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There are many unbelievable legends in the world. Such as the Ark, which drove out evil in times long past. You’re looking for the Ark? Ha, who believes such things exist? No one has seen it after the war. It’s probably a legend fabricated by the bards. The Ark…everyone has forgotten about it… The Children of the Forest, the engineers of the Machine Nation, the Fae who left to the Garden of Elegance, and even the knights who began the Age of Glory have forgotten the Ark. But they’ll soon be punished for their poor memories. Where is the Ark! Hang on! Do not bring your vitriol to this great Land of Peace! A new war is brewing.

You must find the Ark quickly! Welcome to the world of the Lost Ark. You will take on the role of heroes who must save the world from the Demon Legion of Kazeroth. I will introduce you to the heroes now. The fist is the Battle Master. The Battle Master uses speed and powerful combos to take down her foes. Her air combos are especially devastating.

Furthermore, if her elemental gauge is full, she can destroy hordes of enemies in a single blow. The Devil Hunter is one hell of a gun-slinger. He makes use of three different stances. His first stance is quick on the draw with Double Handguns. This is best for eliminating fast-approaching enemies. For larger, closer enemies, nothing works quite as well as the Shotgun stance. And finally, the Rifle stance to snipe off those enemies in the distance that are best not to confront. If you can think on your feet and have cat-like reflexes, the Devil Hunter will be your best choice. The Arcana uses cards as medium of powerful spells.

She can cast cards chosen by a roulette wheel that spins according to special conditions. The Showtime card empowers her to deal tremendous amount of damage! She also has the Wheel of Fate, which allows her to re-cast a previous Ultimate Skill. It’s all about using her cards at the right time in the right combination. There are more awesome classes. The Warlord is a knight with strong armor. Even while soaking damage he has a number of attacks with his lance and shield. Next is the heavy-handed martial artist, the Infighter. His attacks explode as with pent-up energy and deal terrifying amounts of damage. Enemies who are struck may become pulverized, or are blown away by the impact. The Summoner can command beasts by interacting with spirits. The power of the Ancient Spirits are especially immense. This is the Berserker, a warrior that wields a huge two-handed sword in battle. When he enters a frenzied state, he can crush any enemy with his strength. After selecting a class, it is time to learn about upgrading your skills via the Tripod System. Let’s explore this system by using a Battle Master skill as an example.

First, you can select an affinity of your choice, and then modify the attack type in the second step. Lastly, you can upgrade its range or increase its area of effect to attack more enemies. This will allow you to adapt to different circumstances in battle. Use the Tripod System to create a unique classes of your own. Well, which class was your favorite? You can take your time before answering. There are still more fascinating classes in Lost Ark. You will not be disappointed. The world of the Lost Ark is alive and its story is told by the players. “Hello, sir!” “Please come in.” “Hey, what are you going to do?” You can sneak in and eavesdrop on conversations, “So the theft was successful?” “You know he’s good.” “We’ll make the deal in the market, tomorrow afternoon.” “Shh, lower your voice!” “Thief! Catch that thief!” You may have to leap from rooftops to catch a thief.

Use the fireflies in a bottle to light the darkness, and don’t panic when you see a steep cliff or a broken road. Support your allies fighting below by crossing a narrow rope, and immerse yourself in adventures you’ve only dreamt about. Now, we will talk about the field. In Lost Ark, there exists a ‘life level’ different from the battle level. Oh dear, your pick is broken. Raise your life level to learn the Mining Bomb skill.

Easy, right? Your hound has caught an interesting scent! Investing in archaeology will reveal hidden artifacts. This player is into logging. If there is a tree too big to tackle alone, try it with your friends. Don’t limit yourself to one method. Lost Ark can provide you with numerous life skills. Now, on to larger areas. Players out in the sea can captain their ships and engage in various activities. You can gather fish with nets, or salvage goods with cranes. If you’re familiar with navigation, then it’s time to sail out and explore new lands. How about hiring an ice breaker to forge new sea routes? Why…that’s a ghost ship! If we can’t avoid them, we should meet them head-on. After a long journey, you can discover new, uncharted lands. Find out for your self what fortunes await you there. Even we cannot say how many secret routes exist in the game. But hidden rooms that you discover will not disappoint you. Now, it’s time to have a closer look at the world of Lost Ark.

First, let’s see what you can do in town. You can engage in card battles with monster cards you find during adventures, or participate in simple competitions like beer drinking. This is the Colosseum. The Colosseum is a fighting arena to earn wealth and glory. Players can engage in 1 vs 1 matches on matters of pride. The 3 vs 3 matches require teamwork. Only those who challenge can reap the rewards of victory. Prove the skills you honed in adventures! Let’s head out of town and into the field, shall we? You can gather resources necessary for life or hunt monsters for rare materials. The players are getting restless. Ah, it’s because of this huge monster. Unexpected things may happen in the field, so never let your guard down. We will now head for the Glacier Valley in Northern Sushire. In some ways…the days when we fought demons were the happier times. At least, we didn’t have to face Berutooth, the lord of the frost lands. A Guardian is a monster who reigns supreme – the top of the food chain. You will encounter these rare and powerful entities during your travels. Faith in your allies will be the key to defeating this huge beast.

If a battle proves to be too difficult, look around. This chain seems strong enough to bind Berutooth. If you want to take the rare artifacts protected by the Guardians, brace yourself for a challenging battle. We have barely scratched the surface. In Lost Ark, there are countless boss enemies beyond your imagination. Climbing the path to the Tomb of King Lutheran may be the most difficult quest of your life. Overcome the harsh obstacles and climb to the top floor to get closer to the Ark. Are you ready to meet the challenges of this new world of Lost Ark? I wish you luck.

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