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The first comment, takes this for your home¡ Uooo! No, that was joking Oh my chickens! But what the hell? It was joke, not iros channel, dammit. Passing kids How are you? I hope very well and if not now going to try you to be a little better, the reason for this video and buying that white control, have much to do and some of you will say, Why is all about Frank? I tell us about it, for I’ll tell you a little story, not very long so do not tire, I had PS4 black and one day I went crazy and wanted blank, then buy me some vinyl and little by little, an afternoon started to put it, you have some dust but nothing happens, that is clean and the truth that I stay pretty well, and are seeing, so I said, okay PS4 I have it in white, very nice but the problem was that the command had it in black and I said, I shit in everything I do Now? Well I went to a store, I sold my command and I bought this white that’s why I can not give you because it’s the only one I have, so this up in the box, ay my little, my little, this command will do good games, so I said, okay I’ve got all white, all perfect and now PAM! Catch me and take me Slim and Pro and say, I shit on the wafer, it is now all clear black again and I think I said, I’ll make a video to see if my people, I can say, if you really worth or not worth buying these consoles, especially the Slim because it is basically a copy of normal, good but a little smaller, the Pro has 4K, etc.

Then we will do in this video, a comprehensive analysis as a few days ago with the Battlefield Titanfall 1 and 2 and we’ll see if it really worth buying these consoles or not, so get started! Today we talk about the new consoles, which approximates these days the company’s PlayStation, which did not appear at E3 2016 Los Angeles, appears by surprise in the theater company, which is in New York, taking 2 new models and one of them in a thought beginning to compete directly against the Xbox One S, if I was at E3, but then this change and later will say why. We are talking about the PS4 Pro. But let’s start with the small, the Slim model, which has been designed to give a new image to the current PS4 changing the design, making it smaller, with rounded corners and more comfortable when move it, but as we all know, you’re consoles are not usually move much of the hall or room. Although as they say, the important thing is inside and if we have to talk about the engine of the new Slim, unfortunately it will not change anything about the current wireless system except that this time will be 5GHz and console games will be compatible with high dynamic range, better known as HDR, which improves the color of the games and therefore improve more details.

But this is no novelty or for Pro or Slim model because all current consoles will receive in the coming weeks an update, where you also add the HDR compatibility. The price of this model will be 300 Euros and is seen to be 500 Gb starting in the September 15, as the 1 TB model is expected but has no date yet. And to end the Slim model, let’s talk about the command has not changed, but have given a little twist, because now we will have a light where the touchpad is. And now comes the big shocker, hand and never better Andrew House, CEO of Sony, the PlayStation 4 Pro is presented, ready to sell from November 10. The console promises to stay for quite some time, since no thoughts of time to create the fifth model blue company. For 400 Euros and 1 Tb space, this model was originally designed to compete against Xbox One S, but satisfied are the guys from Sony with their new toy, who have finished designing a model to compete against gamers computers, focusing directly on the graphics console.

Although most curious of the Pro version is that in this model can play 4K, as take advantage of the higher resolution televisions, but you will not be able to play Blu-ray, so to enjoy the famous series, use should be integrated into the Netflix console application, but as many of you know, this service is paid and that does not make much grace to some. So these two new models are the next consoles from Sony, a small and unchanged and other powerful while we have a TV that supports 4K and all along the first model, with its updated HDR. Now it see if it really worth buying one or you can keep playing and enjoying the current model with more than 40 million people. And by the way, to finish and do not panic, all PS4 models, the normal, the Slim version and finally the Pro will be compatible with each other, using the same games and servers. So you know that if you want, you can leave your opinion, comments or information that has not been said here, what has been your favorite and if you plan to cancel your current Ps4 for a new model.

Well guys and to finish already started with FB Club, the section where the protagonist is you, where I send you my greetings and you send me pictures, videos and lots of things I love them out here, on the screen, therealpro today to send greetings and Yakusev Felix, a boy who one night playing Pokémon GO, here in my city, I met him, I asked for a greeting, so here you have it. Martin then Iturri, let me here it is, it is a sad reality of what happens in some city in the world, picture hopefully very soon, just stay on an image and then Alexander Stephen let me here your Instagram and YouTube channel here, where usually upload music, so if you want, you pass you, listen and opinais and then on the Slim and Pro, if I’d like down in the comments, y’all leave me if it really worth it or not buy these consoles, or it is simply a copy of the existing one.

Anything you please send me for some private social network can leave me and will draw at the end of videos and anything else in the comments below, the can leave. This is been all, I hope you enjoyed and see you in the next. Bye.

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