Top 10 iPhone & iPad Games of the Last 4 Years

Games are ranked by PlayScore. A unique rating that averages gamer and critic reviews. Opening our list of Top 10 iPhone and iPad Games is Inferno 2 This list contains both free and paid games for the iOS. Filled with an over the top Tron-like gameplay, vibrant neon lights and satisfying particle effects, this makes Inferno 2 everyone’s go-to for a feel-good game. This sequel to the also popular Inferno also lights up with new missions, new abilities, new stages and added difficulty levels for more addictive content. It has a PlayScore of Ranked 9th is Steven Universe – Attack The Light Of all the Cartoon Network games released, this game has seen the light of the day (pun intended) with its impressive take on the source material and “universal” acclaim. Attack The Light is a turn-based RPG game mixed with the crazy-ness of Steven’s universe.

Surprisingly, the game also contains its original voice actors. It has a PlayScore of 8th place is Thomas Was Alone How is it virtually possible for the “feels” to travel beneath such a minimalistic game? Developed by one guy, this indie baby instills a sense of emotion within its shaped characters of polygonal plight. Awarded by BAFTA for its overwhelming story with a cool narrator, there is no doubt that this well-paced puzzle game deserves all the praise. A PlayScore of 7th on our list is Super Sharp A physics-powered puzzle packed with possible papercut proportions. This game blends cleverness and good level design to generate a rewarding experience to a mobile game.

It’s simplistic one-touch gameplay is enough for players to relax while squeezing every logical solution to a level you restarted for more than 10 times. A PlayScore of 6th spot is King Cashing 2 Following the original’s success, this sequel adds more twist and turns to its already fun RPG slash Slot Machine gameplay. It’s formula has been tweaked to provide a mix of luck, skill and strategy. It’s unique hand-drawn characters and ironically NO MICROTRANSACTIONS makes it worthy for pushing that button. A PlayScore of Ranked 5th is Sorcery! 2 An interactive fiction of endless good fun! It’s filled with a beautifully crafted art style and a “choose your own adventure” playthrough. The game contains an excellent narrative coupled with fancy spells, hand-drawn monsters and rich with content. It’s like Dungeons and Dragons… but on your phone. A PlayScore of 4th in our list is Lyne Intricately named with a “Y”, why? This game brings out your inner adoration for lines. It’s connecting puzzle mechanic with minimalistic design makes you wish you know exactly what you’re doing.

It’s fun, challenging and brimming with bright lights. It has a PlayScore of 3rd place is Planet Quest How do you manage to concoct a sweet blend of a rhythm based game and add it with trippy giraffes and rabbits while riding on a UFO? It’s simple really, just add a dose of extra good Planetary art style with upbeat music. Voila, you get Planet Quest. It’s endlessly fun, creative and completely free-to-play. A PlayScore of 2nd Place is The Room 3 A puzzle game that has won more awards than it could possibly imagine. Ranked 1st on our Best iOS Video last year, The Room 3 has taken a step back. It’s engaging, atmospheric and filled with mystery. It not only captures you into its grim world, but it tells a story that could emanate multiple endings. It’s an astounding achievement for Fireproof Games with a PlayScore of Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal the number one And the best iOS Game so far is Crashlands! Probably one of the rarest games with a trailer full of sass and makes us want to really buy it. Goddamn it they succeeded. Crashlands enters the fray with preposterous creativity.

It is a mix of RPG and World-Building. It’s so big in content and there’s so many things to do and so many things to make! It’s just too biig! Crossplatform included. A PlayScore of 9.49.

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