MMORPG IN VR! | OrbusVR MMO (Upcoming HTC Vive Games 2017)

Hi lovely people! I’m Cas and I’m Chary. Welcome to this special video! Today we’re going to show you guys the gameplay of the first massively multiplayer Online RPG game in Virtual Reality and it’s called: *Drum rolls* OrbusVR! It’s not out yet, but the beta version will come in the first quarter of this year! We had the chance to test the pre-alpha version out yesterday and we got so excited.

So we really want to show you guys what we thought of it. Because it’s only a pre-alpha version, we’re not going to do a regular review. We’re just gonna show you guys what you can do in the game right now and in the future. Enough with the talking, let us show you guys what we mean! Orbus VR is a fantasy MMO that is built from the ground-up for VR.

First of all. It’s a MMO, so ofcourse it’s social. You can turn on your mic and hang out with others. There are two ways of walking. You can walk with the locomotion trackpad and use teleporting. So there’s something for everyone! If you’re teleporting, you have wait until your teleportation area expands to be able to walk further. I’m guessing they built that in to make it fair to the trackpad walkers. If you’re tired of all the walking you can take airships for transport. At the moment there are 4 classes to choose from. The runemage is freaking cool! You get a wand and you have to memorize and draw a rune to be able to cast a spell. It takes some practice, but once you’ve done it, you’ll feel like a true wizard. You have the ranger, with its bow and arrow skills. You can choose different arrows to shoot with. There’s the warrior with its sword and shield. What’s great is that you can’t just waggle your sword around to hit an enemy, because the amount of damage that the sword will do is based on the distance the sword travels between strikes and the force with which you swing it.

So take large arcing swings to do more damage! Then there’s the musketeer. He has a gun and around it there are orbs. You can grab the orbs and load them on your gun and shoot them at the enemies. One of the orbs heals your allies. Then you also have a turret orb on your belt. Use this to attack an enemy from a distance. To choose a class just open up the menu. You can change your settings here or open up your inventory. The way the menu works is awesome, you actually have to point your finger at it and press it like you would in real life (Sword art online anyone?). It feels very natural. To sheathe and unseathe your weapon you have to reach behind your head, it’s like you’re wearing a bag and you put stuff in it. Once you’ve chosen the class you desire, you’re ready to take on the monsters that’s roaming the world to level up.

Above your head you’ll see your level and experience bar. Ofcourse, like any MMO there is loot for grabs. Fight a monster, grab the loot and maybe it’ll reward you some nice cosmetics to show off your friends. If you’re tired from all the fighting, sit back and relax, enjoy the view or… do some fishing! In the future you’ll be able to solve puzzles, craft, do quests, and fight other players.

So tell me guys, are you also excited for this game to come out? because we definitely are.

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