June PlayScores | 25 New PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One Games of June 2017

25 games have just received their PlayScores during May to June 2017 on the PC and Consoles. The PlayScore is a standard rating that averages gamer and critic reviews.

Inner Chains. A first person horror experience set in a desolate world filled with biomechanical creatures. Set in a time where the human race has succumbed to the folly of selfishness and greed, follow a simple man trying to make his way out of this hell-hole and enter a paradise called “The Last Hope”. But before any of that, he has to embark on a perilous journey filled with mad zealots, deadly fauna and creepy creatures. Can you survive? It’s a visually pleasing game that pays attention to detail. Apparently, it was barred by its insufferable bugs and glitches that breaks the game.

Formula Fusion. One of the few anti-gravity racing games that want to rival the critically acclaimed WipeOut series. Similar to its inspiration, this combat racing game is set in the future. Date 2075, traverse through its hyper-kinetic railways while unlocking new weapons, crafting new gears, and building an insane race car to dominate the feeble challengers. With over 8 tracks and 6 race modes, the game packs a lot of content. However, it was slightly criticized for its poor PC optimization and failure to get the spirit of what WipeOut was known for.

The Long Journey Home. Ever since No Man’s Sky’s demise, there has been an increase in open-ended space exploration where everything is procedurally generated. TLJH is one of them. After a freak accident on what was supposed to be a simple test-flight, follow a misfortuned crew as they voyage through the great beyond finding refuge through research, archaeology and diplomatic means.

Lead your crew and explore alien worlds because this game is challenging and unforgiving. Players loved the game’s open-ended design but unsatisfied with its controls. It has a

Valkyria Revolution. If you’re craving for the unique BlitZ system from the famed Valkyria franchise, then unfortunately, you’ll be disappointed. Moving away from its tactical gameplay, Revolution takes it to a different level where Dynasty Warriors meets disappointment. It’s not exactly bad, the story is still reminiscent to the classic Chronicles, but it’s gameplay doesn’t really work with its setting. This makes it the primary concern for most players and critics. Aside from that, the cutscenes take too much time. It would’ve been better if it was a Metal Gear Solid game, but apparently it isn’t. All in all, this game doesn’t capture the heart of the original and it has a PlayScore of Mirage: Arcane Warfare A multiplayer first person shooter from the developers of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

Get caught in a civil war between armor clad magicians with enigmatic powers and face your opponents in violent skirmishes. As skill-based as it may be, players are upset about the game’s unbalanced nature. Combat is fun and all but the pacing gets in the way. It’s just not fun when you’re doing battles alone. On top of that, most players hated the games toxic community. On the bright side, it’s a decent experience if you just want to rekt other people in the face with immense magic.

Friday The 13th The Game. Travel to Camp Crystal Lake and get ready for a night of terror and delights. Jason Vorhees is back! Step into the shoes of this unkillable serial killer and haunt six poor teenagers trapped in his demented world. It’s a hide-and-seek game which means players can also choose from its six teenagers and escape from the clutches of Jason. It’s hunt or be hunted.

As far as the game goes, it’s hampered with game-breaking bugs and it’s not very enjoyable when played alone. Players are also concerned on how overpriced it is for a game that skipped early access. Either way, the game received really mixed receptions.

On the PS4 and on the Xbox One. Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island. A homage to the wonderful 3D platformers of our youth. Go in an adventure of a lifetime to collect gadgets and unlockables in a paradise threatened by evil. Take control of Skylar Lynxe and Plux Owsley as you traverse snowy mountains, fiery hot volcanoes and more. It’s pretty much like Ratchet & Clank, but with a slightly less budget. It’s incredibly fun according to most reviews and you could easily tell the inspiration from PlayStation’s iconic duo.

It’s only gripe is that most people see it as an Early Access game due to the lack of content. Either way, it’s still enjoyable.

Danger Zone. Think of it as a slightly-less amazing Burnout. It tries to resurrect the race and destruction genre but fails to deliver most of the mayhem it once delivered. It just doesn’t feel like a completely new game. Negativity aside, players can put their pedal to the metal with their various game modes that reek of chaos and explosive engines.

Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, expect the explosions to feel real if not glitchy. Drive into the danger zone because this game may not be perfect, but it packs a good amount of fun for players who just want to feel the burning rubber in the morning.

Tokyo 42. An isometric shooter that takes you to the neon-filled city of miniature Tokyo. This hyper-realistic game oozes with the aesthetic visual flair providing a colorful and action-packed experience. Future Tokyo is just so beautiful. Framed for a murder you didn’t commit, find out the truth by completing a gauntlet of missions in its single-player campaign. The developers call it as the lovechild of Syndicate and the classic GTA. Just like isometric games with futuristic vibes, expect a jamming soundtrack to please your eyes. Gamers were pretty much enjoying the game’s design. However, it was lambasted for its wonky shooting mechanics and sometimes uncooperative camerawork. It has a PlayScore of Starpoint Gemini Warlords Build your mighty fleet and send them into the battle among the stars. This third person space combat gameplay mixes RPG elements and simulation. It’s the perfect combination of RTS, RPG, and everything in between.

At this point we could just call it a better No Man’s Sky, but a slightly better Elite Dangerous. It’s pretty massive, according to most gamers. There’ so many things you could do and the possibilities are endless. But it’s not perfect, for the first timers, this would seem like a chore. Aside from that, bugs are also persistent during most cases.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew It’s only a matter of time before we can finally play a good Star Trek game. Bridge Crew is one of them. Although it isn’t really the best Star Trek game to date, it still provides good fanservice for the longtime fans of the series. The game’s biggest selling point is that it’s a Virtual Reality game. Lead your hearty crew in The Federation and meet the iconic characters from the Star Trek franchise. Explore an uncharted world filled with the unknown and navigate through the use of the VR’s controls. Critics praised the game for its rich immersion to the VR world but somehow lacks the content and depth for replay value. It does get a decent PlayScore on the PS4 and on the PC.

Everspace Space exploration games are booming like crazy on the Steam charts. Shoot, craft and explore at your own whim in a world full of great visuals and captivating story. This action-focused single-player shooter combines roguelike elements at ease. It tests your resourcefulness when you’re out in the big gaping void of space. Customize your ship and dazzle around the stars. It was widely praised for its lush visuals and intense difficulty level, this this game is for you. Their primary concern, however, was its insane difficulty. How’s the death count? Think of it as Dark Souls… but in space.

Old Man’s Journey A soul-search puzzle game according to the developers. It tells the story of life, loss, and hope. Experience joy, pain, and anything in between as you follow an old man interacting the world around him. He creates stories via puzzle-solving and exploration. It offers a very powerful tale of old-age, and it does it with serene landscapes and gorgeous colors. Once again, it’s poignant and it really gives you the feels. Play this with a napkin at your side. Probably. It’s as if the only gripe this game has is need more of it.

ARMS After a few years of speculation, Nintendo’s latest IP did work. Switch’s very own fighting game delivers a good punch to the fighting genre. Using your Joy-Con, punch away the enemy with its motion controlled features. It’s fun and it’s different. From its cast of memorable characters, to their very own moveset, ARMS requires a couple of hours to get soaked into. The deep learning curve makes the game difficult for new players. But once you get the hang of things, get ready to face the real players via online or locally with your friends. As silly as this game sounds, it really, really works.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap It’s amazing how platformers transcend generations of gaming. With the birth of fast-paced action RPG’s and guns-blazing first-person shooters, these kind of games are shunned. This time, Lizardcube’s indie platformer charms the many players around the world with its retro-style atmosphere. Follow a half-lizard, half-dragon boy as he set his sights across the horizon just to cure his curse. The game has clearly shown its age. But aside from that, everything is very well done. The soundtrack, slick gameplay, and vibrant colors, it’s definitely a well-loved classic.

The Golf Club 2 A dynamic golf game. Assemble and join online societies with your friends in a quest for fame, glory and fortune. It’s pretty much like your average golf game but with a few tricks up their sleeves.

It has over hours of interactive content, single-player mode, and improved course creator. Additionally, the graphics provide a colorful experience to the golfing world. Unfortunately, it was panned because of its lack of multiplayer features. But hey, it’s still a fun game for golfing enthusiasts.

Rime A third-person adventure puzzle game, play as a quiet boy who washes upon a strange and mysterious island. Differentiating itself from the others, RiME does not offer any sort of combat, focusing mostly on puzzle-solving and exploration. Discover its many secrets, as you explore the serene environments together with a magical fox, unraveling a series of tricky dungeons and a captivating story of love and loss. As you wander around, you’ll get to know a collection of intriguing characters that adds to the vibrancy of the game. It’s a gold mine for players who love exploring. It has a PlayScrore of Disgaea 5: Complete Nintendo Switch also released a major game last month. The critically acclaimed Disgaea gets a Switch entry. It offers hundreds of hours of over-the-top gameplay. The game contains all the 8 bonus scenarios, 4-fan favorite characters and 3 character classes all part of The Alliance of Darkness’ DLC.

The humor, the gameplay, the characters. It’s what made Disgaea one of the finest RPG’s ever made. Switch players will be delighted to know that this is perfect for their platform. It’s the complete Disgaea 5 experience.

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Square Enix’s very own space-opera also gets a port to the PlayStation 4. This PlayStation 2 classic transcends time and space with its beautiful story, fantastic gameplay and captivating characters. Not much has changed compared to the original, but the enhanced visuals and audio make it a definitive Star Ocean experience. It’s one of the best-selling games of last generation. It won the hearts of many and introduced a ton of players to the world of Star Ocean.

Emily Is Away Too A sequel to the cult-classic favorite wherein players simulate a conversation of a girl named Emily in a messaging platform. This time, new characters and an interactive story blooms over the digital world. Players must use their clicking skills to choose from a wide range of decisions and variables throughout the span of the story. Fans loved the tension and the little details put together throughout the game. However, most players complained about the lack of magic from before. Either way, it’s still a memorable game that would surely send you to a feels trip.

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 This expanded version of Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator packs a big mean addition to the critically acclaimed fighting franchise. Get a dose of its 2 new characters, expanded story, new arcade stuff, and a complete rebalance to most of the fighters that feel over the top. You could say this is a well done upgrade to a beautiful fighting game. Don’t forget that this game requires the base copy of the original game. Check out our gameplay video because we’re having so much fun! It receives a damn good PlayScore of Dirt 4 Codemasters comes back with another of their iconic rally games. Dirt 4 brings a whole new game-mode that will change the way you play. Your Stage allows you to create hundreds of unique stages at the press of a button.

Test your skills with longer and more technical routes, and challenge your friends to do the same. With drool-worthy licensed cars and breathtaking locales, dirt rallies have never been this beautiful. But it’s also challenging thanks to weather conditions, and realistic damage models. Jumpstart your career, tweak your vehicles to your liking, and partake in exciting weekly challenges.

Tekken 7 The King of the Iron Fist opens their 7th tournament. One of the highest rated fighting games releases their full potential with the power of the Unreal Engine 4.
Meet the cast old and new characters from the Tekken universe including Akuma from Street Fighter as a special guest. Gamers loved the game. Ever since it was released as an arcade game in Japan, it quickly gained a competitive scene. Its new Rage Art and Drive make it a challenging new addition to the core gameplay. The story, however, was its weakest point. But we all know Tekken isn’t particular about the game’s story. Check out our gameplay video! Link in the description below.

WipeOut: Omega Collection The original hyper-kinetic anti-gravititty racing game makes its way to the PlayStation 4. This futuristic racer is completely remastered from top to bottom. Experience the thrill of the speed of light with you and your friends all in 60 frames per second. Gravitate to success with its stomach-churning turns and vertigo-inducing lights.
It’s pretty and it rekindles the arcade-style racing of the classic. Unfortunately, it’s lack of VR support makes it less satisfying. But hey, a remastered WipeOut might be enough.

Nex Machina The highest rated game on this video isn’t related to Square’s Deus Ex series. Instead, it’s a top down twin-stick shooter that revitalizes the dying genre. From the creators of Resogun, make way through a world filled with monsters to shoot and enemies to vaporize. All in fancy bullet-hell fashion. The game’s appealing art design and energetic soundtrack make it a a highly recommended game for the twin-stick shooter fans. Additionally, its difficulty spikes make it a challenge for new and veteran players.

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