Top 10 Best PS4 Exclusives So Far

In number 10 on our list of the top PS4 exclusives is InFamous: Second Son Play as Delsin Rowe in his journey to self-discovery after realizing the potential of his superhuman abilities. Explore the open-world Seattle and rise against the oppressive Department of Unified Protection. Fly, glide and fight with your colorful, exploding superpowers. Gameplay is the best aspect of the game. Critics have unanimously praised its fluid controls, dazzling special effects and the combat. I’d kill to get this power. Your choices play a part in this game. So better decide whether you want to be the good or the bad guy. With great power comes great responsibility, right? You may also pick-up the game’s standalone DLC where you take control of another superhuman, Abigail Walker, with a more badass ability. It’s one of the bigger successes of PS4’s year-one titles. inFamous: Second Son has a PlayScore of In ninth place is Until Dawn Come on, players have had enough of Slasher films…and not able to do anything to save these poor, poor souls can be very frustrating.

Until Dawn offers something different. The setting follows the typical slasher formula. Eight friends trapped in a remote mountain retreat cabin. What’s unique is…. Developer Supermassive Games gives players the chance to play all eight stereotypical teenagers in a violent night of mystery and horror. Take control of these characters and guide them to salvation or demise. Gameplay revolves around exploring and interacting with various objects while also solving dangerous traps. The game is driven by choices. One wrong move might make you regret your decision and one decision might save you from agony. The branching narrative paths and multiple endings are all defined by the player’s choice. It’s the best feature of the game aside from its top-notch graphics and realistic motion capture.

Until Dawn has a PlayScore of Ranked number 8 is Tearaway Unfolded Take part of a paper-filled adventure in this cute little platformer that make players say ‘Awwwwww’ as they roll over, jump and find their way to YOU. This game is an expanded remake of the original PS Vita game Tearaway. This PS4 release makes use of the DualShock 4’s features in such unique and creative ways. Tearaway follows the adventure of Atoi the Messenger as he journey across the magical paper world to deliver an important, top-secret message. Players are actually given the power to act like God.Navigate around its environments and help Atoi reach his destination. Explore its page-turning world filled with lovable characters, lovely visuals and every platforming favorite: Responsive controls. And of course, don’t forget that papercuts are not included. It gets a PlayScore of In the seventh place is The King Of Fighters XIV There hasn’t been any news of SNK’s famed fighting series for years… until 2016. It was a glorious year since it re-introduced the series and showed us something new: King of Fighters in 3D. Whether this new visual betray’s SNK’s iconic 2D pixel work is a hotly-debated topic.

What most critics agree on, however, is that the fully-featured, refined combat is alive, well, and upgraded. Step into the ring and test your fighting skills. With 50 fighters, 17 of whom are newly-added, different gameplay modes, and 19 stages, this is definitely one excellent addition to the series. Choose from it’s wide roster and dominate the arena. Critics also praised the game’s fast combat and fluid controls. Its improved EX Mode grants your fighter the ability to perform even more powerful special attacks.

This has been a staple for most fighting games nowadays and this release managed to deliver it just right. It has a PlayScore of In 6th place is The Last Guardian At long last. After almost 10 years of development and delays… and all the hype… it’s finally here. Team Ico’s beautiful video game series has emerged from dev hell and into a fully-realized game. Even we doubted if it will ever get released.

Similar to Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, players control a protagonist accompanied by another character powered by AI. Players can also command a huge half-bird, half-mammal creature called Trico. Throughout the game, they will solve puzzles in their perilous quest around ancient ruins. Both critics and gamers cites the game’s subtle story-telling, the beautiful landscape, the sense of scale and the relationship between the two characters as the game’s biggest assets. But it’s not all praises. Awkward camera, glitches and unwieldy controls may ruin the experience. Hopefully, future updates will fix these issues. Either way, the game is a gift. And it’s still as captivating as its predecessors. It has a PlayScore of In number 5 is Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance Nippon Ichi has unleashed their sixth new entry to the massively popular Disgaea series. This time, the series’ proven-and-tested turn based RPG formula has been greatly improved while retaining the key concepts that made it unique. Follow the journey of these characters into the Netherworld as they exact their vengeance on the evil demon emperor. Story-wise, Disgaea 5 can be too cheesy but the humor make up for it.

Perhaps the biggest feature of this game is its gameplay. Fans of JRPG will be very satisfied with the amount of content, the strategic depth, the choices of customizations and the various class options. It’s quite addictive and can be very rewarding to gamers familiar with this genre. New players, however, may find it overwhelming. Disgaea 5 has a PlayScore of Number 4 in this ranking is Rez Infinite This is the kind of game players would want to consider buying the PS VR with. Rez Infinite is a remake of the 2001 rail-shooter released on the PlayStation 2. It returns fifteen years later to a whole new era of the more powerful PS4. Float through an endless space filled with trippy colors, fantastic techno rhythm and huge geometric shaped entities. The game is such a mesmerizing adventure. It’s specifically designed for the Playstsation 4’s new Virtual Reality System. Although players can still enjoy it on the normal screen, it’s much more immersive when experienced through the PS VR. Rez Infinite is currently the best virtual reality game on the PS4.

It has a PlayScore of Third in the ranking is Ratchet & Clank This marks the return of PlayStation’s most iconic duo. And it’s not just a remake or remaster… it’s a completely new experience. Developer Insomniac Games manages to release a game that stays true to the original; at the same time, introducing several improvements. It will please both long-time fans and new gamers. It’s the return of everyone’s favorite Lombax and sentry robot as they battle forces and solve puzzles. If you’re new to the series, imagine Pixar-like characters in a fun action-adventure. The game’s platforming has improved so much; the insane new weapons and variety of skills make the game worthwhile. That Pixelator is soooo satisfying. Critics have praised the game for its creative world design, fun puzzle platforming and the adventure that resembles the classic. Aside from that, there’s a movie that’s directly tied to the game.

It promises to give more insight into the story. Though… I have yet to watch it. 🙂 Ratchet and Clank has a PlayScore of In number 2 is Bloodborne Prepare for a nightmare-inducing gaming experience that will make players cry in agony, weep in pain and wallow with deep personal disappointment. FromSoftware developed a game that absorbs the core of their renowned Soul’s franchise; turning it into something grotesque, dark, and new. Take control of a Hunter as he travels around a Victorian World haunted with monstrosities. Ughh would you just look at that. The game is widely applauded by most gamers and critics for its settings, challenging combat and a smooth, eerie graphics. Indulge in its unforgiving difficulty, cool boss battles and try to find out the hidden depths of its lore.

Dying remains a normal occurrence and players who are patient enough will be rewarded with the deep sense of accomplishment. Bloodborne gets a PlayScore of Here are the runners-up before we reveal the number one: 11. Alienation. This isometric, top-down, twin-stick shooter places players in a chaotic alien-invasion of Earth. Players can choose one of the three classes and customize them as one see fit. Each class has its unique skills and playstyle. One thing of note… the levels get progressively difficult as you move forward… And multiplayer is one chaotic fun.

It has a PlayScore of 12. Super Stardust Ultra. A remake of the classic Super Stardust game, the definitive version of it. This futuristic multi-dimensional shooter explodes with vibrant colors and pulsating particle effects. Defend humanity against waves after waves of bullet hell. It has a PlayScore of 13. Driveclub Bikes. Get ready for that surge of adrenaline! Burn some tyres into this fun racing game of superbikes. Take your pick among its wide array of licensed bikes… and feel the break-neck speed in various locations, challenges and more! It has a PlayScore of 14. Tethered. Restore the balance to the world and play as a Spirit Guardian destined to make things right. This smart strategy game boasts with hand-drawn visuals and the ability to create a bond between anything. Prepare by day, survive by night. It has a PlayScore of 15: Score Rush Extended. For a game that lacks a serious narrative or a campaign to set things in motion, this game doesn’t really disappoint. It’s paying homage to classic shoot ‘em ups that don’t really require anything at all.

Just go for a quick play and score the highest score you can make. It has a PlayScore of And the best PS4 exclusive so far is Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Naughty Dog’s final entry to the beloved Uncharted series hits the high mark as it puts Nathan Drake and friends in their most personal quests yet. Travel around the world in search for the Lost Pirate City filled with danger, excitement and amazing action set-pieces.

Of course, Nathan Drake, of course. Since the release of the PlayStation 4, fans have been waiting for its eventual launch. Luckily for us all… it’s a masterpiece of action and adventure. Critics praised the game’s deep story, engaging new hook gameplay and the insaaaaaane amount of visual detail. Just look at that! Every PlayStation 4 owner needs to know that this game is a must-buy and it’s the best PlayStation 4 Exclusive on our list so far. It has a PlayScore of You may get these games by clicking the first link on the description box below.

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