My PS4 Microphone Wont Work!

My PS4 microphone won’t work! Make sure you’re using a microphone and headset that works with a PS4. Second, make sure it is plugged in. It worked previously. Try plugging the headset and adapter into your phone, in case you might have broken a component in the headset. It is not like I whip it around my head like a lasso to celebrate victory over my enemies. If it did not recognize the headset from the get-go, I’d say that there may be a defect with the mm headset jack. How could I tell? Go to settings, device, audio devices, headset and headphones. If the volume bar is grayed out, then the PlayStation is not recognizing the headset. I guess that’s a good place to check whether the mic is not working because it is on mute, too. That’s right up there with making sure it is plugged in. You may want to unplug the headset and plug it back in, just in case that forces the PlayStation 4 to recognize it again.

Next would be unplugging and re-plugging the PlayStation 4 to the wall. No, copy Microsoft’s standard tech support and restart the PlayStation 4. So you think it may be a setting issue. A software update might have messed up the settings. You could select device on the menu and switch the audio setting to all audio instead of chat, then back again. I’d hate to think it is software, because I do not want to have to rebuild the system. If you hear other people but they do not hear you, there might be a NAT conflict that interferes with the chat. What other settings could I try to fix? Go to settings, audio devices, adjust devices and see if it is working.

You may have to mess with the settings on that screen until it registers your voice. At least it is less embarrassing than repeating a can you hear me now commercial with the other players. You could switch to a different party chat, in case the issue is that particular chat session. Or make sure that if you want to chat with other players, it is set to chat audio instead of all audio. What else can I try? Jiggle the connector and see if it is pushed in tightly to the controller. If it is not in all the way, you won’t get a good connection. That’s right up there with banging a hand on the console to try to snap something else in place. So make sure the primary audio output is set on optical. I did not see that one coming. The optical is the term for the digital out port.

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