NVidia GTX1080Ti releases tomorrow – am I going to buy a GTX1080Ti?

Hello YouTube, it’s Tango Echo Alpha here, armed with my cup of tea as always. So it feels like ages since the GTX1080 has been released, but in reality it’s only been 10 months since it came out. But there are a lot of GTX980Ti owners who have been holding off upgrading their GPUs, some having their GPUs for nearly two years, as they have been waiting for the GTX1080Ti to be released. Well, tomorrow NVidia will reward their patience with the release of the GTX1080Ti.

NVidia are well aware of the pent up demand for this GPU – they would have to be stupid not to be and lets face it, the folks at NVidia are far from stupid. NVidia are trumpeting the performance of the GTX1080Ti, claiming that it will have enough power under the hood to perform better than the wallet breaking Titan X, for a fraction of the Titan X’s price. On the 10th March 2017, NVidia will release their founders edition of the GTX1080Ti. Those who have pre-ordered it will have already stumped up a cool £699, which is a lot of dosh if NVidia don’t make good on their claims. It’s good to see that NVidia aren’t charging a premium for their founders edition like they did with the GTX1080, but until partner manufacturers come up with their own versions, the reference founders edition card will be the only version available at release. As you can see from the specifications summary on the screen, the GTX1080Ti doesn’t look a hell of a lot different to the GTX1080 at first glance. However, these specifications are very similar to the Titan X, with the exception of losing a memory controller, losing a ROP partition and less level 2 cache.

Other than that, this is a Titan X in all but name. For GTX980Ti owners, the upgrade to a GTX1080Ti is almost a no brainer – assuming you have the spare cash of course! But is it worth an upgrade from a GTX1080? Well, that’s the question on many buyers minds, including my own. Well, with some of the benchmark review videos coming out already, it looks like you can expect to see some gains. For Overwatch at 1440p, the GTX1080Ti has an average frame rate 47fps higher than the GTX1080 – also beating the Titan X in the process.

For Rise Of The Tomb Raider at 1440p, the GTX1080 trades blows with the Titan X and beats the GTX1080 by an average of 23 fps. For The Division, it’s a similar pattern with the GTX1080Ti beating the GTX1080 by 21 fps. Battlefield 1 produces similar results – an average increase of 19 fps more. So, is it a worthy upgrade? Well, right now you can pick up brand new aftermarket GTX1080s at discounted prices because of the imminent GTX1080Ti release. One of my preferred places to buy my computer bits, Overclockers UK, is currently selling the MSI GTX1080 Gaming X for £550.

The GTX1080Ti will cost you £150 more for the founders edition card, or there will be a wait for the aftermarket boards to come out. You can also bet that there will be a lot of GTX1080 cards hitting ebay very, very soon. So, the question still sits in my mind. Can I afford to upgrade to a GTX1080Ti, if I sell my GTX1080 – yes, I can. Does it represent fantastic value for someone gaming at 1440p? Well at the moment, I am not so sure. I can play most games that I want to play with Ultra settings at 1440p and get amazing frame rates. If I was playing at 4K, I would definitely upgrade – but right now I am not so sure. So, I’d be really interested to know in the comments section below what you think. Do you think the GTX1080Ti represents a good upgrade, or do you think it’s not so worthwhile upgrading from a GTX1080? It’s possible that I may upgrade when the aftermarket boards from MSI, EVGA etc release – but right now I am sat firmly on the fence.

If you are getting a GTX1080Ti, please also comment below – I’d love to know what made you decide to upgrade! That’s it for this video, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’m Tango Echo Alpha, armed with my cup of tea as always and I’ll see you all in the next video – bye now!.

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