June PlayScores for Android | 12 New Android Games of June 2017

12 Games have just received their PlayScores on the Android. The PlayScore is a standard rating that averages gamer and critic reviews.

12. Opening our list is The Mummy Dark Universe Stories While the the latest Fraser-less remake of The Mummy was neither a critical nor a box office success, this movie tie-in seems to make a better job of introducing their strange, and monstrous Dark Universe to the global stage. From the same hands that made the award-winning Oxenfree and Mr. Robot, Night School Studio is putting their own elegant twist to this episodic adventure. Picking right up after the events of the film, this might not be the best game for the spoiler-averse. Step into the shoes of protagonist Nick Morton as he goes on a globe-trotting journey to decode an ancient spellbook and lift an evil curse.
Solve puzzles and uncover mysteries in vivid comic-book style visuals, spread over 12 chapters–with even more coming in the following months. Unfortunately, navigating through the whole narrative might cost you. Operating under a ticket system, you’ll only be receiving free tickets after every six hour or so hours. Although, with its clever banter and stylish visuals, it still might be a worthy investment for some. It has a PlayScore of 6.9.

11. Asphalt Street Storm Racing In their latest iteration of their famous Asphalt racing series, they’re taking their players to the streets with the adrenaline pumping action of drag racing. Head to the streets and compete against the fastest, and baddest cars in the history of this bloody sport. This time, they set the bar way higher with their upgraded dynamic weather systems, graphics, and content that will make any racing enthusiast’s hearts swell with joy.
Race in streets of the world’s iconic landmarks, boosting past the lovely and futuristic sights of New York, Paris, and Hong Kong. Ready your pink slips to bet for the best cars, or take part in the fun and compete for the money and the juicy bragging points, against up to three victory-hungry opponents. With their revamped Dynamic Weather system, competition is tougher than ever, as you drive through rain, sleet, and snow. Get a hold of your grip, or risk losing your crown. While they’ve definitely pumped up the volume on visuals, it seems Gameloft is losing touch with their player base, with its ridiculous progression system that forces players to consider their rather expensive in-app purchases. That, on top of the rather bland gameplay, gives it a PlayScore of 7.24.

10. Farming Simulator 18 The latest of three mobile iterations of their popular country life simulation, complete with the loud whirring of heavy agricultural tools, and the sheer tranquility of planting crops and taking care of animals. It’s a genre that’s existed for years, and it’s made even better with the simple touch of realism. Dive into the green landscapes, and begin your journey using the over 50 farming vehicles and machines from the world’s most trusted brands. From Challengers, to Valtras–you name it. Along with their collection of farming tools, is of course, an array of crops to plant and harvest for the new year. Choose from beets, potatoes, wheat, canola–and, for the first time in the series, sunflowers–for you to turn your boring old farm into a beacon of bright yellow hues. Settle in to your preferred routine, gather your resources, and become the most efficient manufacturer in town–with wool, milk, timber, and so much more.
While its not the most realistic game on the market, its upgraded 3D graphics brings you an even detailed visual experience, taking you one step closer to your farmlife dreams. It has a PlayScore of 7.94.

9. PES 2017 -PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER- Going head to head against EA Sport’s FIFA Mobile is Konami’s own Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. While FIFA’s been winning the game on the console, it looks like PES has made a more convincing move to the mobile–scoring goals ahead of the competition, with its fluid physics, and smooth transitions.

Using the same engine as their console counterparts, it definitely offers its players a better gaming experience. Head to the premiere league, and revel in realistic ball controls and satisfying passes using its responsive and precise touch interface. Compared to FIFA’s rather clunky mechanics and controls, PES is a dream for mobile football fans. In terms of licenses, on the other hand, FIFA still has the upper hand. Still lacking in their own acquired teams and badges, you might be forced to play some nobody team with a whole roster of nobody players. But, with its overall polish and flair, it still takes the spot for the best mobile football experience. Begin your journey to the top, with a PlayScore of 8.05.

8. SUP Multiplayer Racing Drift past enemies and crush their dreams of victory in this fast-paced multiplayer racing game. One of the most striking aspects of this game is its vibrant colors, and charming personalities that really seems to capture the energy of its high-speed tracks and gameplay. In this competitive arena, square off with up to three opponents from all around the world and decide who makes it to the finishing line. Crash into cars, push them off the edge, drift past your rivals, and take the cup! It even has a few emojis for you to flash as you drive by.
As you go along, rubbing salt on wounds, you’ll soon realize that this race is not for the kind of heart. A street race at its core, learn to race dirty to get to the goal. Cement your place on the top spot with an array of awesome upgrades to suit your racing needs. Fun as it is, it has been reported to have a few bugs and glitches that might distract from the fun it offers. But, other than that, it’s still one hell of ride. It has a PlayScore of 8.06.

7. Lode Runner 1 If you’re one of the special few people on this Earth that remembers Lode Runner from their childhood, then this game from Nexon Studios will be the best thing to happen to you this month. All the cool things from the classic, modernized into one, well-crafted game. We don’t usually say this, but if there’s one thing that really bothers us, it’s the fact that the game is COMPLETELY free.
Created by the folks at Nexon, Lode Runner 1 has over 35 different levels, as well as an earned level creator, and absolutely zero in-app purchases to distract from the game. That is, aside from a link to the rights holder’s classic game on the iOS. It’s basically a giveaway, a gift and fitting tribute to fans of the old puzzler. A new coat of paint, a cool multiplayer mode, and a splendid time-waster, NEXON’s gift to the world will take you right back to the arcade era. Challenge your brain, maneuver through their tricky stages, and compete against players from around the world. While all is well and good, it currently doesn’t offer an offline mode. It has a PlayScore of 8.23.

6. Jaipur: A Card Game of Duels Watch out Hearthstone! A new card game is taking over the stage. One of the most popular tabletop games, Jaipur isn’t your run of the mill, slow-paced boardgame. Earning a recommendation from the German Game of the Year, you can be assured a fast and fun diversion that’s perfect for a quick versus round. Trading card games may have been around for a while, but this will have you dealing in literal trading as you exchange goods with a market, and ending up with the most points. Play as one of Jaipur’s best traders, demonstrating your prowess to the Maharajah by competing against an equal rival. Earn the two Seals of Excellence and you just might find yourself in the King’s Court.
While honest exchanges are necessary, you can steal the victory by dabbling in the realm of strategic movements. Measure your risks, and count your luck as you take camels for transportation, and sell goods to the people. It’s a truly faithful adaptation of the award-winning original, complete with extensive campaign modes, achievements, helpful tutorials, and a local pass-and-play mode. It has a PlayScore of 8.27.

5. Chroma Squad One of the quirkiest games this month. This 8bit masterpiece by Saulo Camarotti feels like an unexpected fusion between Power Rangers and Game Dev Tycoon. While the Brazillian studio had its share of copyright disputes with Saban when it first arrived on kickstarter, that’s all hopefully behind them.
Since its debut, it’s remarkably arranged pixels has brought happiness to tactical RPG fans across the globe. Play as a humble team of stunt actors who left their jobs to create their very own Tokusatsu company. Your job is to establish your own TV studio. Behind the scenes, you’re tasked with hiring actors into the show, and assigning them with special powers and traits. Once the stage is set, though, you’ll have to battle the monsters for yourself. For your actors, another stage is just another day in the studio, with their performance in the battles set as measures for your show’s ratings. Fight baddies with all you’ve got, create the best show, and gain fans across the nation.
Despite its lush animations, and enjoyable gameplay, Chroma Squad is unfortunately a very short game. Hopefully, that’ll change soon. It has a PlayScore of 8.32.

4. Arkanoid vs Space Invaders While we’re on the subject of weird game combinations, Square Enix comes in clutch with this throwback to two classic Japanese arcade icons, jumbled into one confusing but sensational new game. And the odd thing is: it totally works. Throw away the shooting part of Space invaders, throw in a ball and a moveable paddle, and you got yourself a game worthy of Japan’s biggest studios! As with the classic arcade game, shoot down waves after waves of aliens with your horizontal ship and hope they don’t get you first.
With all the newest hardware, the two games get a considerable revamp, packing some shinier stages, better graphics, and a whole new collection of upgrades and varieties. Play against all the different space invaders with their own special traits, and survive the frantic waves with upgrades to your trusty paddle-ship. With no in-app purchases, and a dazzling amount of content, reviewers didn’t really have much to say in the way of criticism of the game. Sure, Square Enix might just be out for our nostalgia money, but with a game of this calibre, it’s worth the fall. It has a PlayScore of 8.4.

3. Old Man’s Journey Weave through a moving tale of travel and memory, as you step in the shoes of an old man who sets out on a grand adventure. If you like artful videogames, then this just might be the game for you. But this game doesn’t just succeed in terms of art. It delivers on all fronts, with an emotionally affecting story and an effective way to tell it.
Navigate through the gorgeous maps, and into the beautiful memories of one, clever old man. Much like what the title suggests, you guide an old man as he traverses past a arrangement of mountains and hills to fulfill a quest that unveils itself throughout the game. Like an interactive Proustian tale, you’ll encounter events and uncover memories that will enlighten players about its varying mysteries. Like most games with a thoughtful and relaxing atmosphere, it has a tendency to become a little too slow for most. But, in those moments, it’s eye-catching visuals gladly take the fall, distracting you long enough to forget the occasionally uncomfortable pace. Delightful and ultimately rewarding, Old Man’s Journey receives a PlayScore of 8.48.

2. Guns of Boom What’s in a name? Apparently not much when it comes to one of the shining gems of today’s FPS generation. Despite it’s rather uninspired and nonsensical name, this Lithuania-based game manages to deliver a top notch multiplayer arena for fans of frantic, team shooters. It’s been widely compared to Gameloft’s very own Blitz Brigade, with its Team Fortress 2-like visuals and gameplay. But other than these very obvious similarities, GoB is a definitive mobile experience, packed with intuitive shooting mechanics, and a healthy player base–boasting over five million downloads since its May release.
Jump into the fray, and choose from its expansive roster of quirky and highly customizable characters and classes. Decimate your opponents in an all new game mode called “Capture the points”, which plays like a King of the Hill game. To make the game easier for mobile users, it has an auto fire feature that lets you shoot at enemies in your crosshairs. But, of course, that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. Use your strategic wits to outsmart the competition. Get under cover, or flank them from behind. It’s a great game for casuals and veterans alike. And the best part is, it’s all free! It has a PlayScore of 8.54.

1. And the best PlayScored Android game for June is Flipping Legends This game from Noodlecake Studios combines Minecraft-like voxels with the ease of vertical gameplay. And, while it might not look like much compared to the other titles on this list, its easy-to-pick-up and hard-to-master gameplay makes it an incredibly addicting purchase that you’ll keep coming back to.
Of course, when it comes to Noodlecake Studios, the makers of Alto’s Adventure, Bitcoin Billionaire, and whole lot more of some of mobile’s classic hits, could you really expect any less? Flipping legend is, much like a whole slew of games on the market right now, an endless runner game with some action elements. But unlike the others, Flipping Legend boasts a well-implemented RPG upgrade system, as well as an unconventional movement style that definitely adds to the fun.
Zigzag and jump back through its treacherous trails like a deadly combination of chess and cha-cha. Sure, it’s weird, but it makes so much sense once you get the feel of it. Navigate through the map as Ninja, Mage, or Ranger and more, and kill of the enemies in your way with a barrage of powerful kicks, spells, and attacks. Gain experience, collect coins, and become the legendary pixel-hero you were destined to become. It has a PlayScore of 8.73..

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