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Whatoplay presents the Top 10 3DS games of 2016. Opening our list is Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse Set in the Shin Megami Tensei universe but doesn’t directly align to the main story. Apocalypse puts you into a dystopian Japan filled with monsters and demons. In this riveting adventure between choices and desires, take control of a GodSlayer set to make things right… or wrong. Its Turn-Based gameplay with a mix of monster interaction, wide range of possibilities to deal with enemies, and the multiple endings make Shin Megami Tensei a formidable RPG. Apocalypse was Japan’s highest-selling game during its release and it’s one of the most successful Atlus series since Persona. And apparently, it doesn’t seem to stop there. It has a PlayScore of Ranked number 9 is Dragon Quest VII: Fragments Of The Forgotten Past Remakes are what make the 3DS an amazing console.

When a remake is successful, then it deserves all the good praises. Fragments Of The Forgotten Past is the seventh main installment of the franchise and is one of the fantastic remakes released in the 3DS in 2016. This PlayStation original clearly shows its age, but it still delivered. The story revolves around mysterious islands appearing out of nowhere near your world, gather your group of friends and uncover the truth behind it. The game mechanics haven’t changed that much but with a newer addition of a more diverse class system.

It’s still a turn-based RPG with memorable characters and a vast world to discover. These factors make up Dragon Quest’s charm. It has a PlayScore of In eighth place is Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma If you love the SAW series and Until Dawn’s choice-driven narrative, then Zero Time Dilemma is your calling. This is a follow up to the two previous Zero Escape games. Control a group of people trapped inside a labyrinthine creation of a man named Zero. The game divides these narratives into 3 groups, and from there, it focuses on escape-the-room challenges. Players must solve various puzzles in order to survive and make it through to the next round. These can be played in order and it’s up to the players to decide on the morally complex decisions towards the game’s multiple endings. Critics have praised its storytelling, non-linear narrative and a challenging puzzle experience. Zero Escape: Zero Time Delima has a PlayScore of Ranked number 7 is Pokemon Sun Usually we put both Pokemon games together, but maybe it’s high-time we separate them, for the purpose of this ranking. Pokemon Sun is the latest addition to the ever growing Pokemon franchise.

Nintendo’s adorable creatures come to light with all new species and a new storyline to be the very best. The game comes out simultaneously with Pokemon Moon, though both are pretty much similar in plot, the only difference were its exclusive Pokemon. The newest feature of this game is The Alola forms, they are Pokemon adapting to the climate of this fictional Hawaiian Region. It also has improved combat and the introduction of Ultra Beasts. It has a PlayScore of And in the number 6 is Rhythm Heaven Megamix The 3DS doesn’t get much love when it comes to Rhythm games, the Rhythm Heaven Franchise is a godsend for all Nintendo owners who love the said genre. In this 4th installment, players get to feel the beat once more. The style of the game is simple, with its 70 different rhythm-based levels, players must accomplish well-timed beats that correspond to the movements of the level.

It’s fun, challenging and oftentimes humorous. The game also takes some stages from the previous releases and harnesses it in this installment. It’s a fantastic experience and the game is only available on the Nintendo eShop. It has a PlayScore of Fifth in this ranking of the best 3DS games of 2016 is Kirby: Planet Robobot This fifteenth main installment of the Kirby franchise is absurdly fun! Planet Robobot is an action-platformer of somewhat supersized proportions. Play as Kirby as he saves his world from an invading alien race. In this game, he gains new abilities by eating his enemies. These abilities include healing, poison and ESP. And as usual, Amiibo is required to unlock some of these abilities. Perhaps the most worthy addition to this entry is the Mech Suits. Kirby powers up to a whole new level as he dons this powerful suit. He can dominate enemies easily, devour them, and blast them to pieces. It has a PlayScore of Number 4 in the ranking is Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Similar to the Pokemon series, Fire Emblem Fates was released with two versions. It has multiple overarching storylines including Birthright, Conquest and the DLC Revelations.

But both entries do not share similar viewpoints and do not have the same characters. In this game, players get to customize their own player and journey in a world torn apart by two warring kingdoms. Your player, must decide which side to support. With a tactical grid-based combat system, they must also be cautious with the movements they make. In this game, Conquest was a bit of a challenge compared to Birthright. If you want a good fight, then Conquest is for you. Fire Emblem Fates is known for its rich story, and of course a nostalgia to immerse longtime fans into the modern world.

It has a PlayScore of Third is Pokemon Moon Of course, alongside Pokemon Sun comes with Pokemon Moon. It’s what Pokemon is known for anyway. This simultaneous release may be a bit confusing to new fans, but this is how Nintendo has been releasing their beloved franchise. The only difference between these two games are the exclusive Pokemon from what we mentioned earlier. Also the added focus of opposite Time-differences from other countries.

For example, if you’re playing Pokemon Sun on nighttime, then it’s daytime on the game and vice versa. It’s a little detail but not much important. Also, the biggest addition to this installment not only comes from the Alola Forms. The introduction of the Ultra Beasts pits players into even more powerful monsters. Not to mention the revamped Mega Evolution makes a worthy customization. It has a PlayScore of In second place is Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright Alongside the release of Conquest, Birthright was also a hallmark of the Fire Emblem franchise. It is also a good introduction to the Fire Emblem franchise if you’re new to the series. It’s easier and it’s simpler compared to Conquest. Though there are various differences from each game, the setting remains similar.

But the decision your player makes when choosing a faction can gradually impact the experience. The gameplay remains similar, too. Its tactical grid-based combat requires careful planning and strategic counters. For new players, Birthright should be a breeze if you just want the story. It has a PlayScore of HERE ARE THE RUNNERS UP BEFORE WE REVEAL THE NUMBER ONE: Phonenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. Objection! Phoenix Wright is back with a whole new law breaking adventure. This time with mystical seance trials to decide the fate of the defendants.

Bravely Second: End Layer. Save a Kingdom with this fast-paced RPG full of risk and reward. Picross 3D: Round 2. Use your stylus Solve a colorful conundrum of a puzzle-game and find the hidden item within! Amiibo support included! Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Step into a fast side-scrolling adventure with new heights and a new playable character! 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. Hunt dragons and save the human race in this stellar RPG classic.

Hyrule Warriors Legends. Unleash your inner-warrior in this hack-and-slash game similar to Dynasty Warriors. But with Zelda cast! Style Savvy: Fashion Forward. Be in the trend in this fabulous fashion game that brings out the inner designer within you. Pocket Card Jockey. This adorable game with a balance between solitaire and horse racing is sure to make your day fun! BOXBOXBOY! There’s just one thing you need to know about this game: It’s filled with boxes, boxes and more boxes! Corpse Party: Back to School Edition. Another dose of murder, mayhem and death befalls these group of teenagers. The game also comes with the game’s astounding soundtrack! And of course the best 3DS game of 2016 is Monster Hunter Generations! Also named Monster Hunter X in Japan, Generations has proved to be a remarkable entry of the Monster Hunter franchise. It’s bigger, badder and bolder. Players assume the role of a hunter as he embarks on a perilous quest to gather monster contracts and beat the living crap out of them. In this installment, the weapon types from MH 4 are all present including the nifty Switchaxe.

Aside from this, new monster variety has prowled through its world and they are deadlier than ever. Also, the addition of a super-powered ability lets players pwn these monsters with precision. It’s still the same third-person action adventure we both know and love. So gather 4 of your friends and be the best monster hunter. Monster Hunter Generations has a PlayScore of 9.00.

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