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Hello everyone and welcome to this benchmark for the PS4 PRO. We will benckmark a PS4 PRO with the stock Hard Disk Drive versus a PS4 PRO with an SSD. We use a Crucial MX300 1TB SSD in this quick benchmark. The discs have been cloned and contain the same data. They have access to the same Internet network, and the same PSN account is used. We will start by looking at our results of these benchmarks.

We are going to look at the boot times for the PS4s PRO and also the loading times of a few games. After looking at our results, this video will present the full video captures that we created to get the loading time of the games. Let’s start with our results for the PS4 PRO boot times. The PS4 PRO which has the stock hard drive took 31 seconds to complete the boot sequence. The PS4 PRO whith the SSD took almost 19 seconds to complete the boot sequence. So this is almost 40 percent of loading time reduction.

Interesting… Now let’s switch to the games loading time benchmarks. We will start with a game named Overwatch. The times have been calculated from the moment we pressed the button to start the game until the full apparition of the menu screen. For the PS4 with the HDD it took 54 seconds. For the SSD one it took 31 seconds. That’s 42% of the loading time reduction.

It may be worth it because later in the game, each sequence requiring loading are affected by the performance of the drives. The second game we benchmarked is a game named Just Cause 3. We calculated the loading time for this game between the launch time and the apparition of the ingame menu screen. That is almost the full game loading time since you can start to play right after the menu has appeared. We have a good 30% loading time reduction with the SSD which is very interesting. And now we can switch to our conclusions for this benchmark. Here is the summary of our tests. As you can see the PS4 PRO equipped with the SSD appears to be much faster than the PS4 PRO with the stock hard drive. If you can afford it, it is worth it but you have to know that it will only affect the performance during the writing and reading steps of the PS4. It will not affect the speed of you games but only the loading speed.

Well, if you are interested, the following images of this video will present the different tests we did with the stock hard drive and the SSD drive. Anyway, I hope that this video has been useful to you and that you can choose if you want to buy some SSD or just stick along with the stock hard drive of the Playstation PRO. I will now stop talking and I will start to have a blast with my new PS4 PRO equipped with the SSD drive. Aaand it has been a long day, I have been making a lot of videos, set-up everything, unboxing the PS4 PRO…

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