Nintendo Switch Price LEAKED?

(Intro sound) Adam: Hello everyone, welcome back to clap monday. Lawrence: CLAP MONDAY AYYYY! Elyse: I clap like a seal. Lawrence: Oh oh. You got your weak wrists again? They’re acting up. Elyse: Arf arf, like a seal. Adam: Need a drink of milk. Anyway, that’s right! We need to celebrate the good old days. Lawrence: Yeah. Adam: While we still can. Lawrence: Yeah, we’re still in a pre-Switch world, everybody. Lawrence: Doesn’t sound very promising when I said it like that. Adam: No, not really. Lawrence: Well, hey. You misunderstand! Alright. There are phases to Nintendo consoles, we’re in the good one right now.

Adam: Okay. Lawrence: Where we think it’ll actually be a good console. Adam: These are like Star Trek films. Lawrence: Yeah. We love you, Nintendo. Adam: We really do. Adam: So what’s giving us the gut check today? Lawrence: PRICES!!! Lawrence: Of the leaked variety. Adam: Uh, two different retailers have leaked prices for Nintendo’s upcoming tablet console hybrid, thing. Lawrence: Yup! Where are these coming from, Elyse? Please let us know. Elyse: First, WCCFtech grabbed a screenshot from Toys R Us Canada’s website, listing the coming console at $3Canadian dollars. (Adam, Lawrence: OHHHH) at $3Canadian dollars. Lawrence: Well, who cares about that? Please read the next line, Elyse.

Elyse: How many Sir Wilfrid Lauriers is that, I don’t know. And because we’re Americans- well, no, not me- and that’s at the centre of the universe, that translates to $242 US dollars at the time of writing the time that Lawrence wrote this script. That could be anything by the time you hear this. It would be, being Trump’s America and all. Adam: That’s right. Elyse: I might not even be here. Adam: I know. We’re enjoying Elyse while we can. Before she’s forced to build a wall to keep people out. Elyse: Surround myself. Adam: So, that’s all very interesting but no.

We are not done. Lawrence: Yeah. A far spicier report comes via Let’s Play Video Games, which is a website. They claim through 2 vetted sources that UK Retailer GAME is planning on listing the Nintendo Switch at £199 British pounds. Again, centre of the universe, $249 US dollars. Adam: Good job, Brexit. The report doesn’t stop there, though. Again, according to Let’s Play Video Games’ sources, GAME will stock a second SKU for the Nintendo Switch that features, “more internal storage and a packed in game.” What do you think? Sports Mario? What’s it gonna be? Lawrence: Yeah, probably some kind of variety …um…

Minigame bundle that’s… Adam: gonna call, gonna “You and Me” Lawrence: Switchland! Eughhh. Adam: I’m fighting a cold. Lawrence: Uhh… there’s more details to this, right Elyse? Elyse: Unfortunately, there’s no word on what the packed in game will be or how much extra storage the SKU will offer. Regardless, this ‘premium’ bundle of the Switch is a planned price of £ 2pounds or $311 US dollars. Adam: Like the band. (Elyse laughs) Lawrence: Ahhh, yes. Adam: They’re back! In Nintendo form. Lawrence: I like the Switch 3 11 edition. (Elyse singing) Adam: And finally, Let’s Play Video Games’ reports that the Switch Pro controller will list at £pounds or $49 dollars. Lawrence: Yeah, I mean, these prices all line up with what we expect consoles to cost. So just to sum it up! We have 1 leaked price and another report from 2 sources, both of which pointed to a base price for around $250 US dollars.

Does this seem reasonable? Elyse: Well, yeah, as far as the sources go, it stands to reason that pricing info will start leaking from multiple places at the same time. If anything, the similar timing and prices only substantiates this info. Lawrence: So, we specifically don’t have any experience in retail management. But it’s- you know, we would expect that retailers in different regions would start setting prices for new products at the same time. Whether that’s because the retailer is suggesting the price, we’ll get to that later.

Or if it’s just because that’s when they start to get stock in and they know what wholesale price is and then they set prices accordingly. Seems like this process occurred about Toys R Us and GAME. One accidentally posted the price early, Toys R Us, while the other was victim to Let’s Play Video Games ace internet journalism. Adam: Boom. Gotcha. Lawrence: Gotcha. Adam: But aside from that, are these prices legit or just coincidental guesses? Retailer listings can often contain dummy data that’s necessary for listing, which is why sometimes you’ll see games listed as releasing on December 31st 9999.

Lawrence: Yeah. Adam: Just a placeholder. Lawrence: That stuff happen to Gamestop all the time. We would get these updated, like, manifests and then, “Ho, there’s Guardian’s releasing December 31st 2006.” I’m like, “It’s December 31st!” Adam: Ehh. Yeah. Lawrence: And yeah, couldn’t resist the opportunity to take another shot at Last Guardian. But it’s so close to coming out. It just seems so tasteless in it. Adam: It’s coming out! Lawrence: That little child is learning to walk! And then you just shove it back down. Elyse: I’m so- I for one am so excited. Adam: You’re gonna cry over griffins. Elyse: I am going to. And I am…uh… I’m taking the week off. Adam: No, you’re not. Lawrence: You can’t do that. Elyse: I am. Adam: You’re not going to be employed. Trump’s kicking you out, remember? (Elyse gasps) Lawrence: Well, when this channel posts no videos for an entire week, you know who’s to blame.

Lawrence: So, Let’s Play Video Games editor in-chief Laura Dale, specifically notes that this price ISN’T the recommended retail price RRP or more commonly called in centre of the universe America MSRP, or Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. Dale even clarified on Twitter that “Nintendo can’t set an RRP in UK due to regulations”. Lawrence: Yeah, so even though these 2 prices tell a similar story, at least one of them is specifically NOT from Nintendo. Adam: Boom, facts. Lawrence: Boom. Adam: And is $250 even feasible? For this product? Maybe. Lawrence: Yeah? Adam: Nothing we’ve heard about the Switch so far implies that it’ll be terrifically robust from a hardware perspective. Lawrence: Yeah. This is just- Adam: In fact, it seems kinda cool. Lawrence: This is when Nintendo dreams start to die. When you start to realise if it’s gonna be a real thing, and since Nintendo likes to earn profits on their hardware, it’s probably not gonna be an amazing thing. Adam: Yeah. Lawrence: I dunno, Elyse. What’s our analysis here? Elyse: Yeah, if we’re truly looking at a Nintendo branded Nvidia Shield, essentially, then $250 is extremely reasonable for the base hardware.

For comparison, the Nvidia Shield launched in 2013 for $199 US dollars. And further iterations of the hardware maintains similar price points. Most recently too, Nvidia released the Shield Tablet K1 in November 2015, and that was again released at $200 US dollars. Adam: Battery sucks, but I really enjoy it. Lawrence: Yeah, it’s- and they actually discontinued the Shield line for reasons unknown back then. Adam: Yeah. (Elyse gasps) Lawrence: Now? Lawrence: Turns out they’re making the Nintendo Switch. Elyse: Cuz they Switched it up! Lawrence: Whatchatata! So it is kind of very literally an extension of the Nvidia Shield line, because they were tired of that one and then they pick- It’s kinda like- Kinda almost seems like Nexus and Pixel with the Google phone.

Adam: Pretty much. Lawrence: So actual hardware spec for the Nintendo Switch has yet to be announced. So making direct hardware comparisons to determine price, it’s just a straight up guessing game at this point. Adam: Still, if we make the most direct comparisons, it’s not hard to imagine Nintendo selling the hardware equivalent of a Nvidia Shield and using the extra $50 to cover the cost of the controllers and the power adapters. Lawrence: Yeah. Then Nintendo would sell the package at a very small loss or a very small gain as they are want with hardware. As I recall, the Wii U launched at a very tiny loss and within, like, a few months manufacturing costs had already decreased and they were already making money on Wii Us. That’s just how Nintendo rolls, man. They sell what is perceived to be under powered hardware because everyone else is selling at a loss and actually make some money.

We’ll see, we’ll see. Adam: As usual, until it’s announced, it’s not official but after thinking through all of the ramifications, these prices do seem feasible. Lawrence: Yeah! Yeah. $250 for a base Switch, $300 for a not-yet-defied premium package? Seems great, man. Imagine if that’s Zelda. Zelda plus more storage, $300. Adam: Sure. Lawrence: Seems good to me. Or the unannounced Mario game, that could be a pack in too. Adam: Zelda themed hard drives. $50. Elyse, you want one? Elyse: Oh yeah, I’ll take 2. Adam: It’s gold. Elyse: ………3. Lawrence: I dunno, what do YOOUUUUU YOOOOUUUU GUYS THINK cuz we need comments! You gonna drop $250 for Mario/Zelda machine? Cuz that’s probably what it’s gonna be.

And then just like that old Wii U, it’s gonna be gathering dust until they resell you half the features. Elyse: No, we’re gonna get a new Metroid. We’re gonna get Mother 3, we’re gonna get a better Starfox, we’re gonna get all these things. Lawrence: Boom! What’s that weird N64 game that had the giant guy walked around, boom! That one. Boom. Adam: Pilotwings. Lawrence: Pilotwings again. Boom! Adam: Bring back Wave Racer. Lawrence: Luke- Luke Cage..uh… became friends with the prison counselor. And then he got hurt in a bum fight. And then the prison counselor… told him, told another doctor to do to help him. So they put him in the experimental tube. And they put… Elyse: So you’re saying not to watch it. Lawrence: It’s not good. Adam: Okay..

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