Super Smash Bros. 3DS – How To Record your 3DS (EASY STEPS)

Hello guys, this is ClubAmador2012 and I am here to show you a guide on How To Record Your 3DS This guide will help you show your gameplays EFFECTIVELY Let’s begin! STEP 1: Console & Props There are 3 things you need to get started A) CONSOLE This guide only works on the 3DS generation. Such as… 3DS, 3DS XL, NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS XL, and the 2DS If you have a console BEFORE the 3DS generation… …then this guide probably might not work for you. B) STAND Something to HOLD the console.

Stands are useful for keeping the console still. As you can see, my stand can hold both my New Nintendo 3DS XL and my 2DS. C) CAMERA (USE HD CAMERAS FOR BEST RESULTS!) It doesn’t matter what camera you use, just don’t “shake” it too much. STEP 2: Recording A) RECORD IN A DARK PLACE You don’t want to show any background in the 2 screens. B) ELIMINATE LINES & ADJUST BRIGHTNESS Power-Saving Mode: ON You can leave Power-Saving Mode ON or OFF It doesn’t make much of a difference. Auto-Brightness: OFF You should leave it off, so your 3DS won’t change brightness by itself. It’s better to MANUALLY change the brightness Screen Brightness: 2 or 3 If above 3, then the screen will be too bright for your camera. If below 2, then some background might show on your screen. Choose the best brightness for your 3DS and your camera Depends on personal preference and how you record Before recording, eliminate as many lines as possible. C) FRAMING What I mean by “Framing” is to record the ENTIRE screen The 3DS screen should look straight and have enough space.

Your recording should probably look like THIS. This is what my recording looks like BEFORE I edit it. Some people will just upload their Youtube videos just looking like this, without any editing OR custom thumbnails Now unto the next step! STEP 3: Editing It is important to use an Editing Program in these kinds of gameplays. This step will be useful for iMovie users. Follow each step on my Editing, and your Sm4sh videos will greatly improve. Enjoy STEP 1: DRAG YOUR SM4SH FOOTAGE INTO YOUR iMOVIE TIMELINE STEP 2: SPLIT THE CLIP TO THE PART WHERE THE MATCH BEGINS You don’t want your viewers to see the loading.

What I would do is Split the clip where the “Smash Ball” disappears from the screen STEP 3: COPY & PASTE ANOTHER DUPLICATE OF THE FOOTAGE ON THE SAME TIMELINE.. ..AND PUT IT ON TOP OF THE ORIGINAL FOOTAGE Since you will be showing 2 screens, you need another duplicate (Mac Commands: Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V) STEP 4: REMOVE THE FADE TRANSITION You want the top footage to NOT FADE. STEP 5: Use “Crop To Fill” on the top footage and shrink it to the bottom screen of the 3DS (Character’s %) This picture will show the Character’s “Percents” of the game. STEP 6: Put the footage into “Picture In Picture” and move it to the bottom right corner of the video. There will be a fade (transition at start/end) so REMOVE IT! STEP 7: Now use “Crop To Fill” on the bottom footage and shrink it to the top screen of the 3DS. For this step, you must be VERY precise.

You must show the ENTIRE top screen of the 3DS. Now that you’ve completed all these steps, you have finished EDITING your Sm4sh video. Now for the final step. STEP 4: Uploading to Youtube/Custom Thumbnails on GIMP I’m pretty sure many of you guys know how to upload videos to Youtube. BUT…have you ever tried making thumbnails? To make your Sm4sh videos noticeable is to make “Custom Thumbnails” Creating thumbnails on your Youtube Channel will help you gain alot of attention. Using a FREE Image Program, like GIMP… …You will have “Tools” that will help you create a thumbnail. On Youtube, you can have access to making Custom Thumbnails… …by ENABLING “Monetization” on your channel. I hope this guide works for you. If you have any questions for me, feel free to comment down below. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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