My PS4 Turns Off Randomly!

My PS4 turns off randomly. It turns off whether I’ve played or not, though more often when I do play. One possibility is that it is overheating. It’ll overheat faster when you’re taxing the CPU and video card than just sitting there. If it is overheating, you’ll want to maximize air flow around it, whether taking it out of the cabinet or putting it up on a pedestal is your decision. I do not think it is overheating. It might be a software problem. Do a full initialization, AKA PS4 reformat. Wow, not even reboot but reformat. Do I need to delete the C drive, too? No, but reinstalling all the software is the first option if it is a software issue. Rebuilding the database is a second way you could do it, though that is the better solution for slowing down or glitching. Turning off at random is a glitch. If it is a new PS4, I’d send it back in for repairs.

If it is turning off now, it is flickering before it totally fails. It could be an electrical glitch, but taking apart the console to troubleshoot a circuit voids the warranty. I do not know enough about circuits to troubleshoot it, anyway. Try plugging a lamp into the electrical outlet. If that thing’s turning on and off, then you know the electrical problem is with the outlet, not the PS4. That’s actually something I could do. What would cause an electrical problem with an outlet that I haven’t had issues with before? Crazy ants or other bugs eating the electrical wiring’s plastic cover, a rodent chewing part of the way through the wiring before dying or quitting.

That does not make anything that smells like barbeque appealing. Worse yet, is a dead critter in the wall will attract ants. Not all ants will short stuff out. Fire ants are bad, but they don’t do that. Crazy ants in the South, red ants building their home in a circuit box before they hit a critical mass and all fry – If there are any bugs coming out of the electrical outlet or hanging around on that wall, call a terminator. Now, it might be a firmware update, at which point the bug is in the software. And the solution is run the next update, and probably reboot, too. If you’re lucky, it is just a power spike from other electronics around the PS4.

I would not consider power spikes lucky. If you have older power lines in the house, they may not handle a big screen TV plus PS4 on. An extension cord to a different outlet for one device or the other may solve it. Going the extra mile, well, yards is at least something I could try. It is easier to deal with than any bugs in the system, literal or not.

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