Top 10 Upcoming Action-Adventure Games of 2017 – 2018

Opening our list of the most anticipated Action-Adventure Games of 2017 – 2018 is Horizon Zero Dawn If you haven’t noticed already, this game consistently showing up in our upcoming lists. For obvious reasons. Though we can barely contain our excitements, we decided to put it a couple of notches lower to give more opportunities for new entries. Guerilla Games’ most ambitious title might just set a higher bar for open-world action-adventure games. There’s little doubt in the dev’s capacity to deliver beautiful visuals, filled with mechanical wonders. Bionic creatures dominate a world of fallen civilizations. Your character embraces humanity’s survival instinct; fighting these creatures, hacking them or simply scaling above them to steal valuable data. We know little of the story behind the protagonist. Although it has been revealed that there will be different tribes, each with their own story arc. And the main quest revolves around cleansing ‘corrupted zones’. Ready your prehistoric-slash-futuristic weapon because this game is almost here.

Set to release this February 2017 exclusively on the PlayStation 4. In ninth place is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands How do you make a game dedicated to shutting down powerful, virtual drug cartels, fun? Apparently, Ubisoft seems to know how. With a vast open-world area open for exploration and tons of bullets at your arsenal. Wildlands is the next big step to Tom Clancy’s famed Ghost Recon franchise. Your mission is simple: take down the vicious Santa Blanca cartel that has turned Bolivia into a narco-state.

Gather your friends or simply do it alone with your AI buddies. It looks like the shooting part will be at par with The Division, albeit more stealthy and surgical. Carry out covert missions that will neutralize key personnels, sabotage drug operations and destroy the drug cartels behind enemy lines. Be the ghost. We’re definitely looking forward to its release this March 7, 2017 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. For number 8 is Uncharted: Lost Legacy Just when we thought Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed franchise is over, we were wrong. Nathan Drake’s story may be over; we’ve seen every glimpse of it during his four chart-topping games. In Lost Legacy, Uncharted 2’s iconic master thief Chloe Frazer makes a return alongside Uncharted 4’s skilled tactician Nadine Ross. They’ll have to work together to recover the treasured Tusk of Ganesh, deep in the mountain ranges of India. No further details have been revealed yet… what we do know is that this is a standalone expansion of Uncharted 4… with its own unique story focused in these two memorable characters of the series.

We’ll be following these badass ladies in a new breath-taking adventure worthy of the Naughty Dog tag. The exact release date has not been revealed yet though the developer has already mentioned that it will be released to the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2017. On to rank number 7 with Scalebound And Microsoft’s very own exclusive roars with fire and soars with power. This grand adventure from Platinum Games’ is directed by Hideki Kamiya, who is known for works on hit titles like Bayonetta, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. Play as Drew and embark on an adventure in Draconis, a world filled with perils and big-ass monsters! You’re accompanied by the gentle and powerful dragon Thuban, the last living dragon of its world. Become the saviour of its impending doom. You know what the game promises? “A beautiful evolving world. Epic battles of unbelievable scale.

And cutting-edge coop.” Team up with your friends and unleash fiery hell. Players can also summon your inner dragon power to deal insane damage to enemies. Hoo, boy. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here? It’s set to release sometime this year on the PC and Xbox One. Sixth in the list is Days Gone. Zombie videogames have evolved over the past few years. Let’s be honest, We’ve had our fair share of enjoyable shooters but also an equal amount of terrible ones. Just when we’re starting to get zombie-fatigue, this PS4 exclusive was announced with a promise to break new grounds in the genre. It’s set two years after the world is ravaged by a global pandemic.

Days Gone enters the survival horror race with Sony’s signature graphical overhaul amidst overwhelming hordes of the undead chasing after you. Not much has been revealed but the gameplay trailer shows us that the tension is palpable. And it makes players feel their adrenaline kicking with its hostile, expansive open-world. The game lets you take missions in your own hands similar to The Last Of Us. Choose between stealth or firefights and feel the grip of the undead coming after you. We’re hopeful that this might get a late 2017 release date. Fifth in our list of most anticipated action-adventure games is Mass Effect: Andromeda Your trip to the far reaches of space continue with this new entry to BioWare’s critically-acclaimed franchise. This time, your voyage goes beyond the Milky Way and into the Andromeda galaxy. It’s set 600 years after the events of the previous Mass Effect games. Take on the responsibility of a Pathfinder and find new habitable planets to colonize. Players will get to enjoy a revamped battle system; insane visuals with Frostbite engine, non-linear story and a lot of new gameplay mechanics. As mentioned earlier, it’s a fresh start for the Mass Effect series.

A new threat will emerge, and meeting old and new friends will re-ignite the series. It’s set to release this March 21 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In number 4 is God Of War Or as we’d like to call it, “Dad Of War”. Kratos returns in a brand new adventure after his days in the Greek landscapes. This time, Norse Mythology beckons and he’s not the same as before. He must fight for his and his son’s survival across the lush world from Valhalla and beyond. The game is a soft reboot of the franchise.

Gameplay is more different than ever. Kratos no longer uses his famed chains due to its disappearance after God Of War III. His axe is his signature weapon throughout the game. The creators also stated that the story will involve his son’s growth as a demigod. The new RPG elements of the game features collecting resources, over the shoulder camera and the removal of multiplayer (Finally!). Much of its story details are unknown as of the moment but we can’t wait to see more of this game this year. Hopefully it’ll get a 2018 release! In the third place is Red Dead Redemption 2 Teasers after teasers, it’s finally confirmed. Rockstar’s most ambitious Western open-world adventure takes cowboy swag to a whole new level. What we loved about the first game gets improved into an even more badass approach. Though we’ve only been given a cinematic trailer to begin with, what we know so far is that Rockstar will enhance the open-world experience.

Making it the most realistic Western world game to date. It’s set to release this Fall 2017 and according to sources, we might be able to play multiple heroes this time. Unfortunately, the PC release is still behind shadows and we’re not even sure they’re considering releasing it there. It’s a Console Exclusive as of the moment and we’ll be seeing it on the PS4 and Xbox One this year! Second in this ranking is Nintendo’s The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Nintendo’s other poster-child makes a return to the Wii U and the upcoming Switch in this whole new adventure that is sure to reinvigorate the franchise. Link wakes up from a deep slumber to a Hyrule Kingdom that lies in ruins; ravaged by Calamity Ganon. Link must find a way to stop Ganon from breaking out of his seal and destroy the world.

The world is more open than ever. Players will have the ability to cook, grab weapons, craft and explore a world torn apart by war and mayhem. Enjoy its lush fields, deep RPG mechanics and the freedom to finish the game at your own pace. a Knowing Nintendo, it features Amiibo support. You can call out his trusty pet wolf by using the Wolf Link Amiibo. No release date has been announced yet. But it sure will be coming to both the Nintendo Switch and Wii U this 2017.

Fingers’ crossed for a Switch launch title. Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal the number one: Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. Twenty years after the release of the first game of the series, the original ‘survival-horror’ game is about to, once again, terrorize a new generation of gamers. Coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 this January 24, 2017. NiOh. Set during the Warring States period of the Japanese history, armed with a katana, William is about to slash his way through the demon-infested land of the rising sun. A PS4 exclusive coming sometime this 2017. State of Decay 2. This zombie survival sequel is expanding its reach with a more immersive multiplayer mode; inviting you to build a thriving community of survivors among the chaos of the zombie apocalypse. A Microsoft exclusive coming to the PC and Xbox One this 2017. Nier: Automata. A world in a stalled war against invaders from a different world. This is about to change with the arrival of a new breed of android warriors. Coming to the PlayStation 4 this March 7 and to PC later this year. Shenmue III. After setting new crowdfunding records in 2015 and more than a decade after the release of Shenmue II, this action-adventure series finally gets a well-deserved sequel.

It’s scheduled for release in December of 2017 to the PC and PlayStation 4. And our most anticipated Action-Adventure game is of course, The Last Of Us 2. This came as a surprise. In retrospect, it’s kind of obvious. We’re expecting Joey and Ellie to make a comeback and Naughty Dog did not disappoint. A cinematic trailer was revealed, showing a bloodied and more mature Ellie. Details of the game are scarce since we’ve only been given a single footage of the game. What we know is that Ellie will be the main playable character; Joel may be put on a support… or he may have his own storyline. One thing’s for sure, Naughty Dog doesn’t disappoint fans. So get ready for another emotional adventure in a world stripped of humanity… and brace yourself for more heart-racing moments. Hopefully we’ll get to hear a lot about the game in the coming months. 2017 release date, please! How about you? What’s your most anticipated Action-Adventure game this year and 2018? Comment your answers below! 🙂

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