Should I Jailbreak My PS4?

Should I jailbreak my PS4? The PS3 can be jail-breaked, jail broken, whatever the verb tense is. However, I’ve heard that was only because they did not put in random numbers. I know everything Apple puts out gets jail-breaked. In part, that’s because Apple locks down their hardware and software, and there are too many apps not in the App Store, such as technical and engineering and financial tools that people want, that Apple did not approve. Lizard Squad has claimed they’ve jail-broken the PlayStation 4 as of early 2015. Supposedly the jail break will get released, utilizing a bug in the FW 2.03. That means that PS4 has notice of what section of code to fix. Lizard Squad did have a prior PS4 jailbreak, that let people run ISO copies of PS4 games without authentication. The new break is supposed to be a chip, that lets you play games without paying, and go online without a PS Plus account. Is it possible you could jailbreak your PS4? Yes. Should I jail break it? Do a search on jail break PS4 and most sites will download malware to your device, while you’re trying to liberate your device.

The few non-malware sites are hacker forums that you should not be on, unless you want the NSA monitoring you. They’re already monitoring everyone. The Lizard Squad took credit for Facebook being down, which turned out to be for legitimate, I think maintenance based reasons. Is it worth jail breaking it? Sony can disable your PS3 if they find out that you are playing illegal games or jail-broken. They can ban you from PSN for violating the terms of service, which jail breaking is.

For the PS3, you have to use hardware to jailbreak. I think things have advanced since then. The PS4 has more advanced hardware and software, including steps to prevent jail-breaking, via the addition of another chip or modified hard drive. So you think I cannot jail break the PlayStation 4. There’s a good chance that whatever software or hardware you get, turns it into a zombie under their control. And you’re at risk of bricking the console by adding hardware to jailbreak it. So you do not think it is worth it.

In theory, death is a kind of freedom, but I do not think that was your intent. What should I do? Get a Steam compatible Linux version. You’ll have access to Linux tools and emulations to run PS4 games without paying Sony’s fees, and people who will help you out of principle. Otherwise, do not risk the console and your account.

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