Most Anticipated Games This E3 2017

E3 2017 is just around the corner and Whatoplay brings you our most anticipated games on the PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. Let’s check them out right now! SONY God of War. If there’s one game everyone’s looking forward to in this year’s E3, it’s gotta be Sony’s next installment of the God of War franchise. Greek Mythology is dead, and Norse beckons. Witness the coming of age story of Kratos and his offspring as they embark on a deadly land filled with deceitful gods and deadly beasts. We can’t wait! Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar’s latest gun slingin’ Western game is just around the corner. Unfortunately, it was delayed until 2018. Ride your horse and gallop around a bigger open-world to explore. If it’s Rockstar, it’s always a guarantee that this game will make your jaw drop. Did we mention it’s an Xbox One and PS4 exclusive? The Last Of Us 2. It’s definitely something that Naughty Dog would fill up their entire schedule for. The sequel to their popular post-apocalyptic drama continues on years after the first game.

Joel and Ellie are growing older and their hunt for the mysterious organization called Firefly is just the beginning. Details have been scarce, but there will be more once the E3 hits. Kingdom Hearts 3. As if there was any doubt, Square Enix’s most anticipated entry after the successful Disney slash Final Fantasy franchise is something we’re looking forward to. Although it’s announcement might be scrapped due to Square’s long line of plans for more Final Fantasy franchises.

But who knows? Final Fantasy VII Remake. If their popular Keyblade-wielding franchise isn’t around, then there’s always Cloud’s remastered journey to Midgard. This remake offers a ton of surprises to the fans of the classic masterpiece. The world is completely remade to offer a third-person action RPG that differs from the original. No more turn based scenarios, just fun slashing fun with Cloud’s good ol’ buster sword. Days Gone. If you’re looking for the most Zombie-like Zombie game, then Days Gone will please your craving for tearing up the undead. This game is set in a post-apocalyptic area where the human race is at the brink of extinction. Follow a man with a troubled past as he scours the ravaged Earth filled with hordes of undead. Death Stranding. Kojima’s new and tasty entry away from the clutches of Konami. This is his first game on his new company and it looks promising as hell. The story remains a mystery so far but Kojima’s star-studded cast brings Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen on center stage. Considering it’s a Kojima game, expect weird and odd things to happen all around.

Spiderman PS4. A working title. Insomniac Games’ upcoming Spiderman game brings you to the city of New York in Web Slinging fashion. We have no idea what lies in store for our friendly neighborhood superhero, but we’re hoping we could control his dual lives. MaybeHigh School and crime fighting working together? We’ll find out soon enough. Uncharted: Lost Legacy. The lure of adventure continues on in Naughty Dog’s latest spelunking franchise. This standalone entry comes with a new story and a new cast of characters that may seem familiar to Uncharted fans. Nathan is on retirement and it’s up to Nadine and Chloe to find a precious relic in Indian shores. Detroit: Become Human. Another game for the PlayStation 4. Set in a futuristic cyberpunk world. Take a thrilling story between multi-layered characters who share a common goal.

Perhaps the best feature in this game is its branching choices. You can make your own decisions and watch the story progress with whatever choice you pick. That’s something we’re looking forward to! NINTENDO SWITCH Super Mario Odyssey. This sandbox adventure strays away from their classic formula and takes you to the hustle and bustle of the big city. Follow Mario and his throwable sentient cap as they roam around the lively city filled with fun things to do and people to meet.

Knowing Nintendo, we’re pretty sure there’s more surprises in store for us for the Switch. Monster Hunter XX. CAPCOM isn’t holding back with their entries, too. With the success of Monster Hunter on all Nintendo platforms, it’s time they focus the next mainline entry on their list to the Nintendo Switch. It was recently announced that Japan (as usual) gets to taste the game first, but we’re looking forward to an imminent Western release! Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Hell yes! Fans of the first Xenoblade Chronicles will be delighted to know that its sequel is currently on Switch’s calendar. Story revolves around a new character in search for a place called “Elysium”. Unfortunately, no details have been unveiled but from the looks of it, it’s gonna be bigger and better. Obviously. MICROSOFT Crackdown 3. After a long wait, this Microsoft exclusive makes its long-awaited announcement. The thirst for destruction and chaos makes its return with enhanced gameplay, improved visuals and a whole new story. Details have been scarce, but E3 will shed some light to it. State of Decay 2. Another Microsoft exclusive. After the success of its predecessor, Undead Labs decides to take you to their decaying world once again.

Known for its unique survival elements, team up with a group of people to keep yourself alive from the harshness of reality. Fend off zombies, build settlements, or be a lone wolf. It’s your very own zombie-apocalypse story. Sea Of Thieves. Yet another Microsoft Exclusive, this sea-faring multiplayer-adventure game takes you to the high seas! Gather your crew of buffons and landlubbers and voyage around the deep blue ocean. Pillage other player’s treasures, steal their gold, and blow their ship. It’s Piracy at its finest. Hopefully it won’t get cancelled. Cuphead. An adorable Indie game that takes you to the time where 1930’s cartoon dominated television. Control Cuphead as he makes a dangerous deal with the devil. Embark on a perilous journey to make things right in its run and gun style gameplay. Gamers have been eyeing this game since it was announced.

Forza Motorsport 7. What’s Microsoft without another Forza game? There’s absolutely no news coming from Microsoft about their latest game, but rumors stated that this game will come out on their upcoming Project Scorpio. Could you just imagine?! MULTIPLATFORM Star Wars Battlefront II. DICE’s next game will open new possibilities for the franchise’s latest movies. This time, this first-person shooter listened to the previous games’ feedback. This sequel will add more quality to the gameplay, characters, and a sweet campaign mode fit for the hardcore Star Wars fans. Set to release this November 17, 2017. Call of Duty: World War II. Taking a step back from its futuristic war zones., EA’s rival manages to open its doors to the peak of World War 2. Set your sights in classic artillery and go around the world to revisit the memorable moments from the war that changed the world. This is definitely Activision’s top priority for E3 2017 and we can’t wait for their surprises before they hit the shelves this November 3, 2017. Destiny 2. Bungie’s sequel to their sci-fi shooter returns with all new quests to fulfill, new missions to take, and powerful loot to have.

Various videogame sources stated that the game’s planets will be bigger than ever. Aside from that, new sub-classes and supers are on the list. But you know the biggest news? A PC version is confirmed! Hell to the yeah! Far Cry 5. What lies in store for our weary adventurer? Political boycotts aside, this latest entry to Ubisoft’s first-person-shooter is brimming with Religious angst in a fictional state in Montana. Tread over farmsteads, fishing ponds and set your sights to possibly the biggest Far Cry game to date. Don’t forget to mind the wildlife! Middle Earth: Shadow Of War. No longer a stealth-action adventure game centered around Mordor, Shadow of War takes you to the iconic places of Middle-Earth to amass your army and fulfill your lust for revenge alongside The Bright Lord. Embrace the sweet improvements of the Nemesis System to create your original series in each story.

It was delayed to October 10, 2017 Ni No Kuni 2. This sequel to Level-5’s beautiful RPG continues to spread its spirit of grandeur and wonderful art into the PlayStation 4. Experience another gripping story that shapes the future of the Kingdom in the most magical of ways. Meet new characters, feel the music and bask in Studio Ghibli’s animations. Untitled Assassin’s Creed Game. Recently announced by Ubisoft but with no further details, this new entry to their series will revolutionize Assassin’s Creed forever.

At least that’s what they said. Rumors stated that this game takes place in Ancient Egypt and called “Origins”, but that’s all we know so far. After the 1 year hiatus, we’re hoping we might get to see a good Assassin’s Creed game this time. Untitled Life Is Strange Sequel. Recently announced by DONTNOD a weeks ago, this latest installment from their heart wrenching, time bending, episodic story brings new to the table.

Are we getting a new character? A new story? We’ll find out, HOPEFULLY, this E3 2017. Did we miss something? Comment below and we’ll talk about your most anticipated games this E3 2017!.

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