Play PS3 Games on PS Vita

Gameside.gr presents the way to play PS3 Games on PS Vita Hi guys I ‘m Dimitris @Spar7acusGR today I will show you how to play PS3 games on PS Vita there are three ways to do this but actually there are two with some differences the first way is with “cross-buy” games like Playstation Battle Royale or QForce where the game gives you the digital copy for the game and you can download it on PS Vita memory card the other way is through “remote play” there are a few games to support officialy remote play such us Team Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD and God of War Collection Vol. 1 also Lair, Lego Batman and one or two more the third way is about ps3 consoles with custom firmware but it’s something illegal and we do not suggest that these debug ps3 which developers own only legally runs all ps3 games to ps vita with remote play for our official updated firmware update we have only a few choices for the moment to play ps3 games with remote play we actually see that sony seems to try support remote play To play through remote play you need a patch that update automatically when you insert and run the game remote play supports also psp as you see here but you can’t do many things so let’s start firstly you insert the game so if you haven’t make the patch update yet, do it now we have made the update already Seconly we go to remote play settings to register the device we choose register device and then PS Vita system and then it shows us a code Now we go to PS Vita we choose remote play if you have already registered the device to other ps3 before you can change this through settings we need to insert the code the first time we put the code wrong so lets try again 😉 we choose register we have played ps3 games on ps vita before, ico and god of war and the quality was great because of the beatiful screen that ps vita has we managed to register ps vita to ps3 and now we go to remote play on network and choose it now we are holding ps vita and we choose the game to play and there you are, success! from ps vita screen setting for remote play is good to “assign buttons” you see here that L2 L3 R2 R3 go to the back touchpad this is what the game recommends also i don’t know how it look from camera but we have a great display result This is guys, i think that it’s a very cool characteristic and seems that sony tries to support it thanks for watching

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