OCULUS RIFT TIPS AND TRICKS | Oculus Cover, Sensor Cover & Storage Bags from WIDMO VR

Hello friends! Welcome to another VR adventure with us! Today we are going to show you our personal experience with some the Oculus Rift accessories. Now, let’s get started! When we were looking for some accessories for the Oculus Rift, we couldn’t find a lot. The one you’ve probably heard of is VRCover, which we will cover in an upcoming video as well. But today we are covering the accessories by Widmo VR. Because they sent us a couple of sample to use because they saw that we are refurbishing our room.

So thank you guys for that. So what are we covering in this video? Oculus Touch bag Storage bag Protection sensors Headset covers These are accessories handmade especially for the Oculus Rift. Let’s start with these bags. These are Touch controllers bags. And they consist of two compartments inside. So you can put two controllers in there seperately. So that’s pretty nice. As for the material, it’s pretty good. I mean it feels very lightweight and the design on it is pretty awesome as well. Look guys. As you can see it’s a woman. It’s a woman wearing a headset. These are her legs by the way. So yeah, I like these designs. It’s very pretty. It’s on our t-shirts as well by the way, which are also from them and buyable from the store. So two compartments as you guys can see. I hope you guys can see it. Bare with us guys because we don’t do a lot of these kind of videos. So yeah. Lightweight and feels very soft as well. It feels very sturdy as well. It feels very high quality.

But the material is very thin so I’m not sure if this can protect the controllers from bumping or whatever. So if you put it in there. I’ll do it. And then you can close it like this with the cables. Oh wait, I’m using the wrong cable. And this is how it looks like. So these bags definitely keep the controllers dust free and organized. And then made of the same material we got this bag. You can actually put the whole headset in there and accessories. It makes it easy to transport your Rift and also keeps it dust free and keeps everything organized. This bag has multiple compartments to separate your things. There’s a little side pocket inside too for smaller accessories.

What’s great is that on the sides you have some soft padding that offers protection. The padding is on every side, even the bottom. So I think these bags are nice and of high quality. I actually have seen people using travel suitcases too. But if you are looking for something more lightweight – these bags are more suiting. Yes, look at this. You can carry it around too. Also, we recommend putting the Rift in a closed off bag or box, because getting dust on the lenses is never good! And always make sure to keep your headset away from direct sunlight. Sunlight is evil for your headset, it might damage your lenses and you’ll be sad. You can also use something like this, but we are not big fans of it because we’re scared that it might stretch the straps in the long term.

And also, this thing is scary without a headset on… One of the products that I like a lot as well are these little things, which are covers for the Oculus sensors. I couldn’t find these anywhere else so I think that’s pretty nice. Yes you can put them on the sensor and then you can flip them on and off to help protect the side. It’s nice if you move sensors a lot, like I do. I dial our desk up and down a lot and those sensors sometimes fall off my desk and I think these wil help a lot for that.

The only thing I’m hoping is that they are going to add more colors than only blue. Because right now this is a prototype and its only blue and you know blue doesn’t really match our room at the moment. So yeah, you know, girls will be girls. Also whenever I flip it on and off this thing actually slides off very easily and that can get a bit annoying. Now let’s move on to the headset covers. Well we are pretty glad with these things, because you these covers instead of the standard Rift faceplate over here. And actually that’s actually pretty cool because you don’t have to worry about sweat and make up stains anymore. Because you can actually take these off and machine wash them. So that’s pretty awesome and nice. I think you will be very happy if you have a lot of friends over that sweat a lot. Or women. That you have over. Maybe. Anyway, we never had any issues wearing these covers.

They stay on and they are quite comfortable and soft as well. They do not trigger the proximity sensor either, so that’s good. And it’s not too hard to put them on as well. Which we will show you guys right now. Now the Oculus Touch bags and the headset covers are already buyable on their website, but the travel bag and also the little covers for the sensors aren’t buyable yet, because they are prototypes. But I’m sure if you follow WIDMO they will let you know once they are available. We put a link of their website down below, so you can click on it and follow them if you want. And if you guys want to check more Oculus Rift tips and tricks videos, we made a playlist. More videos of these kinds are coming soon, link down below as well. And as always, if you want to explore the world of Virtual Reality with us.

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