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Male Speaker: Hey, everyone. Welcome to MMO Attack Top 10, our fun and informative segment where we list best of the best in the MMO world. Today, we have another steam powered list for you.Female Speaker: Indeed. This week is the Top 10 Action MMOs available on Steam and how appropriate coz the weekly [inaudible 00:27] is giving away steam gift card. Yay.Male Speaker: The criteria for the list includes the level of action, the popularity, the reception, and, of course, availability on Steam. So, let’s begin.Female Speaker: At number ten we have Forsaken World.

The story line in this title may not be as epic as some of the other big name in MMO games, but phenomenal graphics and unique class system sure deliver something special. A slow XP system has joined complains about a slow grind when leveling, but the game does boast a random team generator to help you find options as quickly as possible. This MMORPG clearly take pointers from numerous other popular titles out there and may not be the original, but it’s a great alternative for Steam users who may be exhausting their own list of action MMOs.Male Speaker: Number nine we have Realm of the Mad God.

It’s fast, it’s free, it’s fantastic. Sometimes the most simplistic nature of a video game goes a long way into its overall game play, especially when it’s an action pack adventure like this one. Do you like to be kept on your toes where you needed to avoid a constant onslaught of enemy projectiles while playing? Then this action MMO is definitely worth the try. The lack of variation may make the title get — stay old fashion than you’d hope, still when a game is referred to as a bullet storm MMO, you can be sure it won’t be dull.Female Speaker: At number eight we have Vindictus. This is another free to play title from Steam.

This hack and slash MMORPG gives players a broad range of class abilities and customizable skills for their primary and secondary weapons. Vindictus follows a set schedule of updates because of its episodic nature. Every episode gives players a new story to look forward to. For an MMO game players are given impressive control over the way their character battles which is important when fighting fierce enemies like armed werewolves and giant polar bears. If you are looking for full control in a fast paced action-filled MMO, look no further than this game on Steam.Male Speaker: At number seven we have Bloodline Champions.

This free to play online arena game delivers quick rounds of fierce PVP action. Bloodline Champions is a great choice if you’re looking for an online game that will reward you for your skill rather than just the time you spend playing it. Choose from a list of Bloodlines that each have exclusive weaponry and unique abilities. This game stresses on straight game play without the annoyance of random chance. There is also a great element of teamwork because of how certain bloodlines pair up with it each other. In ten step tracking even allows players to review their tactics and help improve their future performance.

Vibrant graphics, intense battles, and a growing player base is more than enough to land Bloodline Champions on this action pack list.Female Speaker: Number six, APB Reloaded. The APB series was brought to life by the creators of Grant Theft Auto and was intended to bring the sandbox greatness of the GTA series to a stable online community. APB Reloaded may not have turned out to be the success it aspire to become, but there are gamers playing on Steam right now that would tell any action junky to give it a try. The game is about to undergo its 11th update since the launch, this time adding more weapons and changing the ranking system to reflect more on individual performance. Newcomers beware. This action filled MMO doesn’t mess around.Male Speaker: At number five, we have Age of Conan.

Now, Age of Conan has made our list before and we certainly mentioned the action pack greatness it would deliver. Mounted combat is one of the most exciting draws to this MMORPG, but being free to play certainly doesn’t hurt either. Character progression and strong storyline keep players progressing from one epic battle to another. Using specific methods of combat and strategic angle for attacks give you an experience you won’t find it any other MMO title out there. If you’re someone who hates the mundane nature of typical MMORPG auto combat, you will be left very satisfied with the jam packed competition found in Age of Conan: Unchained.Female Speaker: Number four, the newest title on our list is also one of the most innovative, Defiance, a MMOTPS that takes place in a persistent online world.

Defiance the game launched before the television series and for the first time players can affect the future storyline of a show they watch by playing a video attached to it. The game may start slow because of its vague nature trying to avoid too many television spoilers, but now that both projects are in motion the game play is becoming more rewarding and more players are claiming satisfaction.Male Speaker: At number three, we have Dungeons and Dragons Online. Since going free to play, DDO has been considered as one of the best MMORPG around. Players will find endless activity each time they play whether they are swimming through dangerous bodies of water or jumping around dark environments to evade enemy’s attacks. The action fear character is so endless that you can even reincarnate them after reaching end game. It’s rare for people to want to replay an MMORPG the same way they first did, so giving them the ability to use their favorite character again with boosted stats is quite unique.Female Speaker: At number two, DC Universe Online.

DC comics has always been known for its action packed mayhem literary putting the pow in powerful gaming. DC Universe Online has characters from some of the highest grossing action movies of all time. The mere presence of personalities like Batman and the Joker already energized players providing a way for gamers to control their favorite badass, whether good or bad, through a variety of phenomenal PVP experiences. Marvel, DC, and the heroes they portray have used adrenaline filled brawls to support their success for over 50 years.

With a track like that what better hands could you be in when it comes to action and an MMO game?Male Speaker: And at number one we have Planetside 2. The fact that it’s still somewhat young and already very popular shows just how well Planetside 2 satisfies players looking for invigorating FPS battles. Players won’t need to run around nonstop to fuel the intensity of these MMO matches although they have plenty of space to use if they want to.

With maps built on such a huge scale fans of sniper rifles will have a blast finding those perfect camping spots. Planetside 2 is a powerful game that may require a powerful computer to run, but don’t forget, the excellent title is free to play which is just another reason why this game once again lands at the number one spot on our list.Female Speaker: So, how did you like our Top 10 Action MMOs available on Steam? Do you believe there’s a game that deserves a spot and also what game do you think didn’t belong?

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