PS4 How to record MICROPHONE sound, Recording gameplay with SHARE button TUTORIAL

Hi guys so I wanted to know how to record my voice on the top of my videos on the ps4 I wanted to use my ps4 headset to do commentaries over my gameplay and I wondered if you could do it with the microphone that’s built into my ps4 camera and if I could use a USB microphone to plug into the ps4 as well turns out you can do all three of those but it’s really hard to find out how to do it I looked everywhere online but i finally found the answer so i thought i’d share it with everyone in case they have problems doing it as well so the first thing we need to do is we need to activate the microphone so you press the share button and you can do this from the dashboard or inside a game or whatever then you press options go to share settings go down to the video clip settings and then all you have to do is click this button so that the little ticks in the box at include microphone audio and video clip it says underneath it include microphone audio from the headset or playstation camera when recording gameplay video and also works with USB microphone because I’ve got one plugged in right now so if i go back now we’ve activated the microphone it’s very very quiet you can hardly hear yourself over the top of the gameplay so all we need to do and i had to find this out myself the hard way to go to settings on our dashboard and then we go all the way down to devices is obviously a microphone is a device and then we go to audio devices click on microphone level and then you turn the microphone all the way up to the top so there you go you can see my voice and you click ok and there you go when you record now you’ll be able to hear your voice too loud clear above your gameplay and you guys should try out for yourself and hopefully this has helped you guys out so it has please give a thumbs up and subscribe for more helpful videos I like to play yeah

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