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Welcome to the fun house im [shaniqua] jenkins We knew the switch was setting all kinds of launch records for Nintendo it’s been very difficult to find but now that some more data’s in were learning to the system’s first ones with better than probably even sexy black chicks Nintendo could have hoped at least in the us Yeah Retail estimates are in black ladies and gentlemen and they are bringing with them some pretty Ridiculous stats that place two switches launched in the greatest of all time Conversations for any console same console any counselor so that means that they’ll probably discontinued any day all right? Well if we’re learning lessons from the nes classic. Thank you meta jokes According to the same estimates the switch also has a truly dismal sex Ridiculous attach rate for one game in particular, you can probably guess what that is breath of the arms? oh, yeah, right my bad circuit which has apparently sold copies there here are switches out here and The switch version they sold more copies which version then there are switch is kind of confusing I have a theory on This are you I know we’re gonna discuss it ok in the rest of the episode But a long time ago when I was a kid, and I got my first job.

I bought a copy of Devil May the 2nd Before I had a playstation because I couldn’t get a playstation at the time couldn’t either afford it because I’m black But it also might be easier just to get a copy of the game and it’s a bad console It’s just easier thing. So maybe there’s a lot of kids buying the game. It’s like building and they will come like look mom I got the game behind me the consular earrings that were kids. I’m sorry I just have to go to a friend’s house. So anyway sad story over and so these new reports, they’re Battling attach rate record-setting launches they come from NPD group now They do market research and they monitor consumer trends for the video game industry in the us Since the industry doesn’t really like to share their numbers very often it’s about as close as we can get to official numbers Except for when companies just announced their own milestones which they typically do only if there is good mouse.

Yeah, it’s like hey Let’s slap our asses a whole ton. What who, DAD? Thank you guys. They like to do that quiet. Yeah, not much of a stroke and caress, but hey Nintendo did a little bit of that this week themselves stroking a little bit lost stroking anyway So back to the NPD group this week is the tracking firm released their official estimates for March According to their report to switch out sold both the places 4 and the Xbox one last month which really [doesn’t] do surprising considering it just hits shelves And demand is high it’s sort of the Roof lines are still long, but what is surprising? Is that it sold as much as 900 6,000 units in the us alone now that number is really impressive for [Nintendo] Considering they’re only projecting about two Billion sales worldwide total in the systems person it’s also fairly impressive for a number of other reasons video game financial analyst Daniel Ahmad or a Huge x on Twitter I Chimed in on Social Media with a little bit of context about what it all means yeah ahmad road that the switch was the biggest penis ever for [Nintendo] and was almost the best console launch of all time in the United States Behind only the PS4 which pretty good day among yeah, it’s sold very very well It doesn’t really have a really powerful cheap puzzle so that console moved around Million units and its opening month on sale [Ahmad] also said and they now deleted Tweet 0 In the us the Nintendo switch sold more in its first month and the wii U did during any holiday season that’s november + number Now while you might be saying to yourself ok big deal these members just estimates they can be wrong well They were sort of confirmed by Nintendo who did release some self stroking actual numbers about prices and wild let’s go to those strokes So Nintendo sent out a press release bragging about how awesome The new Zelda is doing and revealed that in the us physical and digital sales have totaled more than million units You know it’s a big deal if they’re actually revealing physical and digital sale No one likes to share digital sales rare those who do that yeah of course of those million units 925,000 of those were for the switch to [fortran] sixty thousand of those who were for the Wii U nintendo Confirms two games beats that all is combined to make switch It’s a fastest selling console ever and Zelda is the fastest selling nintendo launched game ever that’s big deal for you And that also makes breadth of the wildly fastest selling Zelda title across its entire 30 year history According to Nintendo damn damn damn.

It doesn’t take a math genius like myself three plus two equals something to figure out that the NPD zestimate of 960,000 switch units is actually smaller than Nintendo’s proclamation of [925] thousand Copies of Zelda sold for switch So you might be chalking that out too estimation errors but nintendo confirmed. That’s the case That’s a lot of numbers Nintendo said that means the Nintendo sold a more of this game as brother the wild for an atTendance which Spin its own agendas which Systems for an attach rate of more than one hundred percent remember I by devil may cry, too I was dumb yeah, but it’s like it’s sold More than one hundred percent.

How does that make sense? Because that makes sense I don’t know and really this could be the most impressive number out of the whole bunch because having a hundred percent attach rate in and of itself would be both unprecedented and amazing for Nintendo, but having more than a hundred percent is just Ridiculous two hundred percent we reported earlier that in the uk there was like an eighty-eight percent Attach rate for Breath of the Wild and that was a standing sure we weren’t entirely sure what the other twelve percent We’re buying a switch and not buying Zelda We don’t know what they were doing big fans of bomberman, maybe but even that was huge so going over a hundred percent I don’t even know how that works I don’t know and even nintendo doesn’t have much of an explanation for it Nintendo speculates that it has to do with people buying limited editions of the game to collect and in regular version to play which I get maybe I’ll Another possible explanation I guess could be that People are buying their switch games while they’re still waiting for their switching to get back on store shelves So they’re pulling at her or since the switch is region free Maybe some people are buying it from overseas because there are shortages [in] other places or because games cost more in say Australia So they just buy the version food left for [sixty] box instead of paying 90 bucks for overseas They save some money possibly maybe but who the hell knows I mean It’s such a staggering number that I don’t know I mean you know a nintendo doesn’t know we don’t know Do you know nobody knows somebody please help? However, they do know Nintendo that the switch is doing amazing for them so far the great news is fantastic console It really is when in the switch launched last month it broke sales records around the world and kind of reported that it sold more switches in the first two days in the American than any other system by comparison So we sold over 600,000 units in the first eight days in the americas region what’s more Nintendo of America President Reggie fils-aime a said that the switch version of Prices and wild was the best-selling launch title of any nintendo console.

That’s not including bundle games like Wii sports, okay? That’s cheating that is really cheating anyway, probably didn’t get you on a person attach rate mmM Possibly old people love it But then they have heart attack So who knows? so Nintendo of Europe said that the company sold more switches in its launch weekend than any other hardware in Nintendo’s history the switch sold eighty Thousand units in the uk during its first weekend on sale which was twice the amount sold by the Wii U wow Yeah in Japan though. Hey, that’s fun country He switches early numbers were a bit less than the weeds quarter bloomberg’s I usually Nakamura citing data From some would sue I’m it suits them you don’t want me reading the Japanese veins anyone to tend of sold three hundred and thirteen Thousand seven hundred switches, that’s a very specific number.

I like that. Thank you Japan there’s all that many switches in his first week compared to the 371 thousand and Nine Hundred Wii consoles right now as for how this we just doing all over the rest of the world’s to date Nintendo also said they plan on revealing a full accounting of worldwide Nintendo switch sales that then makes financial briefing Which is set for later this month, so at that point? We should get a very clear picture Worldwide, how many switches have sold and how it’s doing but the short version seems to be really really awesome It’s still there still shortages people having difficulty finding them in stores when they come back in stock They’re generally sold out within a couple of hours, so this is all very good science for the system especially considering that it still doesn’t have a whole lot in terms of system selling game two aren’t Zelda it’s Just a great time [to] be a zelda fan I’m most wait.

You can’t get a switch then just bones you played on the wii U like a sad gave man So really the question guys, what do you think of Nintendo’s record-breaking launch month for switch? Please let us in the comments, and where the hell are those numbers coming from because some you guys are importing You want a theory like on where you can get a hundred percent plus a tax rate, please? We’re all yours and for future updates on switch and Nintendo remember to like this video And if you’re new around here subscribe to dinner, you know what I have a hundred percent, so at a trade to ladies you got ya It mixes so it does not even out there who lost on 520 oh yeah, oh yeah Cuz one point Nintendo confirmed two games beats that this all combined makes which its fastest selling console ever and Zelda you see facets That the Jedi turn out, okay. It can’t stuff.

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