with deep puzzle solving elements. Explore a land of dreams and navigate through its sinister, yet sublime areas. The balance between light and darkness gives it pulsating feeling of a living world. It’s still in its early Kickstarter campaign and it’s heavily in development. If you want to support the game, better check out their website. Available on the PC, Xbox One and PS4. It’s coming out once it reaches its goal.

8. Shape of the World Get lost in this dreamy adventure and watch a whole world unfold with your every step. One of the most beautiful walking simulators we’ve ever laid eyes on, this game lets you experience the joys of getting lost, all in the comforts of your own home. Much like an upgrade to Proteus, your presence is the driving force for the world’s evolution, with ephemeral music to accompany your every move. With no health bars and survival elements to be worried about, diving into the games lustrous landscapes becomes easier. It’s an experience that grows on you, and with you as you progress through its stunning environment. It meshes simplicity and grandeur into one breathtaking majesty and it’s set to release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in 2018.

7. Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadne’s Conspiracy It’s unfortunate to see the passing of Akira Tago, one of the veterans of the series. However, this doesn’t stop them to continue the legacy of Layton’s adventures. The big twist in this game is the switch in character. You now control Lady Layton. A brilliant and young investigator searching for her missing father, the great Professor Layton. She’s accompanied by her friends and her adorable pet dog to explore London and solve a grueling mystery that can save her father. Follow her as she solve puzzles in a visual novel style gameplay. These puzzles can range from various forms of thinking: Solve math problems, use your logic, mazes and so much more. It’s coming to the Nintendo 3DS, iOS and Android devices sometime this 2017.

6. The Pillars of the Earth Ken Follett’s legendary Kingsbridge series has gone through many adaptations through the years, particularly the first chapter, Pillars of the Earth. Together with Daedalic Entertainment, Follett’s captivating story of intrigue and gothic architecture becomes an interactive experience. Set in the town of Kingsbridge, we follow the creation of a grand Cathedral and the lives of people behind it. In the span of many years, we become entwined in a narrative filled with politics, religion, and even sexuality. As much as we enjoyed the novel, we’re hoping that the game does justice to Follett’s descriptive, almost graphic, storytelling. Rumored to release alongside Follett’s new novel sometime this 2017, it’s set for release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

5. Perception Most of the popular horror games rely on the gift of sight. This game takes it differently, instead of walking around cramped hallways and dilapidated castle halls with your eyes on the horizon, this game takes it away. In short, you are blind. Light is nowhere to be found and the shadows are your best friend. Throughout the game, echolocation is key. Use this to ability to solve the game’s perplexing puzzles and by escaping the clutches of a demonic presence. The team from Deep End games promises a unique horror experience, even for veteran players. It’s not a sight for sore eyes as the game is set to release sometime this year on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

4. The Occupation If you loved Bioshock Infinite’s old-timey world, then you’ll definitely appreciate White Paper Game’s newest adventure. Set in a 1980s England in the wake of a terrorist attack, you will play as the journalist whose actions form the foundation of a controversial Act. There’s still much we don’t know about this game, but by the looks of it, it’s incredibly inviting. There’s no combat, but you’ll feel the excitement as you make choices based on real-time events, as well as the evidence you collect. Your decisions within the four hours after the attack make up a big part of the game’s narrative. No official release date yet, but the developers are planning to release it on many possible platforms.

3. The Gardens Between There’s probably a few things we lost through the passage of time, like beloved objects, memories, and relationships. The Voxel Agent’s adventure puzzle explores all of that, letting you weave forwards and backwards through time. Traverse an array of beautiful and mysterious gardens along with two best friends, Arina and Frendt. Bask in its vibrant world, and create ripples along your fate. It’s ultimately an emotional tale of friendship and maturation. With its charming visuals handcrafted to perfection, wrapped in Tim Shiel’s reflective soundtrack, it encourages you to think about your very own life. Will you keep holding on, or learn to let go? t’s coming to the PC late this year.

2. Call Of Cthulhu Fans of H.P. Lovecraft’s dystopian horror will be delighted to know that another game is in the works. From the creator of Styx: Master of Shadow, step into a demented world filled with a haunting darkness coming from the depths below. This is an adventure with a gripping horror atmosphere. Take control of a man investigating a mysterious murder in Darkwater Island, Boston. His descent towards madness is one of the many Lovecraftian horrors that fill the game. We don’t even need to mention the creature that dwells. It’s a promising take on the mythos, however details have been scarce so far. Expect this game to innervate your senses into insanity. No news of a release date yet, but it’s coming out soon on the PC, Xbox One and PS4. Here are the runners up before we reveal the number one:

15. Vane. An atmospheric adventure that lets you solve puzzles in its open-world desert. This PS4 exclusive is coming sometime this year. 14. The First Tree. Two parallel stories of a fox and a young couple in the journey to the first tree. Set for a midyear release on the PC.

13. InnerSpace. Fly through a psychedelic world with disorienting inverted physics. Set for release this Summer on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

12. Seasons of Heaven. A young boy with Asperger’s explores a barren, post-apocalyptic world along with his bulldog. It’s a Nintendo Switch Exclusive with no official release date.

11. Finding Paradise. Explore more memories, and prepare some tissues, in this sequel of To The Moon. Coming this Summer on the PC.

1. Sea Of Thieves The lure of adventure comes from the high seas in this most anticipated Microsoft Exclusive. Become a pirate legend and gather your hearty crew of young lads and lassies to gather treasures worthy of pirate standards. The deep ocean is a huge world to discover. The best about this game is the shared universe you and your friends can sail along. Raid other players and take away their plunder with your courageous crew. Multiplayer is an essential aspect in its open-world design. Brave the treacherous seas as you power up your crew and assign them to the daunting tasks that lie ahead. It’s coming sometime this year on the PC and Xbox One, and hopefully it won’t get cancelled..

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