Top 10 3DS RPG Games So Far

Whatoplay presents the Top 10 Role-playing Games on the 3DS. Our ranking is based on 10-point scoring system called the playscore. It combines all the review scores given by trusted critics and gamers. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance on the 10th place. This game is a product of a partnership between Disney and Square Enix. Dream Drop Distance is visual eye-candy. Its action-rpg aspects are fast and entertaining, which is enhanced with the ability to interact with the environment during combat. The story may be a little cheesy and convoluted but, overall, the game is an amazing experience. It gets a playscore of 8.5. Ranked 9 is the ultimate arcade bromance, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Princess Peach is, once again, kidnapped as she vacations in the Pi’ilo island. Now, it’s up to Mario and Luigi to rescue her along with the inhabitants of the island.

The game is played on two worlds: the real 3d world and Luigi’s 2D dream world. It’s the shift between these two worlds that will keep you playing the game. With its colorful characters, rich RPG system and sense of humor, Dream Team receives a playscore of 8.6. On number 8 is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Imagine this. You play as a hunter, slaying monsters of all shapes and sizes, gathering loot and honing your skills. You start off hunting with small, dog-sized ones, and then further progressing into gigantic dragon-like beasts! This is what makes this game really fun.

It ditches the story and pushes you right in front of an action-packed battle against monsters! This is one of those action-RPGs that you just gotta have. A playscore of 8.7. Inazuma Eleven GO: Light & Shadow is ranked seventh, a game like no other in this list. It’s both sports and RPG. Player takes control of Arion Sherwind, the newest member of the Raimon Football Club. He must build a powerful squad to destroy the Fifth Sector, a group that controls the outcome of all football matches. GO is a charming game of football and RPG, mixed with cool anime cut-scenes! A playscore of 8.7. Number 6 is Shin Megami Tensei IV. You play as a young samurai dedicated in protecting the Kingdom of Mikado against demons! But it’s not just about fighting demons. You can collect them, negotiate with them to join your side, or fuse two demons together to create a far more powerful one.

In short, it’s more of a game about interacting with demons. It’s a bizarre world filled with hundreds of demons and surprises. Shin Megami Tensei IV earns a playscore of 8.7. Ranked 5th is Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan. Players start by creating their very own band of adventurers in the city of Tharsis. The goal is to explore and discover the mysteries of the great Yggdrasil tree.

It’s a challenging dungeon crawler where you’ll have to transcribe your own map. Each turn could be your way out, a treasure chest or a powerful enemy lying in wait. Legends of Titans is not for the feint of heart; but it’s also engaging and so much fun. A playscore of 8.7. On the 4th place is Bravely Default: Flying Fairy by Square Enix. In the game, you control four young heroes who are on a mission to rid the world of a mystical evil. Old school Japanese RPG fans will find a gem in Bravely Default. It embraces the traditional turn-based system and adds a social layer on top of it. Using the console’s Street Pass, you can summon your friends into battles, work together to rebuild a village and a lot more mini-games! It receives a playscore of 8.8. Rune Factory 4 by Neverland is number 3.

You play as a hero who lost his memory and found himself mistakenly identified as the royalty of the town of Selphia. You must now lead your ‘people’ to prosperity. It doesn’t follow the usual RPG narrative of saving the world from danger. You’ll find a lot more things to do than fighting. Hours will be spent crafting better gears, farming, fishing, hunting monsters and even dating! It’s a fun and addicting mix of simulation and RPG, earning a playscore of 8.9. Pokemon X and Y is on the second place! X and Y are the first 3D Pokemon games and they look great on the 3DS. The battles, captures and trainings are as fun as ever. But their greatest asset is their online tool.

It’s now easier to trade, battle and share buffs, customizations and videos. Pokemon X & Y are commercial and critical successes. They are must-plays with X scoring 9 out of 10, and Y scoring 9.2. Finally, the best RPG on the 3DS is Fire Emblem Awakening by Intelligent Systems. This is a tactical-RPG where you control a group of warriors on a quest to defeat a powerful dragon. The units you play are more than just in-game characters, because now, they have personalities that affect the plot, the battles, and other units as well. It’s a game that will make you feel like you’re actually inside the game, fighting alongside your chosen warriors. Fire Emblem Awakening is a whole new RPG experience.

It tops our list with a playscore of 9.2. Honorable mentions: Whatoplay. It’s all about video game scores.

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