Meet ZEZIMA – My Epic Workstation PC – i7-6900k, GTX 1080

I know this is a little late, but I wanted to make a quick video showing off my badass editing workstation that I use to produce my videos, manage my business, game, and so on. I received the rig back in August as part of the sponsored Intel Streamers Bootcamp project, provided by CyberPowerPC – just to get disclosures out of the way. The rig is housed in a Cooler Master Master Case 5, and boasts an Intel i7-6900k – which is a BAWS of a CPU. 8 cores, 16 threads, this thing shreds through video, streaming, anything I throw at it. It now has more processing power than my dual-CPU render server I built early last year, freeing the server up to serve other functions. They’ve got a basic 120mm all in one water cooler on it.

I prefer air cooling, but this one has been serving me well thus far. 32GB of RAM is what it came with – I’m hoping to get someone to send me a 64 gig kit soon, as I max out the 32 quite frequently – and it looks pretty slick. There’s a MSI GTX 1080 in there. This is the first time I’ve ever owned a top-tier 80-level card before, so it’s been blowing me away every time I get a chance to game (which, admittedly, is not often).

Lastly, it came with a 450GB Intel 750 series NVME PCIe SSD. This thing is the fastest storage device I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t expecting to be impressed, but I am impressed. For expansion, I have my old Sound Blaster Z sound card from my old rig – not because I use it for “better sound” or anything, but because I need the extra input and output channels to run my audio mixer – and I’ve recently added in a USB card. This kicked out my Elgato HD60 Pro, which was serving me pretty faithfully for quite some time in here. I’ve added in 3 SSDs – a 240GB for games, a 500GB as my recording destination for OBS and Nvidia Shadowplay, and then another 240GB as a scratch disk and cache drive for my Adobe suite.

This speeds up editing and rendering quite a bit. In the bottom section I also have a 2TB mechanical hard drive for documents, additional games, photos, general storage like that. The rest of my storage is now all on my network – it’s pretty slick. Oh yeah, and it came with a M-Disc and BluRay drive, which I actually use quite a bit. All of this is running through an ASUS X99-A II motherboard, which… I’m honestly not too happy with. I’ve always loved ASUS’s motherboards, and I love the X99 platform… But I really wish it would have been a WS (workstation) board. I have a ton of issues with USB on it – I use a LOT of USB devices, and it doesn’t like it all that much.

That’s why I had to grab the expansion card, to take some of the load off of the onboard USB. My old AMD FX build had terrible USB drivers, but it handled all the USB usage I could throw at it like a tank. This one… not so much. The case came loaded with the Aura RGB lighting strips. They look good, even if they don’t play nice with cameras at ANY shutter speed, but the remote they gave me is utter crap.

It’s touch-sensitive, much like the power button on the original Xbox One model, and eats through battery life or is otherwise just unresponsive. It was a nightmare trying to get any color changes to go through for b-roll here, so sometimes the color doesn’t match and I just couldn’t do anything about it. Oh well, not a huge thing I worry about. I have a jerry-rigged triple monitor setup going for this PC: A Monoprice 27” UHD display in the center, a Monoprice 28” 1440p display on the left, and then an ASUS 21” or so 1080p display on the right that is also shared with my PS4.

This badass of a PC, along with my System76 Lemur laptop (also given to me as part of a sponsorship) help me stay super productive every day. I do use other servers and computers as part of my workflow and am always expanding, but this is the heart of it all. I get asked a lot about the equipment I used, so I wanted to have fun shooting some b-roll. I hope you enjoy the glamor shots. Like the video if you liked it, subscribe for more, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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