Star Citizen 3.0 Release Date | 3.0 Release Schedule

Hello everybody welcome back, the moment that we have all been waiting for is finally here, the production schedule report for 3.0, the most important update for star citizen, a huge milestone for this very ambitious project has finally been released and we now have a date on our hands, we have an aim date for a release which is June 29th and I am really happy, i couldn’t be more excited it is quite close, we were kind of spot on on our estimation, we were talking about a June- July release date for the update and I’m really happy we were kind of right and I’m only saying kind of right because there are some changes on the initial design, there are some changes on the initial schedule and the will not be the that was initially advertised, we will not actually get the full Stanton system with this update, we will not get the whole Stanton system with five planets and all the moons around them and this is because it was a quite ambitious project and the developers have decided that it would be better, it will be the best for the community and the game itself to give us a smaller but bigger persistent universe than the one we have right now where we will be able to land on certain locations, explore around and of course test the planetary tech for the first time and this is also why this update, the is very important for star citizen because we will get to experience the planetary tech for the first time on a live server.

Let’s talk a bit about the PTU dates, the Evocati PTU is scheduled to start on June 5th and last until June 15th and the wide PTU is scheduled to start on June 16th until June 28th, I am really happy and I am really excited about the new update, the upcoming update which is only a couple months away from now so let’s go ahead and talk about what we will actually get in this update.

Initially the plan for the update was to add the full Stanton system with five planets, Arccorp, Microtech, Hurston, Crusader and of course Delamar planet but this is not going to happen right now, instead with this update we are going to get the three moons around Crusader, Yela, Cellin and Deymar and although it sounds like not a big deal it actually is, first of all because like i have mentioned it is the first time that we will be able to land on a celestial object, we will be able to perform a seamless transition from space to the surface of one of these moons and explore the modular outposts on their surfaces, we have some more details about these 3 moons and it seems that they will have their own unique and different environment with their own unique challenges and of course opportunities for players. As it was mentioned on the newsletter they are going to be huge and in general CIG is building massive worlds, huge planets. For example it will take four and a half hours to circumnavigate Cellin in a dragonfly at full afterburn which is kind of huge and it will take you 12 and a half days to walk around, this is just showing how huge of a potential these areas will have, these moons will have and of course we can only dream, we can only think of what we will get when we will actually get an actual planet in game.

Like I said each one of these three moons will have their own unique environment and conditions so for example Yela is going to have freezing temperatures but also underwater caves for us to explore, Cellin is going to be burning with volcanic activity, the exact opposite of Yela and there are going to be thermal geysers that will be able to destroy vehicles, highly corrosive clouds of gas creating low visibility and damaging anything caught outside and Deymar is going to be a harmonic blend, as harmonic blend we can have in a such hostile, in such dangerous and beautiful universe, between Yela and Cellin, its surface it will be mostly mountainous and it will also have a thick fog that will make traveling difficult but also a lot of lighting storms, the developers also wish to add to this update the planet like asteroid Delamar and its landing zone Levski as a stretch goal, it is not certain that it will make it to the update but I definitely hope it will because it will definitely add another interesting location that will make the universe, the expanded persistent universe much better with more opportunities and more gameplay for us, to be honest it wasn’t that big of a surprise that we will only get the three moons around crusader with the update and hopefully Delamar as well, we were discussing about it, we were talking about it, there were so many hints by the devs in the couple last months, that we were going to get these three moons around crusader first but of course we were all hoping that we will also get the rest of the planets, in my opinion i think it is a nice move from CIG, it is a nice first step for the planetary tech, it will make it easier to test it and it will make it easy for the developers to realize what is working well and what is not working well and try to fix it before we move on to a bigger and more expanded persistent universe, a bigger Stanton system, as far as the persistent universe goes we are not only going to get the three moons and hopefully Delamar but we are also going to get, like i have mentioned, surface outposts on their surface, derelict ships but also debris fields that we will be able to explore and hopefully become richer by collecting loot and valuable items and there will be mission givers with one of them being Miles Eckhart, an npc that was introduced to us with the gamescom demo.

Although getting these 3 moons and hopefully Delamar with the update is going to be quite huge and will change star citizen as we know it, we will also need some new content, we will also need some gameplay not only running around on empty planets, we knew that with the update we were going to get the first set of professions and the developers have said many times that we will possibly have mining as well but unfortunately it seems that mining is not going to be in this first iteration of the update so that leaves us only with cargo hauling, trading and piracy which is still kind of huge since we have absolutely no professions, no such kind of gameplay in the game right now but still I would love to get some mining as well. So with this update, with this first iteration of the and the expanded persistent universe we are going to get cargo and commodities, we will be able to buy, purchase and of course sell commodities for profit, carry cargo crates on our vessels, carry them out of our vessels and in general interact with our cargo, a new player interaction mode for the Item system that will allow us to interact easier with sub components and it will make it very easy to control our spaceship and of course every item around us, support UI on Kiosk for buying and selling cargo, the alpha version of insurance which is kind of big news, we are going to get the first iteration of the insurance system in game which means that if our ship is damaged beyond repair we will be able to request a replacement ship but also the introduction of stamina in the game, so now when we are sprinting this will drain our stamina and this will have consequences on our actions, we will not be able to sprint all the time like we can do right now because this will cause loss of breath and of course it will make it difficult to aim with a weapon.

Other additions include the new mobiglass mission application, opportunities for mercenaries and bounty-hunters and this is of course because traders and haulers will require escort to protect them from pirates and this creates gameplay for every kind of player, for every player no matter what kind of his preferred gameplay is, if you want to go after traders and rob them of their cargo you can do it, you will have the option to do it and of course if you want to be a trader you will need to have protection, you will need to have some good firepower and possibly a couple mercenaries, one or two mercenaries assisting you, escorting you we will also get the debut of subsumption’s mission system generating challenging scenarios and encounters making this new expanded universe a lot more alive and a lot more interesting.

And what is a new update, like the update, without new vessels without new ships, with this update we are going to get the Dragonfly and the Ursa rover which was kind of obvious and logical since we will need vessels, vehicles for ground exploration and to be honest with you I can’t wait to take my dragonfly and start exploring Yela or Cellin or even Deymar, the reworked and improved Cutlass black will be in the update but also the Constellation Aquila and the MISC Prospector despite the fact that we will not get mining with this update and for the first time and I feel like i need to mention this we will be able to customize our character, mostly heads, hair, eye color and skin color.

With this production schedule report for the update CIG has also revealed their plans for the rest of the year, what we will get in 2017 and they hope that will also give us a couple more updates and 3.2, in we are going to see modular space stations but also the ArcCorp planet with the area 18 landing zone and the plan for is to get Crusader, Hurston and Microtech as a stretch goal with each one of these new updates including new additions to the game, new gameplay content but also new spaceships.

I think these are great news, I’m very excited, mark the day on your calendar June 29th which is Thursday and as we all know GIG never releases anything on Thursday so it will probably be June 30th or July 1st, mark these days and make sure that you are free in order to enjoy the update, the most important update in the history of star citizen, what do you think of this production schedule report, i am happy, i have mentioned it before I don’t care how much bigger the expanded person is going to be as long as we get planetary landings and locations that we can land and explore and of course since there is going to be enough gameplay, enough content for us to keep us occupied and not only landing on barren planets with nothing to do, there are going to be a lot of locations that we will be able to explore and go around and have fun pursuing our goals, pursuing our preferred gameplay, I think it’s going to be awesome, i think is going to be amazing and if they improve the performance which I believe they will achieve it we will have an awesome update and a great, an even greater game on our hands.

I would love to hear what you think about the production schedule report, I would really love to know if you are disappointed about mining not be in the update, I was really hoping we will get mining with the update and apparently is not going to be in and either, there is absolutely no mention on the production schedule report for mining so I hope that the devs have decided to not add it now in order to make it as good as possible, in order to give us a much better mining experience, I would really like to get mining as fast as possible but even without that in the game I think what we are going to get trading, piracy, mercenary, bounty hunting and hopefully smuggling as well is going to be awesome and with the addition of the three moons around Crusader and hopefully Delamar, i really want to believe that we will also get Delamar we will have a lot of fun in the game, let me know what you think, thank you very much for joining me, if you enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more I am SquidofLove and I will see you around the verse, bye-bye.

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