SURGERY ON THE MOVE | Surgeon Simulator VR #4 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

Top Of The Morning To Ya Laddys My Name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to this damn ringing phone welcome back to my surgery where today its not exactly gonna be a surgery its going to be a dental operation i don’t know why i mean i haven’t become a qualified dentist sense the last time and i guess were just gonna try it again and see how much we can mess his shit up because i want to get to the ambulance stuff the ambulance and then space and all that stuff i havent done them i havent actually even done the space ball or the pewds ball one oh this guy i havent actually done the alien surgery at all in all of surgeon sim so I wanna do this, I think I now how to do it now Mash out the bad teeth, put in the good teeth.

That’s all you need to do. It’s easy, BOB IT’S EASY! for some reason Uhm okay okay I’m just gonna grab my utensils I’m gonna take my time Gonna take my time and we’re gonna I’m gonna do things right Who’s over there? Hello? Thought I saw somebody, somebody trying to sneak into my E.R and mess me up. Okay Bob, gonna have to cut this off There we go, are you losing blood already? Fucking penis Cut Cut, there we go it’s off your face, Ah Jesus Christ Gingivitus, have a toasis Hello osmosis, fucking hell You’re full bad shit Bob A bad little boy aren’t ya Why is my E.R covered in nonsense Why is there a fucking dog over there? I’m a doctor, not a vet A doctor OF PEOPLE Well, sometimes it’s actually questionable, Okay Lets get those teeth out of your head cause as I say, Who needs them? Okay, You have three bad teeth, that’s all I need to knock out. That’s- That’s all I need to do, cmon ah yes, AH YES the two teeth are gone down the back of your throat.

NURSE! I NEED SUCTION! NO NOT LIKE THAT! IN HIS MOUTH! NOT your mouth! Christ I wonder why I hire her at all, okay and then this one okay there we go Did it come out? Yeah! The three teeth I needed to get out have come out! Now all I need to do is replace them with the good teeth! There we go, nice! Do I have like a fucking tweezers or anything that I can use? I do! He-Here we go Her ewe go, that’s- that’s-that’s lovely, that’s-that’s nice There we go.

And one, and two, last one Bob! Here we go! AHH, looks fine to me, I’m sure he’ll live you can’t handle the tooth! I just got an achievement, I’m not even a fucking dentist, and I got an achievement! Suck on that bitches! Best doctor! Don’t even need fucking operation,Okay Back to the main menu, I don’t know why I fail that last time I think I took out too many of his teeth. Also I killed him but that’s more his fault then mine A plus plus! D uh no D, an A, A plus plus In fucking school records, if this is a D, that’s an A, A plus plus, D, A plus plus, you know what that would be? I’d be a fucking great student As good as a student as I am a doctor. And I’m a terrible doctor! Okay Let’s move on to the ambulance surgeries. These are gonna be fun, these are gonna be an uproarious time full of hope and wonder! Oh yes Bob Back at it again with the fucked up everything! Ah cool! We’re on our way to Wicklow Ah Bej- Oh Okay, um Smashy, smashy There we go, why is the frame rate fucking awful? I need good frame rates in my E.R! I don’t need that anymore, get out of here! Okay it didn’t go as far as I- Oh shit! NURSE HE IS LOSING ALL OF THE BLOOD! All the blood he has in him, he’s losing it all! Are we speeding up?! Slow down you fucking lunatic! Okay, Okay you don’t need these! Look at that they are one with the world now, Bye! Some badgers will find them and they’ll have a nice meal for the day, it’s fine Here we go! Here we go, bye! Uhmmm What else do I need? Oh I need some shit to cut you up.

Here we go, here we go, Bob I love you buddy. I do this because I care! okay so if anybody tells you differently Bob? Are you listening to me? Ah something wrong with him, I don’t know what’s wrong with him. He seems fine to me. Ah shit, STOP IT! If you see a pothole, avoid it! Stop driving into it! Fucking idiots. Okay let’s, let’s just Let’s just cut this out, there we go! Can you come out yet? Nope. Let’s just cut some more, I forget where to cut Ah it’s not there anyway, okay, okay, good, good, goodness gracious! Gravy beans! Alrighty, now we just need to get the heart out, HA It’s time to get to the heart of the problem Bob, hahaha, you’d laugh at that if you were awake. okay. okay, that’s probably a lot of blood loss. Okay let’s just cut Let’s just cut now Bob. Bob. Let’s just, bob Going to need you to work with me here buddy, The heart’s out! Oh god! Um what do I do with it? Uh Okay, it’s the world’s problem now! He can only survive so long without a heart! Come here! Get out! Okay,Okay There we go, patience is key.

Why didn’t it work? Why didn’t it work? Oh no! Am I missing something? Ah fuck! AH! It looks fine! FUCKING BALLOONS! GET OUT OF HERE! Uh NURSE! NURSE! Technically you’re fine now Bob, and I passed this. so there we go *laughs* I’m gonna beat the shit out of him all I want technically he’s dead now. But no one can see me, Shit! IT’S THE COPS! Drive! Should we do one more? Bob has a pair of kidneys that he needs to get rid of. A fucking C For C how good I am a doctor ahha! Right, here we go, what do we got? Darth Vader is that you? Hopefully not, cause that guy is a dick. Right! For the kidneys, we have to use the kidney shaped knife That’s how this is going, okay watch this, Ahh fucking rattlesnakes, right, I’m gonna have to grab one of these instead, it’s not the utensil I would have chosen Bob But we are going to make it work.

Oh don’t you worry! By the end of the day you’ll wonder why you even needed kidneys. Uh, forgetting where to cut now Bob. Forgetting where to cut That’s fine it’s all a learning experience, it’s all part of the fun, right Bob. Bob? Oh Shit, NURSE BRING ME THE- she’s not even here! Bring me the manual on kidneys Okay THANKS! Uhhh uhhhhhh Okay, okay, a there we go, I fucking did it! Oh fourteenth time’s the charm, I don’t need that I don’t need that, I do need this! Prick, a prick for the prick.

There we go, okay, now this should come out, oh yeah! See? This is suppose to be on the face of an elephant, not the stomach of a man. Excuse me! I’M TRYING TO OPERATE! Fucking hell Stupid people in my E.R which is- Ah god ah Je-Ah yes! Fucking double it Bob, watch this! Ah fuck Combo! Wombo Combo! Alrighty! and this, ah yeah, yeah see there’s your problem. Smell that, smell that. Giant slugs in your fucking stomach. okay the kidneys are still here, that all I need. Ah shit! I need to get inside you Bob. I know I didn’t ask for consent first. Is it okay to lay my hands upon your person? That’s what every first aider is suppose to do, but I guess I just fucking forgot.

Cu- Oh Jesus! Oh Yes! Yes Bob! Your kidneys are out! Jack is in! Oh our survey says awesome! No! No! Don’t you fucking leave me! Oh can we get a round of applause for the best doctor in the ambulance?! I know I’m the only doctor in the ambulance but fuck you! Ah yes. Another great day of doctoring Another man saved as the same man saved every single time I don’t know why Bob needs that much fucking surgery anyway.

Whenever I put this headset down the screen goes black. I don’t like it, I like it to have some sort of stuff going on the background. ANYWAY, that does it for this episode of Surgeon Simulator I am the best surgeon, don’t even, no, no your praise is too much. I don’t need it, I don’t need it, I know I’m the best. I also know I’m the most modest doctor in the world *chuckles* well that’s fun, I’m glad I actually got the teeth one done, cause I didn’t know how to do it last time. and finishing, finishing out this and now I actually get to back and do all the other ones. Teeth one is going to be a pain in the ass in the ambulance. Actually, the ambulance isn’t half as bad when you get to use VR, well the game isn’t half as bad when you get to use VR.

But the ambulance doesn’t feel like its fucking bouncing all over the place this time. at least it feels like your just sitting there, stuuf- everything else is bouncing around, but you as a player are just- stay still. I like that. and then I want to go on and move to the alien one I’ve never done that, I don’t even know how to do it. I just remember seeing screenshots and videos of it ages and ages and ages ago, and I never recorded a video on it because, I don’t know why, ANYWAY, Thank you guys so much for watching this video, If you liked it, PUNCH that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS, and high fives all ’round *whip noise x2* But thank you guys and I will see all you dudes, in the next video! *Outro Music* The whole idea of that outro was that I was getting closer and closer- TOO CLOSE!

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