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E3 2016 – Xbox one S, Scorpio Hello everyone and welcome to an E3 special edition Ouj Reviews where I’m going to be looking at the new Xbox One S and Scorpio announcements from Microsoft. Scorpio especially is a pretty big deal so stay tuned! So TO kick off let’s take a look at the Xbox One S. Phil Spencer announced it at the start of the main Xbox conference on Monday and it’s a smaller, sleeker Xbox, basically a slim version of the first Xbox one. I have a feeling the naming conventions are going to get confusing… Anyway it also supports 4k playback at 60 Hz and a fancy new controller. It’s definitely more of a hardware revision like the Xbox 360 S or Elite and it makes sense to update the console periodically without dumping on existing owners so I can buy into that. The actual improvements will only really be the size, the internal power supply thank the lord and upgrading to either HDMI 2.0a or for 4k playback and HDR support Due to it being a revision I can’t see many existing owners getting it unless they have a 4k TV which is not very many.

On the other hand people looking at upgrading from a PS3 or Xbox 360 could definitely be swayed by this thanks to the cost, size and increased storage capacity in addition to the extra 4k features. It’s also a much better option than getting a 4k Blu-ray player which retail at around £400 at the moment and considering with the One S you’ll get the 4 Blu-ray player, 4k streaming support plus the ability to play games it’s a bit of a no-brainer at a tidy £249 for the 500 GB version. But then! Microsoft sort of shot itself in the foot at the end of the conference by announcing Project Scorpio. Scorpio is effectively the start of the next generation of consoles along with hopefully Nintendo’s NX system next year. Estimates put it at around 4 and a half times the power of an Xbox one using 6 teraflops of graphical processing for 4k gaming. Not upscaled, not just 4k playback but true 4k resolution gaming.

Now while the teraflops don’t give the full picture since the GTX980Ti puts out TFLOPS and the R9 Fury X puts out a massive TFLOPS of graphical processing and both cards came out pretty similarly in the frame rate department at 4k which is what actually matters where gaming is concerned. One thing to consider too is that both cards struggled with top end games at 4k, even the excellently optimised and 3 year old Battlefield 4 was middling at 40-odd FPS shows that it may not be that simple although with AMD’s Polaris cards it may be manageable by time of release in late 2017. The key point with Scorpio, however is its existence. Knowing there’s a new generation coming out in a year will put new buyers off getting a One S as well as existing owners of an Xbox One from upgrading to one. Look at Apple. They will announce a new phone two weeks before launch because it means it won’t drop sales of their existing phones as badly on announcement and considering the Xbox One is not selling well already all the announcement will do is kill sales of the Xbox One and reduce sales of the One S.

It’s far too early to announce it. Phil Spencer came out with an interview with Eurogamer a few days later and basically said unless you’ve got a 4k TV there’s no point in getting Project Scorpio. This smells like damage reduction to me. “Phil Spencer: What TV do you have? A standard 1080p TV. Phil Spencer: Then you should buy this box, because Scorpio is not going to do anything for you. Scorpio is designed as a 4K console, and if you don’t have a 4K TV, the benefit we’ve designed for, you’re not going to see. Clearly, you can buy Scorpio, and if and when you decide you want to buy a 4K television to take advantage of the increased performance, obviously the console will be ready for you.” I’ll leave a link to the interview in the description. What I have to ask here is why the fuck would you not allow 1080p gamers to take advantage of the extra power of the new console? If it can do 4k it’ll do 1080p at much higher frame rates and far better performance.

Unless it can ONLY output to 4k which is ridiculous and already limiting to their potential consumer base. The buyers should have the choice of the framerate at 1080p or the higher resolution. Obviously this is Microsoft trying to prevent the announcement affecting the One S sales. Which I can understand considering how far down the line Scorpio is going to be. However as I’ve said it’s a big mistake announcing the console this early especially since it’s going to be affecting sales of their shiny new Xbox One for a whole 18 months. It’s crazy! Thanks for watching my video guys, I’ve got another coming out today about The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and I might follow on with a few more E3 videos over the next few days.

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