January PlayScores | Newly-Reviewed Games of January 2017

35 PC and console games have just received their PlayScores last January. The PlayScore is a standard rating that averages gamer reviews and critic reviews. Let’s start with the PC Urban Empire. Experience a unique way of playing base-building that speaks wayyy too much of our real life jobs. Or not? Scheme political agendas, plan social events, and guide 4 houses vying for capitalism. Unfortunately, it receives a below average PlayScore of 6.14. Dungeon Souls Enjoy this top-down roguelike game that shares an ominous tagline, “Move fast or die fast.”. Control a group of five fallen heroes in their quest to find a magical orb and bring them back to life. But is it enough? Well yeah, it received a decent PlayScore of Silence This point and click adventure is as dark as it is serene. Play as both siblings in their effort to save their world and quell evil monsters in their post-apocalyptic land.

It’s grim atmosphere is coupled with the game’s gorgeous backdrops and pleasing character models. It has a good PlayScore of Arizona Sunshine A zombie game on VR? You got it. Vertigo Games gives you your dream of surviving an undead infestation with powerful weapons, responsive weapon-based movement and the satisfaction of popping their heads. Co-op is also supported! It has a PlayScore of Tales Of Berseria This sixteenth main entry of the famed Tales franchise brings you a whole new character that screams of angst and hatred. Its third-person gameplay remains the same from its franchise and the story and characters are memorable. It has a worthy PlayScore of Shantae: Half Genie Hero Developer Wayforward’s prized platformer hits the PC with the iconic half-genie Shantae. Enjoy it’s fun platforming adventure with lush visuals and smooth animations. Embark on a quest filled with magical genies and side-scrolling fun.

It has a PlayScore of 8.22. Resident Evil 7: BioHazard CAPCOM takes a risky attempt at reviving survival horror. They succeeded. Enjoy Resident Evil like it was before but with a more visceral first-person perspective. Survive the game’s gruesome nightmares and escape from the Bakers. It has a good of PlayScore of Detention This indie horror game is a work of art. Developed by RedCandleGames, step inside classic Martial Law Taiwan. Learn about its mythologies, culture and the lingering mystery that befalls Greenwood High School. It’s a good game with a PlayScore of Oneshot This indie RPG oozes with a delightful narrative, clever puzzles and is completely charming in its own way.

It breaks the fourth wall with unique gameplay mechanics, at the same time remaining true to its main goal of restoring a long-dead sun. You only have one shot. It receives a PlayScore of 8.62. For the PS4 Perfect For a VR game that takes no campaign to follow, this is surely a sweet escape from the reality we live in right now. Experience a beautiful world with the PSVR’s potential. Drench in sun-soaked beaches, feel the rush of air and snow. Unfortunately, this suffers from a low PlayScore of Adam’s Venture Origins Unleash your inner Indiana Jones in this next-generation reimagining of the classic Adam’s Venture franchise. This time, it’s developed by Indie company Vertigo Games. Explore its beautifully-rendered world, solve puzzles and avoid death. But with all these spelunking, the game receives a slightly lower PlayScore of Lethal VR From the creators of Black, Dangerous Golf and Burnout gives you a game that tests your mettle against a wide variety of weapon choices.

Be a skillful blade wielder, a marksman or a kung fu master by using the PlayStation Move controller.. It has a PlayScore of Stern Pinball Arcade The joy of this classic game never runs out. Enjoy Pinball like never before and play it on your PS4! With over 10 different tables from various franchises such as Star Trek, Mustang, etc. You’ll be sure to enjoy each of them. It has a PlayScore of Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star Originally a Japanese exclusive, the game finally hits the Western market. Following the events of Fate/Extra, take control of a master as you control a group of servants to fend of evil enemies. It receives an average PlayScore of The Flame In The Flood: Complete Edition Survive the never ending waters of its procedurally-generated river as you control a character with little means of survival skills.

Increase your level of resourcefulness and make it through sickness, weather and vicious wildlife. It barely made a scratch with a PlayScore of Tales Of Berseria Bandai Namco returns with their famed Tales series. Introducing Velvet Crowe, a woman torn apart by a traumatic memory. It’s in this sixteenth title that the series marks a graceful return with its amazing story, fun combat and memorable characters. It excels with a PlayScore of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Clementine isn’t the only one trying to live the life among the walkers, this time take control of a whole new character as he goes on a self-discovery of morally gray choices and the fear of the unknown.

This is Telltale’s 3rd Walking Dead Season with a PlayScore of Yakuza 0 Experience the birth of the Yakuza in this brutal prequel of the popular Yakuza franchise. This time, uncover the origins of Japan’s most powerful underground syndicate. Set in the 80’s, it brings a whole new feel to classic open-world Japan. It has an awesome PlayScore of Resident Evil 7: BioHazard Survival horror marks their return in CAPCOM’s newest entry to their viral franchise. This time, the world is not in Ethan’s favor as he finds out his wife has been kidnapped by a family of lunatics. Step inside the biohazard and make it out alive in first-person form. It has a PlayScore of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone Everyone’s favorite blue-haired vocaloid makes a return to the PS4 with new tunes, pleasing graphics, and a wonderful concert experience to remember. It has a Playscore of Gravity Rush 2 Kat returns with her awesome physics bending abilities in this sequel to the hit franchise.

This time, use her newly acquired gravity techniques to control her movement speed, strength and power. It has a good PlayScore of 8.88. For the Xbox One Deathtrap This game is a brutal test of all the skills you acquired from various tower-defense games. It incorporates RPG mechanics with deep strategic elements. Fend off monster hordes from the Otherworld and survive the end of each round. Team up with a friend or do things on your own. It has a PlayScore of 7.19. Rise & Shine A game cleverly named after its main character and weapon, take control of Rise and his massively powerful gun, Shine in an effort to stop a group of invading aliens from ravaging the planet. It has a decent PlayScore of Sky Force Anniversary This game marks their 10th Anniversary Celebration by giving you the legendary shoot-em up to the Xbox One. This time, experience the satisfaction of exploding things, fight epic boss battles and beautifully 3D visuals. Gameplay remains true to its core and it has an average PlayScore of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Telltale’s award winning series reaches its 3rd season with a more mature Clementine.

The series continues to surprise fans with its new playable character and of course, the signature choice-driven story. It has a PlayScore of and it’s safe to say Robert Kirkman’s creation is in good hands. Bastion Not to be mistaken with Overwatch’s adorable Omnic, this game marks the beginning of Supergiant Games’ incredible list of good Indie games. Play as a “kid” surviving a mysterious calamity. The game is narrated perfectly in every step you take and its beautiful handpainted visuals make it all the more perfect. It’s an Indie masterpiece and it has finally made its way to the Xbox One with a PlayScore of Shantae: Half Genie Hero Wayforward’s poster-genie makes her first debut in HD. This charming action-platformer puts your responsibility to save Shante’s world from impending catastrophe.

Use her special abilities to destroy enemies and encounter memorable boss battles. It has a PlayScore of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard CAPCOM made the right decision to rejuvenate the dying franchise in a shift to the terrifying first-person view. Bioterror has a new victim and it’s the Baker family. Experience horror like never before as it receives a PlayScore of 8.61. Making it the highest rated Xbox One game in this list. For the PS3 The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel II Nihom Falcom’s long running RPG series takes a different turn with the sequel of Trails of Cold Steel. Follow the rest of Class VII’s story as they make things right in a grand adventure in the Erebonian Empire.

It receives a good PlayScore of 8.31. For the Wii U Shantae: Half Genie Hero – Risky Beats Edition No it’s not a rhythm game. It’s a Shantae game ported to the Wii U. The only feature this game offers is a Physical Copy with the game’s Soundtrack. Return to Shantae’s magical journey with the music, fun, and adventure with a PlayScore of 8.23. On the 3DS Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of The Cursed King Return to wonderland and uncover the story of the cursed king as you save the world from an evil magician. VIII rekindles the series old flame but with new features including new bosses, dungeons, items, quests and a secret ending? It has an above-average PlayScore of Finally, for the PS VITA Lara Croft GO A turn based puzzle that doesn’t share the same gameplay style as the original. This award winning mobile game sets forth to the Vita along with its touch-based puzzles and environment manipulation.

It has a PlayScore of Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star Fans of the Fate series will be delighted to know that their longtime game has finally been localized. Take the role of master and help your band of servants in a quest to obtain the powerful Regalia Ring. The game is as action oriented as ever and with PS Vita’s portability, this is a gift. A PlayScore of Yomawari: Night Alone What happens when you’re left alone in the night with your dog? Well, creepy alleys, dark corners and the lurking evil spirits might answer your question. This puzzle game mixes a good blend of horror and cute as you find your missing sister and dog. It has a PlayScore of Shantae: Half Genie Hero Half-Genie Shantae makes a debut to the PS Vita in high-definition wonder. Control this spunky little girl and use her wide array of abilities to save her land from a growing threat. User her hair, transform into animals and do whatever it takes to be a hero. It has a PlayScore of and it’s the highest rated PS Vita game on this list. You may get these games by clicking the first link on the description box below.

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