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– I’m showing you the brand new Nintendo Switch. How it works, what’s inside, and how to get one for free. Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. Welcome to your one-stop shop for the best tech unboxing, deals, and exclusive access to devices before anyone else gets their hands on them. One of the most requested items that you guys have asked for me to test is the Nintendo Switch. So thankfully, Nintendo invited me to test this device on this incredible set. We’re gonna do a full break down of how this device works, how it’s gonna save you money, and if you’re a subscriber, you’ve got an opportunity to get one for free.

At the end of this video if you’re not yet subscribed I’m gonna show you how to get hooked up. And we’re gonna play games. And for those of you wondering, how would you possibly work money saving onto a tech device that has a retail price of 299? I have the answer for you. Now for those of you who doubt that I have friends, I got one and she’s a gamer. Phoebe, should we show them how it switches? – Yes, definitely, let’s do it Matt. So why I’m so excited about the Switch is because of its hybrid nature. The ability to easily switch between the handheld device to the TV. How I’m gonna do that is I take the left and I switch it is I take the left and I switch it and I take the right joy con and I click her in.

To take them out, all I do is click this little black button To take them out, all I do is click this little black button and slide it out and same thing. How easy is that? Come on. – It comes with all of the accessories to switch between that portable console into a really nice big screen TV gaming system. So I’m gonna put this is and the big thing about a system like this is how seamlessly it switches. Ah, there we are! Big screen, awesome display. Again, we’ll take it out. Watch again, how quickly it switches. It’s in, one, two, three, four, five. It’s in, one, two, three, four, five. In under five seconds, it switched. Now this is gonna be a little bit of a fake unboxing because I wanna leave our brand new unit that we’re giving away to a subscriber aside. And Phoebe and I were really excited. We already took this out of the box because we really wanted to play.

But I’ll show you what it includes. You get the two wrist straps which are great, for the controller, absolutely awesome, the weight of this thing, solid. This is the actual switching unit with the HDMI connection that allows you to plug into your TV. And you get the beloved Nintendo Switch. I know I get really excited about devices but this is hands down the coolest, most awesome portable gaming unit I’ve ever used. Graphics on the display itself, absolutely stunning. absolutely stunning. The port situation on the bottom, really straight forward. But what I like about this is the brilliant microSD slot. So that’s right over here but it also doubles as a stand. – So what I love most about this device is how easily it’s transportable from the TV to the bus or train. I still get to play on the go. – Phoebe is this really your backyard? – Oh yeah it’s my backyard.

– Well before we get to the giveaway, I’m gonna beat you at your own game. – Are you kidding me? – In your backyard. – I’m gonna beat you so good. – No you’re not. Uh-uh. No. One of the things I love is that you have the ability to feel the game with the controllers that slide off. So for example there’s this game where you guess how many balls are at the bottom of a box. You can feel what’s in the box in your hands, every movement. And what’s also great is if you’re with a friend or a sort of friend you can have one unit between the two of you. You don’t need two consoles. You split off each of the controls and then you can play.

Phoebe, are you ready to play? – Let’s do this. – [Matt] It’s really easy to get a game in. And I’ll show you the UI in a second. But beside the headphone jack there’s the card slot. Phoebe got the game. Phoebe what game are we putting in? – [Phoebe] Legends of Zelda, obviously. – [Matt] Now obviously this is an amazing touch screen. It’s extremely bright. But if you wanted to control the game after you’ve put it in with the controller, you can either just slide them back. Or if you’re in this friendship mode where you’re both sharing the same system together, you have the ability to use it that way. – I love 1-2-Switch. It’s got so many games.

It’s got the cow milking game. Come on man, who can’t love that. – We’re gonna milk some cows. It’s also a game that lowers your self-esteem because I can’t do anything well compared to this girl. This is the weirdest thing ever. And I’ve also learned that Phoebe is a much better milker. It keeps giving you tips to really get that milk efficiency but I’m also lactose intolerant so that might be why. – Excuses. – Alright, let’s see how this goes. This is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever done. Look at my udder, look at that. – Oh, I think you’re actually beating me this time. – Am I? One of my favorite ways to defeat someone or get defeated is a quick draw game or get defeated is a quick draw game where you have the ability to see who’s faster and I’m gonna go against Phoebe right now.

We both have a control. It senses the movement and it knows what’s going on. You’re ready to get this game started? – Pointing down. – And on this quick trigger game you feel all of the movement of whatever’s in your hand through the controller which is amazing and also why I just lost. If you like mind games and guessing, if you were to guess how many balls are on the box it’s just simply the sensation of them in your hand through the controller that allows you to make that guess.

Alright so now we have to guess. Phoebe, how many balls does it feel like is in the box? – [Phoebe] Actually I think I have a few this time. I think I’m gonna say at least three or four. – [Matt] I’m going with five. – Okay. – So I’m gonna place my guess right here. – Okay. – [Matt] As you guys can see we’re placing our guess. So I’m guessing five. – I’m saying four. – [Matt] And again that’s all based on the sensation on your hand and I’m gonna be right. Let’s see what happens. – [Phoebe] I bet you I’m gonna be right. – [Matt] Once you’ve made your guess you set your controllers down and now let’s see who’s right. – [Matt and Phoebe] Oh! – You’re better on weapons I’m better on guessing things. So you have experienced gaming. You’ve used different units before. What is your experience with some of the competitors? – Well, to be honest, I’ve kind of always been a die hard Nintendo girl myself. I mean, I grew up, I had the very first Game Boy. And then of course I graduated to the DS And then of course I graduated to the DS which was a pretty exciting step in my life.

Then I started getting into the consoles which were pretty exciting. And now, looks like I’m stepping up in life And now, looks like I’m stepping up in life to the new Switch. – Now that’s just a hint of all of the great things built into this unit. And to be honest, I remember I had the first black and white Game Boy with Tetris. And then I got Game Gear.

I don’t think you’re old enough for Game Gear. – I was about to say, he’s an old man, I don’t know what that is. – I got Game Gear which had like a 15 minute battery life. And you could watch TV on it when you put an antenna onto the back and it was Sonic the Hedgehog and various other items that I thought was good at the time. I have never in my life used a unit as awesome as this. And I’m being completely honest with you. Nintendo is not paying me to say anything nice about them. But I would say the deal is that you don’t have to buy a home console and a portable one and you have everything built-in and you get the accessories and you can game with a friend. Again, there’s savings built into that. – Blind blown. That’s crazy. And that’s what’s good about that. People say, oh it’s a little bit more expensive. It’s really not when you look at, it’s two things in one. That’s crazy, that’s way cheaper than having to get this and then that.

– Three things in one, portable unit for yourself, one that you can share with a friend, where you detach the sides, and then one where you can easily put it up on the big screen. – That’s true, actually. That’s crazy. – Three in one! – What? – And now, your opportunity to get one for free. – Oh my god, is it give away time? – Typically, everyday at this point, you’re right. I give away some massive deal for free to a subscriber. But since this is such a hot item and I know that there’s some people who are watching us right now who’ve never seen this channel before.

We wanna welcome you into the frugal family. We wanna give you another chance. So one week from today, I’m gonna give away right here on this YouTube channel via upload, if you have your notifications turned on, a brand new Nintendo Switch valued at $300. – So you’re giving that to me right? – If you think our friendship is at the level where I would give you a free Nintendo Switch, I’ll strongly consider it. It’s those subscribers that keep this thing going. – I guess so, I guess so, we love you guys. Makes sense. – Absolutely. So very simple process to get subscribed. I’m gonna show you how to do that right now. – So all you gotta do is click on Matt’s head right over here to subscribe and be entered in to win one of these beautiful guys. – And if you need help turning on your notifications or leaving a comment, very simple explanation.

Right here, click on this box. That will make sure you get hooked up. Yes!.

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