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Hi everyone it’s Nouvae of Dimension Gallery as many of you may know the new Rift expansion Starfall Prophecy is just around the corner launching on November the 16th. Today I’m going to share with you some of the new dimension items that will be available. There will be some minor spoilers for the expansion so if you would prefer to wait and discover these items ingame please don’t watch the rest of this video. I will also be giving away some 5th anniversary racing snail mounts and radar corgi pets. To enter the giveaway let me know in the comments of this video which of the dimension items you are most interested in even if you are not a dimension builder let me know and don’t forget to leave your in-game name and shard.

I will be drawing names using a random generator on Tuesday November 15th. Anyone can enter who plays rift and if you already have the mount you can always enter for a friend. In my previous video I showed you the new dreamweaver key Ovog Shrine, I just wanted to give a quick update that key’s boundaries have been expanded to include the shrine and the two platforms on either side. Next there is a new rare dimension key Charmer’s Caldera it has a 1520 item limit. Players can have a chance to fish up this key using the Uncle Stan’s Infra-Cell Lure which is used in combination with the Stan’s Infra-Cell Fishin’ Pole. The fishing pole and lure are in the RIFT Store under the Affinity section.

This is a sample of some dreamweaver items that will be craftable, there are various ahnket tower pieces, greebles, and more. You will want to save up your dream ribbons and dream bolts as well as stocking up on crafting marks, some of the recipes are obtained through the crafting marks and others are at the trainer. The fishing profession offers these 4 new dimension items that are trainable. Three schools of fish and a fishing stall. There are some flags that you can craft from the Outfitter profession as well. There are 6 different Notereity factions in Starfall Prophecy with more than 280 new dimension items on these vendors. These items are going to be purchaseable with credits or Celestial Remnants which are the new Void Stones for the expansion.

First up we have new porticulums, there are more than 40 different styles of porticulums available, they are available from the Planar Defence Force and cost planarite or credits to purchase. They do not function like a porticulum in the game world but they look just the same and have the sounds and magical effects. This is just a sample of some of the items you can acquire from the Feilbocan faction in Scatherran Forest. Mushrooms, ivy, grass, flowers, rocks and trees, fae and aelfwar items. Everything you see here is scaled at the default size. Xarth Mire’s faction is Bailghol and some of the items are carnivorus plants, faetrap flowers, fungus, plants, and other items not shown here. The desert zone is Gedlo Badlands and the faction associated there is Saint Taranis, tumbleweeds, lava plants, cactus and such a nice wide variety of rocks and there are other items not shown here. A very small sample of the Scatherran rocks from the feilbocan faction. Many of the rocks have a nice flat surface and there is a vareity of shapes and sizes.

These trees are also from the Feilbocan noteriety, the Scatherran Oak you see in the back there is the default size, all the other trees around it are sized to the smallest scale. and these are the Blackthorn trees the large oak in the back is at the default size with the rest of these scaled down. For noteriety I’ve only shown samples from 4 of the 6 factions. There is a lot more available on the vendors, and also items to be fished up and world drops too. For the remainder of this video I will share a sample of the music from Scatherran Forest, Don’t forget to post your comments below on which items you are most interested in to and enter the giveaway.

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