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A game featuring flight, Revelation Online offers players a vast world to explore. There are ten provinces and three Great Cities in the game’s world. Each city boasts a castle of its own and the rest of the world is littered with castles — including some in the sky and others buried in the ocean.

The game offers a ton of hairstyles for both male and female characters along with various sliders to adjust facial features, limbs, body, chest, and more. Yes, there are two to three sliders just for boobs alone, if you really must know. I noticed that the hairstyles

Revelation Online Review
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for the various classes is shared between all of the races.

In this Revelation Online Review Most players want to get a general idea of what they are jumping into, so if I had to compare this game to another MMORPG then it would most likely lean towards a mixture of Blade & Soul and Aion. I would recommend this oriental game to players who enjoy a fantasy anything goes themed MMORPG.

Revelation Online is an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG by Chinese developer NetEase, creator of the popular game Fantasy Westward Journey. Choose from six different combat classes that include Light Blade, Templar, Summoner, and Elementalist, as well as four social jobs, that feature social and combat skills such as Dancer, Chef, Butler, and Maid. Revelation Online official site boasts extensive character customization. You change anything from your hairstyle, height, weight, skin color, and pretty much anything else you can consider.

The skills aren’t mind blowing but it’s as good as any standard MMORPG out there. These include the Gunslinger, the Blademaster, the Spiritshaper, the Vanguard, the Swordmage, and the Occultist. In addition to this, Revelation Online has four social jobs which you can pick once you’ve reached level 20.

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The game also features aerial combat and various PVP modes like capture the flag or MOBA. There’s really a type of PvP for everyone, which might be hard to maintain in the long run. Quests, like I said above, are also numerous. This keeps questing fresh which is typically a big issue for free to play MMOs . At its core Revelation Online Review ticks all the boxes of a full MMORPG, players can focus on PVP, PVE, or social aspects such as housing and crafting or forming a guild.

The video game allows 3 main control techniques, found in different types of MMORPG and Role-play games, avid gamers can utilised WASD movement and apply a tab-targeting set up to easily move to nearby players and lock on for his or her strikes, or use free aiming to shoot off attacks exactly where their computer mouse is aiming providing far more skill and flexibility, or in addition gamers can make use of the mouse to maneuver and then click to focus on players or monsters.

Right from the start in the video game gamers are going to be tossed right into a massive story influenced legendary campaign complete with lots of different missions which will expose numerous characters and also have gamers journey to new areas. With in-depth expressed NPC conversation, remarkable cinematic cut scenes and demanding boss foes.

Elite and boss enemies specifically offer an exhilarating action centered combat, utilizing numerous telegraphed assaults avid gamers will discover on their own being forced to continually avoid incoming enemy skills, requiring talent and ideal timing. The graphics and intro trailers in this Revelation Online Review video game remains true to the content and is not deceptive like the majority of Chinese MMORPG’s. The overall game provides lots of gorgeous looking locations and buildings that provide users an incredibly enjoyable experience while exploring through this awesome game.

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Revelation Online Review, the overall game presently provides max configurations of very high with super high designed in the future. Every gamer can get access to their own personal instanced dependent apartment, located at the rear of the flying turtle inn, the resort provides a social center for many gamers who are able to then take off to their own personal apartment. Revelation Online is an Mmorpg manufactured by using countless well-known video game mechanics as is possible and combining it into a single online game.

In Revelation Online Review, this MMORPG performs exceptionally well at both PvE and Player vs player combat. Dungeons within this video game are instanced-based and frequently require a 5-man party to clear. The designers for Revelation Online have certainly learned with the video games prior to it.

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