Installing DLC & Updates to Vita Backups with MaiDumpTool

What’s up everyone! So in today’s video we are going to answering a common question lately And that is, how do we install game DLC and updates for our backups on PS Vita? Good question. Fortunately it’s a very simple process thanks to MaiDumpTool In order to get started with this video I recommend you first check out the MaiDumpTool video I uploaded recently Because that will help you install MaiDumpTool onto your VITA if you don’t have it already If you do have it, and you also have a game that has some updates or DLC you want to install Follow along with this video. Let’s get started! The first thing you need to do is open up VitaShell Transfer any games that you have to ux0:/Mai/ folder That’s a folder you need to create if you are using MaiDumpTool You can send those files to your Vita with any FTP client like we usually do I show how to do that in other videos if you need to check how to do that You can see here in my Ux0:/Mai/ Folder..

I have PCSE00880 folders, this is for the game ‘World of Final Fantasy’ Also notice the lower folders with addc and patch in their names Addc folder is a DLC folder Patch is a game update, or patch folder. These names need to be exact. You’ll know your game has DLC or patches to be installed if you find folders that look like these ones. It’s important you upload these to the /Mai/ directory on your memory card, or we can’t install them. With that done, close VitaShell and launch MaiDumpTool So this is MaiDumpTool, do things in this specific order First – Install Game from folder The game needs to be installed first. Select with O then select the folder name you want to install.

Press O again to confirm. That will check for any malicious code, then install the game on your memory card. Luckily it’s alot faster installing a MaiDump than it is a .VPK It’s already finished Once the game is installed, next lets install the patch or any updates for the game. Same process as before, select your patch folder, press O several times to install and update your game. Finally it’s time to install the DLC Same process as before. Select and press O to confirm.

Great so that is all finished. The game, updates and DLC is now installed. The last thing I need to do is go to switch game loading I’m going to choose my game name, and then you’ll notice several different options here This isn’t always required, but some games need it. If you look at the instructions for the game where you downloaded it, it will usually tell you the mode you need.

Usually Mode 5 or 6 will be required for DLC to be recognized. I need to use Mode 5 for my game today I choose mode 5, that tweaks the eboot to load in this specific way Completed Successfully. Time to exit out of MaiDumpTool Find your installed game at the bottom of your home menu Now you have installed the game, the update patch, and the selected DLC That’s how you can install updates and DLC using MaiDumpTool Remember, not all games need updates or DLC. But if you ever want any of them.. Find those update and DLC folders and you can install them using this method It’s very simple, but also great to have this functionality on our VITA’s now Just a short video today, but I was getting asked this alot and wanted to have a video answer for people Let me know if you are using this to install DLC for your games 🙂 If you have any ideas you want to see covered in my channel just let me know in the comment section! Thanks for watching and subscribing.

Have a good one!

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