My PS4 Redeem Code is Not Working!

My PS4 redeem code is not working. First thing I’d check is if you already entered that code. Next I’d check for fat fingering the code entry. The only thing worse than unredeemed gift cards is the failure to redeem a gift card. But I can promise you, I did not mess up the code entry. Or you need glasses. Sometimes when the PlayStation store won’t let you redeem the code through the site, the problem is due to the website. How can I tell? That is a little more specific than what the “is it down” websites report. Check the forums or call tech support to see if it is them or you.

I wonder if it is my PlayStation 4. Log in on a different device like the PS Vita with your main account and try to redeem the codes there. The credit will stay with your account, no matter what device you use to enter the codes. I do not have a PS Vita. Or sign in on the Sony website, go to the PlayStation store on the web, log in with your PSN information if prompted, and select redeem codes from the menu. What if that errors out? If you get the E-82000138 error, that means it cannot add the code because the wallet is not allowed to exceed $150. Also known as, you’ve got too many coupons and prepaid cards on the account. I’d love to have that problem. If you get a notice that you can use a four games for one or free ten dollar code, make sure you are actually on the code redemption screen.

And be careful about codes you might have gotten online, because international codes won’t work in the US. I’m pretty sure I am on the right screen, and these are PS4 codes from my own purchases or gift boxes. Check how old the code is. Some redemption codes expire after a certain date. So do not wait until my birthday to redeem gift cards from Christmas. And make sure you do not use PS3 gift codes on a PS4. Or worry that someone else already used the code while I was setting up the new console. That’s a possibility, too. But check to see if the code has been redeemed by going to account management, services list and see if the credits are there.

You might be banging your head on the console for codes not working because they already worked. And if not, try to enter it on the PC. Some PS Plus codes cannot be redeemed on the PC, only through the PS4. Now I’m really glad I do not have a Vita – so I do not have to try redeeming the code on three different devices. If I had the money for three devices, I would not be worried about redeeming every single gift code.

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