Top 10 Best Android RPGs of All Time

Whatoplay presents the Top 10 Android RPGs of All Time Our ranking is not a personal opinion. It’s based on a 1 to 10 score that aggregates gamers and critics’ reviews into a unique score called playscore. Opening at number 10 is Dungeon Hunter 4 This game is hands-down the best in this list in terms of graphical quality, but with that comes a pesky feature that keeps on popping-up in every opportunity it has – the In-App-Purchase! Such as shame, because the game offers a superb 3D engine, excellent gameplay, and a satisfying hack and slash goodness. It would have been great! a playscore of 9th place is Angry Birds Epic A pleasant surprise from Rovio! This game is in no way inferior as an RPG just because it is full of pigs and birds. In fact, you’ll be surprised on how deep its gameplay can become. It looks beautiful, plays fluidly, and stays true to its roots – cute and fun! However, the lack of exploration may put down some hardcore RPG fans.

a playscore of Number 8 is Terra Battle A unique strategy RPG. This game looks dull at first, but as you get familiar with its quirks and mechanics, the more it pulls you in. The story is… kind of rubbish, but with its deep RPG mechanic, strategic value, and the urge to collect more powerful and rare units, this game is as good as any JRPG or SRPG there is! It holds a playscore of ranked 7th is 10000000 (read as ten million) A puzzle/RPG mash-up delight! As this would be my first time playing this type of game, I would say that – It’s not as boring as I thought it would be! Its titled 10,000,000 since by the time you reach that same number of points, you’ll be granted your freedom.

Its fast-paced, and sometimes nerve-wracking gameplay, really suits well with both genres. It holds a playscore of At number 6 is Final Fantasy VI The best final fantasy port on mobile devices. FF6’s transformation to fit mobile devices is not that stellar. Although, I do appreciate the new smooth texture look, the combat HUD however doesn’t work for me. Nevertheless, the sheer nostalgia and the pure RPG quality that this brings is a different matter altogether. FF6 holds a playscore of 5th place is One Piece Treasure Cruise Quite a satisfying anime-inspired game that does justice to its One Piece name, and what’s good about it is that it relies on what the anime is best known for – battles, techniques, and companions! Where tapping at the right time with the right character, results into powerful game-changing combos! It holds a playscore of ranked 4th is Final Fantasy Record Keeper As a fan of the franchise, I can’t help but smile and get excited about this game. I mean, who wouldn’t? When some of the best parts of the Final Fantasy series is playable in a single game? FF Recorder Keeper looks great, plays well, and in every world you dive in, a certain feeling of nostalgia permeates every time.

It holds a playscore of Number 3 is Shadowrun Returns A cyberpunk-themed RPG, that plays similar to the XCOM games. The game looks nice, plays well, and has a deep skill tree for those hardcore stat grinders. The story is interesting and full of mysteries.. a shame however, that the choices you make don’t really have an impact to the overall progress. Shadowrun Returns holds a playscore of 2nd best is Sorcery! A mesmerizing fantasy interactive book that is one-of-a-kind in its field. A true RPG in all aspects, where every move, choice and action you do affects and impacts your overall adventure. With a beautiful narrative and a deep storyline, this game is stellar. However, for those who dislike reading a LOT, this may not be for you… a playscore of And the best is Dragon Quest V This game is not for every casual gamer out there.. but those looking for new experiences and the hardcore RPG fan – this is for you! The game has quite a slow start, but the amount of content I got from it in return, like: upgraded animations and an epic, 50+ hour gameplay..

cements this game as one of the best in my library of mobile games. a playscore of To recap, here are the 10 best Android RPGs of All Time.

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