My PS4 Beeps Three Times!

My PS4 beeps three times! Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! This is a PlayStation, not a retro robot. This seems excessive, since it only beeps once when I turn it on. It will beep extra times on shut down if you are shutting it down incorrectly. I’m holding down the button. What other ways are there? If you’re pushing the power button up and down because you do not know how to turn it off right. Actually, turning it off and then back on will result in three beeps.

I know how long to hold the button down. And unlike some devices, it does not beep as long as my finger is on the button. It may beep extra times because it beeps because it is shutting down, and extra times as it shuts down apps you did not shut down. So I should close down some apps before shutting down the PlayStation 4. Sure. And you may need to delete those apps, if they won’t shut down right.

I do not want to lose the content. If you paid for the content, you could try to re-download them to the PS4 after deleting them. You were asking for a solution to the beeps, and this is one potential resolution. I thought it was a network thing. The beeps may be because there is network activity going on, like the shutdown killing an ongoing download of an update. I heard it could be a hardware problem. It could beep an extra time if the hard drive is going on, but I think you’d notice if it was playing Blu-Ray 3D when you just got up and shut it down. I wonder what else could cause the extra beeps. It is syncing the data on the PlayStation 4 with the data saved to the cloud. That actually sounds like something it should be doing. I was concerned that this might be damaging the PS4. No. If something was wrong, you’d hear grinding of death, get a blue screen of death, not extra beeps. I’m glad to know it is not a dramatic beeping of death, if there was such a thing.

Only if you get so frustrated at the noise that you hit it with a sledgehammer, or decide to clean the HDD by giving the thing a bath in the sink. All I know is that if I did put it in the water like that lady did on Reddit, the beeping would stop for good. Just clean up the PlayStation 4 by deleting unused apps and waiting for it to finish network communications, and you’ll have fewer beeps to contend with.

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