Top 10 Best Xbox One Shooting Games

Whatoplay presents the Top 10 Xbox One Shooting Games – This ranking is based on a 1 to 10 scoring system that aggregates critic and gamer reviews into a unique score called a PlayScore. As much as new reviews show up, and are added, the PlayScore changes. – Opening the list at number 10 is World of Tanks. Opening the list at number 10 is World of Tanks. Load the ammunitions and get ready to immerse yourself in this awesome metal-to-metal firefight! World of Tanks combines simulation and tactics into an impressive multiplayer shooter. It’s a game that emphasizes on making every shot count! Cool and inspired tank models, notable strategic depth and loads of content Although…

It can be quite a grind on later levels. a PlayScore of – 9th place is Wolfenstein: The New Order 9th place is Wolfenstein: The New Order A contrast to the over-the-top shooter Wolfenstein is known for. It put shooting and story first over fancy gimmicks… bringing back the old-school shooter experience with modern features. Top-notch gunplay and weapon upgrade system, interesting story filled with memorable characters and fun stealth challenges! Despite some failings — like unfairly powerful enemies and lack of multiplayer — MachineGames managed to pull off one heck of a shooter! a PlayScore of – Number 8 is Battlefield 4 A shooting game that shines better in multiplayer than single-player! The campaign is good.

But when you start blasting heads in grand 64-player mayhem, you realize this is what the game is made for. Genre-defining explosions and unrivaled destruction, brilliant map design and an awesome “Commander Mode” Having said that — single player failed to deliver… overshadowed by the satisfying online multiplayer. Battlefield 4 has a PlayScore of Rank 7th is Call of Duty: Black Ops III – The third installment of the Black Ops series, it was thought to be the saving grace of the franchise. Don’t get me wrong. This game is good… just not as good as the first one. Impressive graphics, futuristic setting and weapons, plenty of maps to choose from and a zombie-mode that’s quite enjoyable.

It’s too bad the campaign is predictable and just plain boring. A PlayScore of – 6th is Sunset Overdrive 6th is Sunset Overdrive This is probably the most entertaining shooter in this list! Jump, slide, skate, and shoot through the vibrantly colored city… blasting off wacky red, yellow and brown demons lurking in its every corner. Outlandish and unique map traversal, fun shooting mechanics, dynamic city filled monsters, and colorful scenery. Sunset Overdrive distinguishes itself with colors and quirkiness… a 180 from the usual dark, gray world of modern shooters. A PlayScore of – Number 5 is Titanfall This is one of the most promising games of 2014. Who doesn’t love piloting giant mechs and blasting all enemies in sight? I know you do! Titanfall’s strengths lie in its: Incredible balance of power between being on-foot and inside a mech.

Sheer power can be brought down by wits and stealth maneuvers and with fast paced FPS action, the game is seldom boring. A PlayScore of – 4th place is Rainbow Six: Siege 4th place is Rainbow Six: Siege A game of possibilities. Anything goes in this team-focused, five-on-five shooter. Rainbow Six: Siege is not a twitch shooter; it’s the very definition of team-play and smart, strategic planning. Tactics and unit cohesion wins. There are — literally — hundreds of ways to finish a mission and its competitive nature makes for high replay value.

Unfortunately, Siege suffers from server issues that are yet to be completely fixed. 3rd on the list is Gears of War: Ultimate Edition 3rd on the list is Gears of War: Ultimate Edition A special trip down memory lane to one of THE finest shooters on the Xbox 360 console. Ultimate Edition is packed with: Enhanced graphics with 1080p display at 60 frames per second, improved controls and still best played with friends over! Surprisingly, the game returns to its somewhat horror beginnings, and it makes it an even better experience.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition gets a PlayScore of – 2nd is Far Cry 4 A great shooter set in one of the most stunning environments in a video game. Kyrat is such a breathtaking world full of vibrant plant life and ferocious animals. Beautiful, but deadly. Highly-polished gunplay, awesome new powers, a new ruthless antagonist and a spectacular exploration. However, the story is eclipsed by its awe-inspiring exploration…. where you find yourself doing more side quests than the actual story. a PlayScore of Stay tuned for the Runners-Up, right after we reveal the Number One. Stay tuned for the Runners-Up, right after we reveal the Number One. Stay tuned for the Runners-Up, right after we reveal the Number One. – And the best game is Halo 5: Guardians And the best game is Halo 5: Guardians This is indeed the pinnacle of shooting games on the Xbox consoles.

Never has a Halo game come out this polished in its multiplayer aspect. Shooting mechanics perfectly-tailored for the Xbox, great level designs, new Spartan abilities and a fantastic multiplayer! The competitive aspect of the game is overwhelming due to its deeply-rooted history. And it will go down as one of the best.. for generations to come. Halo 5 Guardians has a PlayScore of – And here are the Runners-Up… And here are the Runners-Up.

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