The Evolution of VR Storytelling

There’s a lot of limitations with this new medium, not just in terms of technical, but also with the way you tell story. Comedy is my background, I just can’t think about how to How to even create comedy in VR, just because of timing and trying to deliver a joke in that medium right now is very tricky. When you go fully immersed into a headset, you’re quite vulnerable, and I think horror is obviously a big genre. (Sound) And you cut to a tight shot you can capture a lot of emotion from an actor. Changing your viewers perspective from being in one part of the room to another it’s a much more of a jolt. It’s a harder thing to massage. So that’s why you’re seeing things like cross fades or even fading to black between one shot and another.

– I’m in a wheelchair, and my arms are strapped down. – (Laugh) – The camera in Catatonic was part of the scene. You were in a wheelchair so that the camera’s being pushed through by characters in the actual film. With VR, I think there’s an amazing opportunity to really give the audience a character to be inside and be not only physically but emotionally. – There’s an opportunity to do some real multimedia story telling inside 360 interactive.

It utilizes hotspots or action portals. These action portals have a lot potential, we’ve seen that with projects like Gone, that could lead me to a flashback, it could lead me to a fast forward. So we’re starting to build narratives around 360 interactive and the way that looks is like a web. It’s not like a traditional script. – Headphones on you. – Mindshow is a software application for VR that allows anyone to create, share and experience shows in VR. – Step into the ring. – Your body on the headphones? – I do. – As storytellers you know we’re in our story right now – Let’s jump back to the beginning and add a character. – My name is Joe Russo I am CEO and co-founder of a company called Starburns Industries. (Music) – Try becoming the alien. Try talking to yourself in the mirror. – Hi, what’s up gorgeous. – In our world, you can be these characters. You can inhabit a costume essentially and be free to make stuff up and to play act. And effectively put on a life size virtual puppet show with super powers. – Ready, action. – Captain’s journal. (Crosstalk) – Hey, I’m about to.

Look who I am, I’m coming to get you. Yeah. How do you like them apples? Woo hoo, woo. Yeah, there’s, god there’s so many applications. Like, I’m wringing my hands because now I wanna be the evil genius that thought of this myself but you did it. Immediately my brain goes, this is what I could do with it. How do I tell a story to my four year old, or how does he tell me the story, in fact.

Last night he dreamt about his humidifier that turned into a monkey and ate a banana. And there was a fart cloud involved, not quite sure why. We could create a fart cloud and a monkey eating a banana and each of us could be those two things. And then 20 years from now, I can embarrass him. The worst alien ever. – With VR, we have a front row seat to that creativity and that creation, so the storytelling becomes very much first person again. – If you’re a young filmmaker like you should absolutely be thinking about VR because there isn’t that much great content yet. – How can we bring photo real environments into the game engine so that we can move around them like we do in real life? That’s where the industry is putting a lot of its energy. When you conceive of what that would make possible, it’s really exciting. – Don’t touch me, god (Inaudible). – The prediction of gravitational ways was made by Einstein a 100 years ago. In that paper he says this is such a tiny effect that nobody will ever measure it. Well I’ve always wanted to experiment.

And I did a lot of calculations on that. And I also guessed at what might be the strongest gravitational ways we could imagine, and I came to a conclusion after that. That yes, if you built this on a scale big enough.

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