iOS/Android Games on PS VITA [Using LBP]

Welcome viewers today I present to you some mobile games you can play on your PS Vita well, it’s using Little Big Planet so let’s get right into this one the first game is Fruit Ninja these are phenomenal games I’ll have all the links in the description so you can queue it up and play it on your own This is an absolutely phenomenal recreation using Little Big Planet I am absolutely amazed how he’s done it here next we have an absolutely amazing recreation of Doodle Jump Absolutely amazing Uses the tilt sensor in the Vita absolutely phenomenally it’s not what like you find on your iPhone or Android device but still it’s remarkable sound effects are excellent too you got springs, you got trampolines, this is absolutely amazing.

Here we have probably one of the best basketball flicking games on the Little Big Planet Vita here I know this isn’t exactly a named mobile game but it’s really well made you grab the basketball, if you touch the line you can’t do that you actually have to flick it to get it in the timing is excellent, kudos to the guy who made this game, really stunning And of course we have one of the best recreations of a mobile game on the Vita, Flappy Bird you probably seen my video on this already if not, check it out And what would this be without Angry Birds this is probably one of the best Angry Birds recreations there’s a lot of junk Angry Birds games in the Vita community levels but this one actually plays like Angry Birds doesn’t have the Angry Birds pictures but you grab the little blob and flick it very simple actually plays like Angry Birds kudos to this for making it And I got one more here, Duck Hunt this is an excellent game, again kudos to the guy that made this, kudos to all the people that made all these levels excellent recreations of games, excellent levels, absolutely commend you you actually use the cursor here this probably is a mobile game, isn’t it?

Thanks for watching everybody, I hope you had a great time watching this video be sure to check out my other videos in my channel hit that subscribe button, that Like button Thanks for watching everybody, see you in the next video.

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