MATRIX SIMULATOR | SuperHOT VR #1 (Oculus Rift Virtual Reality)

WUZZUP TOP OF THE MORNIN’ TO YA LADDIES My name is Jacksepticeye And welcome to SUPER HOT VR edition! I’ve been waitin’ for ages for this- -Yes, I know what you’re tellin’ me to do: to pick up my controllers But I’m not gonna do it, ’cause I don’t wanna click on this gun. um, ever since VR, or ever since “SuperHOT” was announced, And VR was kind of announced around the same time I’ve been waiting for this for ages. And they’ve been talking about implementing it for the longest time as well, And it came out recently, But, I didn’t have the Oculus touch controllers, until just today. Umm… Well, they-they arrived… Oh yeah!! Today! * Cute Laughs* They did arrive today… So, these are them… I don’t know if you can see them properly right now ’cause I’m in the headset … I mean, I don’t know… I can’t see anything.. Umm… And it’s really cool!! SuperHot VR is fucking awesome!! Because you get to, like, dodge all the bullets and… Like, punch the guys in the face and everything… It’s so cool so, without further ado… Let’s just get in and do it! BOOOM! BITCH! See you later! *Laughing* *throw’s VR gun* WOOOOO! Aw, it’s Awesome and I can actually punch the guys in the face now this time!! LIKE A BOSS and all that! (Game: SUPER HOT) SUPER!!! HOT!! (x2) Oh, I’ll grab…..

I’ll grab on for dear life Let’s do this Hi fella, do I not have a gun? Okay… It says time only moves when I move but this guy is not moving at all Hi, how is it going? Oh my god, that’s trippy HOLY!.. SHIT! *intensifies* It’s so weird to actually be able to see them up close What’s happening Do you need… Do you need a punch in the face? Aaahh your telling me what to do Can you stop doing that… whats with the- Shit drawing?? Okay, PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!!! YES! Okay. Now I have to fight more of you…that’s good! You wanna go the way of your friend? no, come on Swing swing Swing and a miss! PWAAH! PWAAAAAH!! YEEEEES! *laughs* oh shit, okay Hi. You’re dead (laughs) Bend over baby Hello? OOOH- I can actually punch his fist OH YEEAAAAA (SUPER) AAAhhhh! (laugh) (HOT) THAT WAS COOL!! (SUPER) Oh god (HOT) yeah Hello? Knock (SUPER) Knock…anybody in there? SUPER HOT! (SUPER) Oh, holy shit, THIS IS (HOT) AMAZING!!!! THIS IS COOL! These track super well too And I’m not just saying this, either But these are my favorite VR controllers Out of all the ones I’ve tried The PlayStation VR ones are obviously gonna be the worst because…

They were designed for something else first But the Vive ones are pretty good But these just actually feel like really good This feels like I actually have a fist right now Okay. what am I doing? Oh shit, OH CRAP! Move your body! Okay. Come on try and hit me. Try and hit me WOAH. WOAHHHHHH HOLY FUCK THAT’S COOL nom! (laughs) Come on Try and hit me buddy-boy Try and hit me! Okay oka- you’re getting- you’re getting a little close [glass smash] (SUPER) AAAAGH CRAP!! (HOT) I thought I could grab the gun- FUCK YOU!!! (SUPER) aww yeah! The dodging bullets part is the coolest uh-oh…

Uh-oh… okay [glass smash] OH I messed you up! aah shit that missed [glass smashing] BWHAA!! AAAH right in the arm!! WHOOOOP!! KYOOOP!! Oh shit OH SHIT! HUAAA!! Get ’em GET ‘EM HAAAAHAA!! SO cool! Gimme more bullets “Give it a try” Oh. WOOOHOHOH YEEESS FUCK YEAAAAAAH!!! OH, THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! Okay. ”Raise your hands” I- Put up ya fisticuffs young sir!! WOAAAAAAAAAH *Sean making sound effects* PUUUUHHHH!!! WA PUUUHHH!! (evil laugh) bye! AAAHAHAHA!! Okay I can’t hit that from here Oh shit okay okay! OKAY! OHH-KAY kay… can I grab the gun? HUAAA!! fuck yeah! Oh we’re in an airport Oh god…huuue PUUUAAHH!! Nice dodge, dude! Not so much the second time around but… FUCK YOU! oooh..this is fun!! This is way more fun then regular super hot Surprising no one by saying that – WHOAH!!! WAAAAUW!!! Okay can I actually…

OH MY GOD That’s fuckin’ awesome! oh shit.. Oh shit I missed with everything WHOAOAOAWUUUUUUHHAHAHA!!! Fuck yeah! Don’t hit me Don’t hit me- you’re very close PUAAAAAHHH!!! WHUUUU!!! and just gonna go back to work dum da dum da dum *laughs* yeah!! hahaha *laughing* let’s fuck shit up! Who else is here? okay ohh-kay Woah fuck! Did that hit the chair? *Gun clicks* YEAAHH!! (HOT) SUPER HOT! (SUPER, HOT) *Glug glug glug glug* WOOHOO! *Giggles* Woah, fuckin’ awesome. Okay. What else you got for me? “Are you ready to play?” What have I… what else have I been doing all this time? “Show your dedication” Oh, okay. OOH. OH MY GOD! Holy shit!! I had to show my dedication by killing myself well, killing yourself in the game. Cause that’s where all – Woah! That’s what they keep telling you in all these VR games is that killing yourself in the game is the only way to escape the game.

And that’s what always happens in all of VR media. Ahh, yeah I got my little sensors in here as well. So it’s super meta now cause before when we played it we were a guy sitting in this room and we had to walk up behind him and shoot him. But now that we’re actually in VR and we have a VR headset in real life playing a VR game like it’s so bizarre. Also I know I’ve said that these Oculus rift controllers are pretty good but can we please get these? The gloves, that actually match all our fingers? That would be really cool.

Okay Let’s head back in. whew! Do I have to put on the headset? Or are you just gonna lower it onto my head? “Please put on your headset” Okay! Awww! That’s awesome! That’s so bizarre as well !! Now that I’m actually in VR, heading into a game, heading into VR, heading into a game. That’s so awesome! BOOSHK! OHH!!! Did you all see that? there’s a helicopter over there Oh God Oh shit [gun clicks] Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! *maniacal laughter* OH The dude from before! Uh oh. Did you shoot me?! FUCK! This dude! UAGHHHHHH I have to start the whole thing over again?! This dude, fell while I was down there! He’s still falling! That’s fucking cool! [Gun clicks] [gun firing] Did I get everyone? yeah, hell yeah I did! That was so awesome! okay, I’m saying the fucking same things over, and over again. I can’t I can’t say how awesome this actually is! Like having played the game normally, and now seeing it in VR!? it’s fucking awesome! Oh God Give me your fucking gun.

You only have fists. [Gun firing sounds] [Glass smashing] YESSS! Oh yeah! Hello? Calculator? Can you call my wife, and tell her I’m sexy as hell? There was a fucking gun down here all this time! *fires bullets* Why didn’t you tell me, ya fuck!?! GOOD yes guns are good Oh god I thought he fell over [Gun firing] ohh shit…ohh shit Second gun one gun is good but two guns are better (SUPER) Hahaha (HOT) BADOOM! (SUPER) Oh I can actually- if (HOT) I had infinite ammo (SUPER) I’d be able to juggle the gun (HOT) in the air with my bullets (SUPER) SUPER! (HOT) HOT!!! *Game sound effect* Awee Yeah! Let’s do it, I wanna do it so much more! *Game sound effect, Gun firing* BOOM!! GAAAHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh god I almost fucked that up. YEAHHHHH, AWE There was a Chinese dragon there. Okay, this is confusing cause you have to get your bearings right away [Guns firing] Yesssss! … Hello… could you die? Yes! GOD I’m fucking good at this! Haha! Wooo! Hello Dragon [Gun clicking] *click click, out of bullets* Taste my gun! *Clicks tongue* Well apparently I throw like a little girl *laughs* *gun breaks* Come on! Ohhh Apples! OM!! *Sound effect* Oh shit- Surrounded, surrounded! Uh oh UH OH [Gun clicks] Uh OH! [Glass smashing] HUUUUUH HAAAAAAAAHH! FUCK YEAH! I feel like a ninja!!! WAHHHHHHH [static noise] THAT WAS BADASS!!!! Did you see how cool I was! *slow-mo* WWWAAAAAAHHHHH Hello! PAAA! You wanna touch my hand? Dum- Dum-Dum-Da-Dum! Get the fuck outta here.

OH HE HAS A SHOT GUN NO nO no-(SUPER) YES! (HOT) I thought I failed! (SUPER) I thought I thought I got shot! Oh, (HOT) little buddy! *MUAH* (SUPER) That is fucking trippy (HOT, SUPER) Holy shit- Good (HOT) god, HAH! I will grab indeed good sir, good man. Hi. How are you? God, Why do I feel like I was going to fall off somethin’? Cause the last level had an edge there and I thought I was just going to drop. Oh-kay Hi- Oohhh…. The tracking all went off. What happened? Oh-Kay, there we go. … PAAAAAA!!! Bye bye, little guy! Son of a bitch… oh that’s fuckin’ cooool It’s like playing your own slow motion movie- Except I have to keep moving to get the things to work Gimme your gun OH, HI!! [gun shot, gun shot, GLASS BREAKING] FUUUUCKKK! He got me Son of a bitch PAAAAAW! Hahahaha Bye bye! [Glass breaking] Yeah, churn you up into bits Ughhh, Uhhh [Gun firing, glass breaks, gun clicks] Did I get him? Please tell me I did C’mon… Oh shit… YESS! Make them pay Okay-Okay, Hi Oh shit, ooohhhh shit…. [gun fires] OH SHIT [gun fires] Did I get him? YES! FUCK YEAH! WOOOHOOOOO! Oh shit, “Let Loose” Let loose, rubber goose! [Gun clicks, firing bullets] [gun firing] Holy shit, this makes me feel like a badass.

“Wait for it” Oh my god everything stopped. *Moves and realizes* Oh WAHHH Whhaha, WHAAAA Whaaahhaa WOAHOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOA Heh, oh shit. [Glass breaks] Did I die?? No.. Oh! Thank god, “Hardware error, Rebooting” Holy shit- Oh my screens broken *Narrator talking in the background* Who did this?! *Guy talking about his video game creation on radio* Who the fuck is that!? Sir!? Could you shut up? Okay I don’t really care, I’m going back in Give me the headset I wanna put my headset on Yes? THANK YOU Lets get in and kick some ass again Everybody runs faster with a knife! [Gun clicks] [Glass smashing] Oh shit… Puhuhuhuehe, Puuhuu! [gun shot] [glass smashing] [gun clicks] Uh oh *Shink* (mimicking the bullet splitting sound effect) Tink! *AMAZED* OH MY GOD I SPLIT THE BULLET!!!! 😀 *Shink* HAAH! *Shink* Haahaahaha!! You ain’t fuckin’ catchin’ me! Uh oh OH YES! HOLY FUCK!!!! OH, I WANNA DO THAT AGAIN! Oh shit now I can’t do my splittin’ bullet thing *Crash, guns firing* I fucking did it anyway Huwaa! Awe I wanna throw the gun I wanna throw it and catch it Look at this one Bottle flip!! *Shoots gun* Hehehe Uh oh…

UH OH. Hi UHAA, I need this! OHHH!! SHIT! THATS FUCKIN’ COOL!!! DAMMIT I died! Awe I have to go all the way back to the start Tink! *laughing* and uh Tink! *chuckles* Shhhhit! [Crash, Glass breaks] Yes! Okay, come on Come on! [Gun fires] FUCK YOUUUU!!! OHHH YEAH!!! That’s what VR is all about! HAAA *Fires gun* BUHAAA What do I do?? FFFFF Fuck you guys *spits* spit on you “Special delivery”! Is it my fists? Oh no, it’s not it’s actually A gun Huh Which is really handy! Could I…? Tink, tink tink! OHHH. Samurai ninja! Even though those are two different things, but I feel fucking POWERFUL!!! [Gun firing, Glass smashing] ‘lotta dead guys in here… What the fuck do I do?! O-kay! OH-KAY NO YOU DONT!!! (SUPER) YESSSS!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!!! (HOT) Did I do it?!? I did it, right? Hello? I didn’t! I…

I give up, I give up, that’s it! Yeah that’s it It’s over, oh oH it’s OVER It’s… Yah FUCKED IT YA FUCKED IT! Awe man I did it, it was even saying SUPER HOT But I died at the same time. Fuck it! OKAY! Well that does it for this episode of ‘SUPER HOT: VR!’ Holy shit! That is one of the COOLEST VR games I’ve ever played. Mother of god! That utilizes VR FUCKING perfectly Being able to dodge around shit, grab stuff, shoot other guys, that is the coolest EVER! I feel like I was in the matrix the entire time! I wanted to do the whole like: WOAHAOAOOO hahaha! That’d be so cool! Why didn’t I do that? Damn it, heh.

But yeah, Oculus Rift has really come into its own now It DOES suck, however, that Oculus have decided to have like their own Platform for it, because the Vive, uhm, I know that belongs to Steam and Valve, but, they allow Oculus games on Steam as well. But Oculus is like ‘Well, we have our own DRM, we have our own system’ Cause I have to go Well, actually I don’t know if I had to, but when I launched *Clears throat* ‘SUPER HOT’ on Steam, I couldn’t play it with the Rift, it wouldn’t load up like that. Unless there’s a way of doing it, now I’m just bullshitting for no reason, But I had to go off and buy it again on the Oculus store to be able to play the VR version.

So, unless there two completely different versions, or there’s a way of launching the Steam one like that, it was a bit cumbersome… umm.. And I still don’t really like Oculus as a company, kinda thing. It’s a bit all over the place and these things, I don’t know why, the oh I can show you them up close now- I don’t know why these didn’t come with the Rift. But it’s really very nice cause you can see there’s a sensor here and when you put your thumb on that some of the games, like the demo you had to play was puttin’ in disks here and there, and when I put my thumb on this, my thumb actually went down in the game, and then, I could go like this and do a thumbs up.

And then, if I went like this, if I pointed my finger, there must be a sensor on this somewhere and when I went like that, he actually pointed his hand like that in the game, and I could point my finger at things, and I could do thumbs up, and then this was a full fist, which feels like a full fist, like this This feels really good in my hand, and that’s why I had to put the straps on, er… Should put the straps on because, you feel like You feel like it’s just your hands and sometimes you forget that, oh, when you let go you have controllers in your hands, so. They’re very, very nice I [Thud Sound, Drops it!] I broke it, apparently I love those controllers and they do come it does come with another sensor, because, as you can see the Vive has these Base stations, theres one there, and one up here.

Uhm… And that calculates where you are *clears throat* with the Vive which is great, but this one like, tracks the headset and then I have another sensor here that tracks the controllers, and it’s a bit weird because… Uhm, when I turned this way, I kinda lose tracking in the controllers, the headset is usually fine anyway, but losing tracking in the controllers is kind of annoying, so. The good thing is that I can buy more sensors, so I might buy like another sensor or two more sensors to put them up behind here, and then it’ll track everything perfectly, but so far, very very impressed. I thought the Vive was gonna walk away with like, VR competition because of how good that actually is. But this is REALLY damn good and I like that the headphones are just attached onto this and they’re actually decent headphones and they’ve got tracking and everything.

So I’m impressed with that. the only thing is that the Oculus rift has kind of like a boxed mode, that when you’re looking through it, you don’t have the FOV of some of the other headsets it feels like you’re kinda wearing blinkers all the time, and it kinda cuts off the top and bottom as well, a tiny bit more than some of the others, but the resolution and everything is really, really good in this. Man! I’m excited for more VR games! I hope I might actually get back and do some more ‘SUPER HOT’ VR, uhm with this, and try to finish it – I heard it’s not very long, there’s actually another video’s worth of levels in it, and we can do that, and then I’m gonna try and find some other games that use these controllers, really well too.

I know there’s a climbing game, but I don’t know how good it actually is, So I’m going to look around for those, can’t wait! There’s also a- uhm, uh- drawing game, remember like ‘Tiltbrush? For the Vive? There’s one of those for the Oculus Rift as well called ‘Quill’, and you can like scale stuff in and out, and it looks astonishing. Go look up a trailer for ‘Quill’, uhm, for VR for the Oculus Rift It’s REALLY impressive. But, anyway…. THANK you guys so much for watching this video… If you LIKED it…. PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE, LIKE A BOSS! AND, High fives all around…

*KWAPISH* Thank you guys and I will see you all you dudes… IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!!! *Outro* [High Energy Music] God, I’m flopping around, my hair keeps getting in my eyes STOP IT!.

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