My PS4 Disc Won’t Go In

My PS4 disc won’t go in. Make sure you are not putting in a type of disc the PlayStation 4 won’t play. I’m having issues with discs not going in, and with it popping discs out without me pushing the eject button. My suggestion is restarting it, ideally by holding down the button for a few seconds until it beeps, then letting it come back up. The next idea is actually holding down the button until it turns off and turning it back on. If in doubt, reboot. That’s Microsoft’s tech support solution, but I expect better with a Sony. If the last software updates are messing up the system, a restart may be all you need to fix it. Or not. The version updates caused it to sometimes reject discs, with units even selecting to eject repeatedly even after there was no disc in it.

How the heck do you fix that? One option, run the next update to fix the problem. Another option, restore to factory defaults and try not to let it update until the problem with the last update is fixed. I’ve heard it could actually be a hardware problem. Some units have an HDD or disc drive that is loose or out of alignment. I’d suggest looking for loose screws to tighten before trying to take anything out and hoping to put it back in the right way. I’d let tech support do that first. Yes, there is always the possibility that something is too wrong to be fixed by reboots, software updates, more reboots or restoring to factory defaults. I’d consider a restoration to factory defaults the ultimate in reboots. No, that’s more like initializing PS4 with the reinstall system software. But I would check to make sure you’re putting in the discs the right way and not putting in something so scratched up that it won’t read.

It should read it anyway. Not necessarily. If you’ve spilled a bunch of soda on the discs and then put them in, or it is just so dirty that it hosts a dust bunny now, gunk and junk could be messing up the mechanics inside it. Or just the sensors it uses to say start reading a disc, or recognize there is a disk so start reading it. At least I know not to give the unit a bath. Try switching games before you start exploring hardware problems and software glitches. This problem was noted with Knack and Killzone, but may not happen with other games.

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