Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Review – Best RGB Gaming Keyboard 2017

Hello everyone, JerenVids here, and welcome to my first product review video. Today I will be showing the new Logitech G910 keyboard, which was sent to me by logitech so I could review it. You can see the price and more information from the link in the description below. Logitech G910 is a mechanical gaming keyboard with backlighting. The keys contail total of 16 million colors, that you can customize to your liking.

Currently this keyboard has the fastest mechanical switches on the market, which means that it is really good for gaming. I have used this keyboard for one week now, and it seems perfect for me Over here you can see some customizable keys, that you can use to create macros or other key combinations. You can customize this keyboard using the Logitech Gaming Software, which I will show later in this video. These buttons on the top right corner are the media keys, that you can use to control your music or movies. That little wheel can be used to change your volume, and there’s a mute button next to it. So let’s have a look at the Logitech Gaming Software, which you can download from Logitech’s website. Using it you can change between different gaming modes, colors and macros.

It’s really simple to use, so you won’t have any problems with it. Now let’s check out the different color themes this keyboard has. Fixed color paints your keyboard to only one color. This one is the breathing effect, the lights go on and off really slowly. The star effect randomly lights up different keys. Color cycle changes the color about once per second. Color wave is my favorite one. The colors change in really cool waves. With the key press mode, every time you press a key, it lights up for few seconds. Using this mode you can paint your own colors to it. This keyboard also has a dock for your phone.

With it you can control your keyboard’s color and switch between different gaming modes. You can also see your GPU and CPU usage with it. So, would I recommend getting this keyboard? Well, if you already have a good computer and you like having a good looking setup, then just go for it. This keyboard isn’t too expensive, since you will probably use it for few years. Thanks for watching, you can check out my website JerenVids.com for more product reviews.

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